Chemical Engineering, Production Line Staffing Services For 60+ Positions Helped Company With International Projects

Chemical Engineering, Production Line Staffing Services

Our chemical industry recruiters helped the client find and hire experienced chemical engineers and other staff for projects complying with international industry standards.


The client company specializes in the manufacturing of different types of chemicals for industrial use. The company planned to organize a recruitment campaign to attract highly-qualified and experienced chemical engineers and technicians for meeting the needs of the expanding operations.

The client required a recruitment company with chemical industry recruitment expertise, a global network, and the ability to source manpower in large numbers.

Alliance Recruitment Agency fulfilled the client’s manpower requirements and enabled the client to fill about 60 positions in a smooth, hassle-free manner. We also helped the company improve its talent attraction abilities for current and future needs.

The Situation

The chemical products manufacturer was looking for highly-qualified chemical engineers with 10+ years of experience, skilled and experienced technicians with 5+ years experience, and skilled chemical plant operators to meet the manpower needs of its expanding operations.

  1. 5+ Chemical Engineers to design and develop new production processes for new projects.
  2. Natural gas engineer staff for supervising all the natural gas supply projects for industrial and residential use.
  3. 10+ chemical Engineers specialized in process management and monitoring to comply with the industry standards and quality control standards relevant to new projects.
  4. 10+ chemical engineers were required for supervising all-new production processes and managing delivery on time.
  5. 10+ logistics and supply chain staff.
  6. 20+ technicians and operators for the production lines.


  • The company was managing projects for an international company and require professionals with knowledge of relevant industry standards and compliance requirements.
  • New production process chains were needed, and the client company’s customer demanded approval from their end of the entire production plans and project management before the commencement of work. There were time constraints and talent availability constraints.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency provides all the manpower services on time, helping the client present its customer with all required documentation and getting started on new projects.

Here’s the approach in brief:

  • We targeted companies that offered similar products and services and did a market mapping to identify the right candidates.
  • We networked with entities that offered training for the certifications specified by our client for engineering recruitment and were able to track and trace talent with the right kind of certifications and specialized experience.
  • Following consultation with the client and based on our research, we shared new references to verify whether our references met the client’s best-match candidate requirements.
  • Based on best-match candidate verifications, we connected with chemical engineering industry recruitment teams at three different geographic locations and were able to source the right candidates within 20 days.
  • Based on our suggestion, the client had put in place a 4-step virtual recruitment process comprising pre-recorded interviews, digital tests, and expert interview rounds. All the candidates sourced by us qualified for the virtual recruitment rounds.
  • The next phase was on-site visits and interviews to test field knowledge, design understanding, and project understanding. We arranged and scheduled the travel and interview timings and enabled the smooth and timely management of these recruitment rounds.
  • Within 40 days, all interview and recruitment processes were completed, and job offers extended to 60+ candidates.
  • Within 90 days, the new recruits had commenced work on the new projects.

Outcomes for the Client

  1. Highly optimized and fast-spaced recruitment support enabled the client to acquire a high-quality workforce for its new project and win their customer approval.
  2. Timely recruitment of best-match candidates helped the client bag deals that significantly increased their revenues and profitability.
  3. Our talent attraction activities also helped the client improve its presence in the employment market and increase its ability to attract good candidates.

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