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The role of a director is incredibly broad and the position may have vastly varying duties and scopes depending on the sector and organization. In order to conduct a successful director staffing operation, it requires a customized search, tailored to the specific requirements and job functions of the role in mind. At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we are experts in retained director and other executive search services. Our executive recruitment consultants are well trained and experienced to connect your company with the top senior executive candidates who are skilled, qualified and have the expertise to fill your director vacancies.

Appointing a director is a vitally important decision for any company due to its impact on the overall performance of the organization. For over 10 years, we have worked with leading corporations as well as with startups and not-for-profit organizations, assisting and ensuring that their director vacancies are being filled with the best executive candidates who possess the right blend of skills, qualifications, and experience that match the strategic direction of their organizations. We are a global director manpower and executive search firm that has served companies in Asia, the Middle East, the United Kingdom and throughout the United States.

Alliance Director Executive Search Firm

What sets Alliance Recruitment Agency apart from other director manpower recruitment companies is our attention to the specific requirements of the open position as well as the culture of the client organization. Since the role of a director can be very broad, it is vital that the candidates considered for the open position have industry specific skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the area of expertise of the company and the role. Our executive recruitment consultants have the expertise to thoroughly understand the requirements of your organization and ensure that you are presented with a qualified, competent and effective director.

Don’t take chances with your director level hirings! If you are an employer seeking to hire a qualified executive candidate to fill your director vacancy, then trust none other than Alliance Recruitment Agency. Contact our teams and submit a director staffing request today. One of our expert executive recruitment consultants will reach out to you, with a free of charge consultation to discuss and determine the skills, qualifications, experience as well as the personal characteristics of the ideal candidate that can handle your director position effectively. Contact Alliance Recruitment Agency and let our experts recruit your next director.

The Best Director Manpower Recruitment Agency

Regardless of the area of expertise of your open director position, our executive recruitment consultants have the knowledge as well as the resources to fill all your director and executive vacancies with the best candidates. From your operations, commercial, international, IT and financial directors to the managing director of your organization, we can cater to all your director executive search needs.

  • Define the Position

    Our executive headhunters and recruitment consultants work collaboratively with the key decision makers of your company to clearly define and understand the duties and responsibilities of the position, nature of the business operations as well as the culture of the organization to determine the ideal candidate that will be perfect for your director vacancy.
  • Development of a Unique Recruitment Plan

    We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” strategy at Alliance Recruitment Agency. Instead, we develop a unique recruitment plan for your director executive search operation, laying out strategies of candidate sourcing, interviewing, screening and delivery, that supports the goal of attracting and securing the ideal executive candidate.
  • Candidate Sourcing

    Unlike other director manpower and executive search firms, we do not rely on a database to serve our clients. We find and attract the talent that our clients require. We are professional headhunters – which we do not hesitate to say. By tapping into our vast network of professionals and through the use of modern sourcing channels, we can get you the best executive candidates.
  • Interviewing, Screening and Matching

    We conduct a series of interviews for the sourced pool of candidates. We carry out phone interviews to determine the suitable candidate at the outset. Then we conduct a series of in-person interviews that are being followed by a thorough screening process to identify and provide the best candidates, where you can decide the best to hire.

Why Choose Alliance Director Staffing Services?

Our comprehensive director and executive recruitment process involves identification, evaluation, and selection of the top executive candidates for your director vacancies. Our director executive search services stretch across a number of industries and sectors. We have a proven track record of placing innumerable executive candidates in director positions of leading corporations throughout the world.

  • Expert Executive Recruitment Consultants

    Our executive recruitment consultants and specialists have undergone extensive training and are well experienced to understand the exact leadership requirements of our client organizations. Having over 10 years of experience, our teams have the expertise to cater to all your director and other senior executive staffing requirements.
  • Vast Talent Network

    We have formed relationships and strategic alliances with vast networks of professionals, that hold senior level roles and leadership positions in leading corporations throughout the world. Our vast talent network enables us to attract and deliver the ideal executive candidate for your director vacancies that match your skill, qualification and experience requirements.
  • Leading Executive Recruitment

    Alliance Recruitment Agency is a leading executive staffing company serving the top tier companies across the world. Alliance provides direct placement of exceptional and dependable executives of all levels. From your operations, commercial, IT and financial directors to your managing director, we can cater to all your director staffing needs.