Comprehensive Indian Programmer Hiring Solutions Helped IT Company Double Project Revenues, Increase Business Account

Programmer Hiring Solutions

We fulfilled a complex staffing requirement comprising long-term, temp, outsourcing, and remote hiring to enable the client to meet new project demands.


Our client is a global IT company. The client was approached by an automotive manufacturing company for a project that involved creating an online platform for supplier and vendor management. The project demanded the urgent hiring of a team of 50+ professionals with skills in various programming languages, database management, ERP integration, data migration, API development, plugin development, custom app development, UX/UI, animation, and VR/AR.

Despite spending USD 15,000 more than the average recruitment costs in staffing companies, the company could not find the right professionals. Only 10-15 out of 50+ positions were filled.

The client approached Alliance Recruitment Agency and filled 40+ positions within three weeks.

The Situation And Requirements

Our client, a global IT company, had received one of the biggest projects in their history from a large automotive sector company. The project involved creating a team of 70+ professionals to design, develop, test, host, and maintain a supplier management system for the automotive company.

Our client had the resources to fill 21 positions. They were planning to hire 50-60 professionals within a month.

To quickly meet the talent needs, the company hired 2-3 staffing firms in their region. Urgent hiring costs and retained fees cost them USD 15,000 more than average costs, but they could fill a few positions.

The client came across Alliance Recruitment Agency with a global talent network that covered India and Asia extensively in addition to North America and Europe. The recruitment agency got the project of hiring 40+ professionals with specialized experience.


  • Talent Availability Constraints: Software professionals with 7-10+ years of experience were required for a diverse range of software operations: data migration, database integration, ERP integration, custom API, plugin, and application development, UX and UI designing, data hub design and development, and other functions and operations.
  • Time Constraints: The client wanted to complete the hiring of 40+ highly-skilled programmers with specialized experience within 3-4 weeks to start the project on time.
  • Budget Constraints: The client had already spent an additional USD15,000 over and above the general budget for filling just a few positions. The client would not be able to gain a healthy profit margin for the project if it needed to fill 40+ positions at those rates.
  • Diverse Hiring Models: The nature of the project demanded talent needs across positions for varying durations. To facilitate operations cost management, the client preferred to hire through various models depending on the duration of different activities within the project – long-term remote staffing, temp remote staffing, outsourcing, and freelancer hiring.

IT Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency did an outstanding job filling 45+ programmer positions within 3 weeks while fulfilling all position-based requirements of hard skills, soft skills, expertise levels, specific experience, industry knowledge, etc.

Here’s the approach in brief:

  1. Our recruitment consultants sourced programmers from five different vendor companies in India from different cities: Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, and Ahmedabad.
  2. The hiring models selected – contractual remote team staffing for all core positions, dedicated resource hiring for support functions, project outsourcing for certain tasks such as custom software and application development, and freelancer hiring on contractual assignments.
  3. The it recruitment company facilitated a 360-degree assessment approach which was managed online / virtually.
  4. For the 70 professionals shortlisted for various roles, different assessments for different roles were conducted, and technical interviews were carried out.
  5. 55 programmers cleared all assessments and technical interviews within 10 days and were selected by the client for the final round of interviews.
  6. Within three weeks, 45+ candidates had cleared the final interviews and were ready to start training for the project.


  1. The client was highly satisfied with the abilities and knowledge of the programmers hired.
  2. The project started on time, and the design, development, and testing were successfully completed well in advance. All ongoing and hire-on-the-go talent needs were also met by our recruiters.
  3. The hiring of qualified, expert Indian programmers facilitated 50% cost advantages, doubling the original revenue estimates.
  4. 24/7 operations from Indian vendors helped the client complete the project well in advance.

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