Recruitment of Head of Industry Relations Enhanced Placement Capacities of European University

Recruitment of Head of Industry

Our educational sector recruiters enabled the hiring of an exceptional candidate who helped attract more students and placement opportunities.


A university with multiple campuses in Europe, with a large number of Asian students, planned to increase its placement strengths through the recruitment of an outstanding candidate who could network, collaborate and achieve target outcomes. The designation was entitled ‘Head of Industry Relations.’

Alliance Recruitment Agency made recruitment a great success through its sound recruitment approach and talent outreach.

The Situation And Requirements

The client, a European university with Asia focus, gets a large number of Asian students, with 35%-45% of Asian student population every year. The university was looking for a head of industry relations for its school of engineering, which had multiple campuses. The position involved building long-term relationships with organizations from different industries.

The head of industry relations had several key roles, the primary one being helping School of Engineering students and alumni find internship and employment opportunities in Asia-based companies.

The position holder should also establish a good connection with students and alumni with the objective of helping the placement team of companies and the students find opportunities that meet their goals.

The head of industry relations will need to participate in different conferences and build a network of placement opportunities for the European university’s School of Engineering.


The major challenges were the following:

  • The position-based requirements called for a leader with the ability to work like an evangelist, represent the university and its students like a top-class marketing leader, and find solutions to various challenges like an HR director.
  • Best-match candidates should also be possessing a wide experience in the Asian engineering industry, especially those working for European clients and following European standards and engineering design codes.
  • The ideal candidate required top academic qualifications to win the trust and respect within his or her academic community.

Executive Search Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency assigned the search tasks to its education industry recruitment consultants in Europe and Asia. Three consultants were chosen to map and source talent from 7 countries.

We focused on engineering graduates from top European universities who have worked as consultants for a large number of companies and had a strong exposure to recruitment and training.

Our consultants connected with 30+ candidates following 2-3 rounds of virtual meetings. We sourced 10 candidates for the position, out of which 7 candidates were shortlisted by the university for its 7-step screening, interview and assessment process.

Outcomes for the Client

A survey was conducted six months after the recruitment, and the following points were noted:

  1. The head of industry relations became an integral part of the School of Engineering’s placement opportunities generation.
  2. The top management was highly satisfied with the performance of the professional.

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