Headhunting Services Enabled Fashion Retail Company To Fill Five Newly Created Hard-To-Fill Senior Manager Positions

Headhunting Services Enabled Fashion Retail Company

Our headhunters found and helped hire senior managers who helped the company find new and increased revenue generation opportunities


The client, a fashion retailer, was planning to introduce new sources of revenue generation using existing resources, assets, and retail outlets. The company created new senior manager positions in sales, marketing, customer experience, and account management. They required professionals with the ability to leverage insights from data science and analytics and build excellent, new revenue-generation opportunities.

The company conducted talent searches multiple times and interviewed over 30-40 candidates over six months but could not find experts who fit the specified roles.

The fashion retail company approached Alliance Recruitment Agency. The positions were filled within 2 months.

The Situation And Requirements

The fashion retail company has 150+ outlets across key cities in India, the Middle East, and South Asia. Their direct-to-consumer retail and ecommerce channels were robust and generated valuable data of millions of customer behavior and transactions done over a defined period. The company had built an impressive business intelligence and data analytics infrastructure and created an action plan to leverage the information and create and strengthen new streams of revenue generation.

The apparel and fashion industry client was ready to build a strong team of expert senior managers who could leverage customer, marketing, business development, and account management intelligence and implement new streams of revenue generation.

Despite 6-7 months of talent search and interviews, the client did not find candidates with the abilities, potential, knowledge, and skills they were looking for.

When the client approached Alliance Recruitment Agency, the client was already behind in their action plan schedule. The business plan launches were delayed by a few months.

There were five positions that needed to be filled within a few months.

1. Manager-Customer Experience and Intelligence

2. Manager-Online Marketing Intelligence And Growth

3. Senior Manager-Consumer Loyalty And Growth

4. Senior Manager-Online Sales Operations

5. Senior Manager-Referral Sales


Talent Availability Constraints:

Positions with the same or similar titles in the same sectors did not have much in common, as the kind of expertise, knowledge, abilities, skills, and potential the client was looking for were highly specialized and atypical. That is why most previous attempts to search people with similar designations and track records did not yield results.

Talent Identification Issues:

The combination of data science understanding, intuitive and insight-driven decision making, strategic and innovative approaches in addition to industry knowledge, marketing and sales background required in the position-holder made it a hard-to-fill position.

Time Constraints:

The client was insistent on a fast-paced talent search and recruitment management process so that their business plans were not further delayed.

Budget Constraints:

As the roles were new and there was an element of experimental approaches and objectives, the client did not intend to go beyond a certain salary range for any of the positions.

Headhunter Solutions And Approach

Alliance Recruitment Agency assigned the recruitment project to three headhunters with rich experience in the retail industry national and international talent acquisition management. The headhunters recruitment also possessed a good understanding of hiring for sales and marketing intelligence, consumer growth strategies, and data science roles in CX and sales.

Within 30 days, three candidates were sourced per position. The candidates scored high in the assessments and technical interviews. Six candidates were selected, with a new position created for Manager-Data Science Coordination.

Within 60 days, the recruitment process was completed, with chosen candidates accepting the offer letter.

Here’s the approach in brief:

  1. Consultative and strategic best-match candidate identification and screening methods
  2. Custom designed talent search and attraction strategy
  3. Focus on people with the desired skill sets, knowledge, and data science backgrounds instead of on people with similar positions
  4. Support with selection of the right assessments for each position
  5. Support with hiring an external consultant for technical interviews
  6. Well-designed virtual recruitment management plan and methods for all recruitment phases except for final on-site interviews.


1. Three months post recruitment of the six managers, the companies business plans were correctly launched and targets for the quarter were successfully achieved

2. Six months post recruitment, the company had built an innovative, data-driven sales, marketing, referral marketing, consumer growth, and customer loyalty management systems that would increase the company’s revenue generation by 40%.

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