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Building a Strong Team is Challenging! Hire the Best Dental Locum Agency to Get the Best Solutions!

Welcome to Alliance Recruitment Agency. We are the best dental locum agency in the UK committed to offer professional locum and recruitment services to our clients in the dental scenario. We can help you build and maintain the best locum tenens dentist that excel in efficiency and will offer you the best solutions. With years of recruitment experience, we can provide you excellent locum dental staff to let you build a strong dental community.

We take pride in understanding the needs of every client and make sure that they avail the best services and solutions for all their requirements. We offer our esteemed clients with permanent, temporary and locum dental staff to serve a range of dental practices. From NHS to specialist referral institutes and hospitals as well as catering dental access organizations, Alliance Recruitment Agency can provide you with highly experienced and well-qualified dental professionals.

We possess rich knowledge of dental industry in the UK and work with you to completely understand your requirements and then offer you best results. Gaining knowledge about your practice, business, patients, staff, and treatments offers along with job description, allowing us to provide you the most suitable locum tenens dentist.

No matter what your requirements are we help you save hassle, money and time!

We Are a Reputed Dental Locum Staff Provider that Will Exceed All Your Expectations

We are a leading dental locum agency housing a recruitment team of highly skilled and experienced assessors and tutors that let you recruit employees who are most suited to your needs.

We ensure that the clients selected by us are fully trained and skilled in their roles, they allow them to assist you better and help you in optimizing the potential of your dental practice. This way, you avail the best dental locum staff that lets your concentrate on your patients and other important aspects of your dental practice.

For booking locum or temporary requirements or book permanent locum services, you need to get registered. Once you have shared your account details with us, you will not need to provide the details further or make future bookings. We will create an online account for you that you can access at any time to check past activities on the website.

Partnering With Us Will Be Your Best Decision As We Offer a Range of Services

We understand that your dental staff has to be highly reliable, motivated and skilled. Whether you want to fill the position of an oral health specialist or a dental receptionist position, at Alliance Recruitment Agency, we analyze and screen potential candidates with the most important to make sure they meet all general dental council mandatory standards.

We endeavor to offer regulated certificates where possible and any specific practice requirements you may possess. Our core focus is serving you proficient locum tenens dentist and deliver a service, which exceeds industry standards. Our experts and experienced professionals can help you find candidates with the correct balance of experience and attitude ensuring our clients get the best possible services.

Independent Practices
We are based on working in partnership with dental practices as yours. We serve predominantly independent owned dental practices and hold great expertise in building relationships with the dental practice clients and comprehending their needs.

We offer clients with a fully managed search and selection service and ensure your vacancies have the widest coverage in the UK. With years of combined dental recruitment experience, we are industry experts in an unrivaled position that can find the best dental practice for perfect candidate.

Small Groups
With proficiency recruiting candidates for small groups, we can offer you successful recruiting solutions that meet all your expectations. We have a vast pool of candidates registered with us and who offer a seamless recruitment process and enhanced opportunity for staff retention and longevity. For this reason, we are able to keep our clients happy and are able to offer successful dental practice.

Alliance Recruitment Agency holds fantastic relationships with his corporate clients. We work closely in partnership with large to small corporates and dental groups. We practice honest and continued communication and have grown to know the business. For this reason, we have successfully become an integral part of their recruitment team.

We know that as far as corporate dentistry is concerned, the effects of reputation on recruitment are quite large as compared to those for an independent dental practice.

Moreover, a lot is based on their perception. We help our clients to recognize their potential issues and help all of them to make sure they have a strong workforce.

We make sure to recruit locum dental staff that is exact as per your requirements and can offer improved retention. We do this with confidence as we speak with thousands of candidates before we actually finalize them.

Avail Countless Benefits by Hiring Rich Services of the Best Dental Locum Agency UK

We have a comprehensive pool of clients ranging from big public sector health services to small medical clinics, including NHS or National Health Service Trust in the UK. Over the years we have built a robust reputation within the industry, offering qualified staff of all specialties and levels to hundreds of clients.

With the help of our client care approach, we deliver fully compliant staff and best qualified professionals to meet permanent or dental locum staffing requirements.

Hiring our services can offer you a range of benefits such as:

  • A rich selection of dental professionals to fulfill your permanent and temporary requirements
  • The ability to comprehend your expectations well and have a clear idea of particulars of your working practices and team culture
  • A specialist hiring consultant dedicated solely to your account, focused entirely on offering you with the finest personalized services
  • 24 x 7 services, which means we serve whenever you need us

Meeting Client Requirements

With our unique approach of recruiting locum tenens dentist, our clients have benefited greatly. This offers a refreshing alternative to current recruitment practices and let us offer you a tailored, personalized, and highly reliable service. We always make sure that we meet the general as well as specific recruitment needs of our clients, offering them best services at competitive norms.

We specialize in recruiting

  • Dentists
  • Specialists
  • Locum Dentists
  • Dental Hygienists
  • Dental Nurses
  • Dental Receptionists
  • Practice Managers
  • Area & Regional Managers
  • Directors
  • Dental Technicians
  • Dental Therapists
  • Orthodontic Therapists
  • Maxillo-Facial Prosthetists
  • Clinical Support Workers
  • Dental Sales Representatives
  • Dental Practice Sales and Purchase

Post Your Dentist Vacancies with Us
We have a huge wealth of experience when it comes to hiring locum tenens dentist. With decades of experience and expertise specific to dentist recruitment our extensive network of dental professionals and competitively priced dental recruitment service, coupled with bespoke dentist recruitment website means your dental practice can avail rich benefits.

Meet Temporary/Locum or Permanent Dental Staff
With the help of our vast database of specialist and general dental nurses, hygienists, therapists, oral care experts, and others across the UK, we can successfully meet your permanent or locum agency needs.

Train the Staff
Whether you wish to book one of the GDC verifiable in-house CPD sessions for the entire team, or you wish to enroll an individual team member on any of our courses, just share with us your requirements and we will be happy to serve you.