Excellent Interior Designers, Young Architects Recruitment Enabled Company To Win Upscale Projects, Generate New Revenue Streams

Young Architects Recruitment

We helped an Architectural and Interior Design company find elite interior designers for lifestyle design projects, catering to a new customer segment.


An architecture and interior design company, which had specialized in the low- and mid-budget residential and commercial projects, planned to launch a new design studio exclusively for big-budget luxury home lifestyle design projects. The launch was delayed by 7-9 months due to various challenges, including the difficulties faced by the client in attracting the kind of talent they needed to build the kind of portfolio they envisioned.

After consulting with Alliance Recruitment Agency, the architecture and interior design company found their ideal team within a few weeks and completed the hiring process within 45 days, leading to the launch of their new studio.

The Situation And Requirements

The client company, an architectural and interior design company, was looking to build new high-value customer segments and required elite interior designers with experience in lifestyle design projects for elite townhouses, mansions, condos, beach houses, and bungalows. The client planned to build a new interior design studio exclusively for its new customer segments of luxury homes and lifestyle projects.

The company had built a 10-year background in low- and mid-budget structures. The new launch was posing various challenges from a resource, talent, and branding perspective. These challenges were delaying launch plans.


The following 11 new positions for the Lifestyle Design Studio required to be filled:

1. Architect (one position)

2. Senior Interior Designer/Project Manager (one position)

3. FF&E Designers (one positions)

4. Space Planning and Optimization Designer ( two positions)

5. CAD Team (two positions)

6. Mid-Level Interior Designers (four positions)


Talent Attraction Challenges:

High profile interior designers were skeptical about joining a company that was associated with the low- and mid-budget residential and commercial properties. Most candidates were not keen to be part of a new studio, where they need to start from scratch.

Complex Compensation Packages:

The architectural and design firm’s financial and risk planning did not give space for an impressive fixed salary bracket. The compensation packages for the team were tied to project incomes and other variable factors.

Decision-Making Issues:

The founder and CEO and the directors of the firm were not on one page with regards to several matters, as this venture involved different kinds of risks. The delays in arriving at a consensus made talent acquisition and resource planning a difficult phase.

Headhunter Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency took a very personalized approach to address the various challenges and problems faced by the architectural and interior design company.

Our headhunters solved various challenges and found an ideal team of 11 professionals who were genuinely interested in the challenging job profiles and the company’s aspirations and business plans.

The positions were filled within 45 days, which was just 21% of the time compared to previous efforts at recruitment.


  • We focused first on an approach to bring the management team on one page with regards to their launch. We prepared a custom questionnaire for all interview panel members and conducted a meeting after identifying the key areas of differences.
  • The second step was focused on preparing the best-match candidate identification per position. We went into details about the kind of portfolio the client wanted to build and the geographies they were targeting. Three weeks later, we sourced a few candidates per position.
  • Post interviews, the client’s top management interview panel realized they needed to take a more practical approach about skills, experience, and portfolios.
  • Based on the revisions about best-suited candidates, we started a new search and within 10 days, we could target the right candidates, engage in interactions and persuade 5-7 candidates per position to consider the offer.
  • The talent engagement phase extended to 10 more days, during which we fixed a number of sessions with different candidates, explaining the company’s capacities, track record and future business goals.
  • Finally, we got 3-4 candidates per position who took a real interest in the challenging job profiles. Interview rounds were scheduled by our headhunters.
  • The interview phase involved a 3-stage screening process. This was followed by a negotiation phase for compensation packages.
  • Within 45 days, all 11 positions were filled, with candidates and the top management entering into mutually-beneficial agreements.


1. The architecture and design firm was 100% satisfied with the new team they got, and the new team were enthusiastic about achieving tough goals and building a strong portfolio.

2. Six months post recruitment, the client had won three major projects alongside smaller ones, which increased their ROI by 150%.

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