Global IT Company Built Superlative Website Using Our Geo-Specific Designer Hiring Solutions

Geo-Specific Designer Hiring Solutions

We helped the app development firm hire web developers, designers, animators, and other artists from different global locations through multiple hiring models.


The client company planned to rename its brand and offer a new range of app development services for diverse industries. This demanded a logo and website redesign so that their new brand and offerings could be presented in an amazing manner to impress the target audience.

The client was open to exploring new design ideas and creating a visually rich design that could present complex digital products and apps in a simple but stunning way.

The Situation

The app development client was looking for highly-qualified web developers, web designers, graphic designers, brand designers, and logo designers to fulfill the following requirements.

  1. Website redesign
  2. Logo and Branding Elements Redesign
  3. Visually Rich Product Presentations
  4. Infographics
  5. 2D and 3D Animations For Web Pages and Brochures
  6. Improve website architecture and navigation for efficient browsing
  7. Make the website mobile-friendly, enrich UX/UI


  • The company needed to quickly hire a widely diverse team of professionals from different domains: brand design, web development, UI/UX, graphic design, art and illustration, animation, etc.
  • The client insisted on hiring from different geographies to get optimum talent acquisition and cost benefits.
  • The client wanted to employ through different hiring models: remote-contractual, outsourced, remote-temp, and freelancers.
  • It was important for the client that these diverse team members collaborate well and understand their work culture.

Recruitment Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency met all the talent acquisition requirements while enabling the client to find a great team that fulfilled all requirements in an efficient manner.

We framed a workforce model that incorporated all talent needs and the respective hiring methods. The client got the website redesigned before the schedule and launched their new business on time. The company was impressed with the design solutions.

Here’s the approach in brief:

  1. Web developers and UX/UX designers were hired through an outsourcing model. We found the client an excellent outsourcing company in India with an impressive track record.
  2. For brand and logo design, we found an established global graphic design company with a decade-long experience. The client was extremely satisfied with the graphic design service provider.
  3. The graphic design vendor had its own network of global freelancers and met all freelancer hiring needs for animation, videography, infographics, etc., without hassles.
  4. Our recruiters also helped the client find and hire expert web designers in the USA as part of their in-house team for project management and quality assurance.

Outcomes for the Client

1. The client got a highly talented group of professionals who managed the complete website redesign work with excellence.

2. Timely recruitment helped the client launch their marketing and sales campaign in advance.

3. The client was able to successfully market their solutions to big clients, for which the website proved a powerful marketing, branding, and sales tool.

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