Executive Search Solutions Helped Large Automotive Sector Retailer Find VP-Facilities Management and Corporate Real Estate

Executive Search Solutions

The client found an outstanding leader for the VP position, which will oversee 1,000+ retail outlets across several Asian countries.


An automotive sector retailer with over 1,000 outlets in Asia was searching for an outstanding leader to serve in the position of Vice President for facilities management, corporate real estate, and security. The client approached Alliance Recruitment Agency after they failed to find an ideal candidate following 7 months of executive search.

Find out how Alliance Recruitment Agency found an outstanding leader for the company in less than half the time.

The Situation

An automotive sector company was looking to fill the position of Vice President to oversee facilities management, corporate real estate, and security. The client company has over 1,000 automotive retail service chains of several different brands in India and several Asian countries.

The automotive sector company was in the midst of a significant restructuring to diversify and expand by adding more retail outlets that would focus on car financing and resale of old cars in addition to marketing, sales, and delivery.

The new Vice President will be playing a key role in planning and purchasing properties, ensuring high-end facilities maintenance and security across existing 1,000+ outlets and the new ones. The leader will also have the top position in supervising the direction and execution of all activities related to retrofitting and renovating existing units and controlling building and operational costs.

Challenges And Requirements

  • Finding a top management leader with 20+ years of experience in managing the construction, real estate purchase, and facilities management of properties countrywide and at international locations
  • An independent leader who will counsel and advise the C-Suite on corporate real estate procurement and investment from a financial, operational, and legal perspective
  • An industry expert with a legal background in addition to extensive experience in corporate real estate and facilities management
  • An individual with excellent academic credentials from a top university in India or overseas
  • At least 5-7+ years of experience in the automotive sector

Executive Search Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency assigned the executive search project for the VP position to three executive recruitment consultants in three different countries. All consultants had extensive top leadership recruitment experience in the automotive and retail sectors.

Within 50 days, we sourced a shortlisted file of 10 candidates, with four candidates leading the list as superior fits from all perspectives. Five candidates were selected by the company, and one of them was offered the role. The entire recruitment process was completed within three months.

We enabled the client to efficiently conduct a fast-paced Vice President recruitment process through superior collaboration and interview management. Our consultants also appreciated the responsiveness of the automobile company.

Here’s the approach in brief:

  1. We conducted various virtual meetings with different members of the C-Suite, collaborated with the HR director and a best-match candidate persona and profile was prepared and approved by the top VP recruitment committee. This took around 2 weeks.
  2. The executive search phase was managed by three top executive recruitment consultants, each covering different Asian countries. We covered India, the UAE, and several South Asian countries.
  3. Our executive search team data-mined our executive database and reached out to exclusive platforms for searching, tracking, and analyzing candidates based on our custom-designed search criteria and analysis mechanisms.
  4. Our consultants offered end-to-end support across the recruitment process, formulating a plan for optimized candidate experience,
  5. We also scheduled every interview and meeting while ensuring optimized management of time, resources, and costs.


1. The client found an outstanding leader with 22+ years of experience in corporate real estate procurement and investment for huge retailers in the hospitality, manufacturing, and automotive sectors.

2. The new Vice President had an international background in facilities management, having worked at several locations in India, the Middle East, Singapore, and Asia-Pacific.

3. Our client got optimum benefits of tech-enabled recruitment management that cut down their overall time and costs.

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