RPO Solutions Enabled Natural Gas Company To Acquire High-Quality Workforce For Remote Locations

RPO Solutions

Our energy sector recruitment consultants helped the client develop and maintain a healthy talent pipeline.


An energy and gas sector company was entering a new geography for offering natural gas solutions. The company was looking to fill positions for diverse teams: natural gas pipeline installation, natural gas engineers, technical, customer services, administration, billing, payment, etc.

Alliance Recruitment Agency offered on-time recruitment solutions and met all the permanent and temporary staffing of the company.

The Situation

The client was an energy sector company supplying natural gas for industrial and residential use. The company required manpower for its expansion in several new locations:

  1. Natural gas pipeline installations staff – engineers, licensed technicians, trainees, and contractors to supply workers for manual labor related to digging and installation of
  2. Natural gas engineer staff for supervising all the natural gas supply projects for industrial and residential use.
  3. Managerial staff for managing the different gas installation projects for different industrial customers and business accounts
  4. Administrative and Customer Service staff
  5. Finance and accounting staff
  6. IT staff


The major challenges were the following:

  • The locations were not near any bigger towns or cities and did not attract talent easily.
  • For meeting staffing needs, 80% of the talent could only be sourced from other states. The weather conditions of the locations were unpredictable, prone to storms and periodic flooding, and this factor further impacted talent attraction possibilities.
  • The hiring program also faced time constraints – the employer wanted to get all new staff on duty within 3-4 months.
  • The highly regulated compliance requirements translated to finding highly-qualified talent with proven abilities to control risks and offer 100% compliance to all specified standards, rules, codes, norms, and regulations.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency enabled the client to put in place a more Lean, optimized recruitment framework and offered the following solutions and services.

  • We set up an RPO team comprising experienced energy sector recruitment consultants, who framed a strategy and recommended a recruitment management system for enhancing the entire manpower sourcing and hiring process chain.
  • Our energy recruitment consultants leveraged our nationwide talent resources to find candidates with the motivation potential to work in the target locations. Our consultants created an algorithmic searching tool to extract records of natural gas sector job seekers with native places in the location and surrounding areas, as well as job seekers from other locations facing various challenges.
  • Within 30 days, the pre-screening phase for all positions was completed, and the company was planning to start the first round of technical interviews.
  • Within 75 days, the company completed its manpower hiring process, and the new workforces were completely ready to start operations within four months.
  • Our team offered 24/7 services to ensure high quality of hire per position and the creation of a talent pipeline for the natural gas employer.

Outcomes for the Client

  1. The RPO framework developed by us helped the client reduce recruiting costs and increased candidate-to-hire conversion rates.
  2. Highly optimized and fast recruitment process management enabled the client to acquire a high-quality workforce and increase its talent attraction potential.
  3. The client satisfaction from our RPO solutions was 100%, leading to the building of more refined workforce planning and talent management systems for future manpower needs.

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