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Ultimate destination for all Flash development needs.

Our expertise lies in all aspects of flash like pixel art, vector art, flash game programming, 2D characters, flash animation and game backgrounds. We also put our best efforts to deliver the best game level design, game play design, game scene design, game storyboarding and design documentation. All of which is very essential to develop flash games that can be a major draw for gamers to your site.

We can render flash action scripting, functionality testing, game testing and several other features that supports development of flash games.

Our flash game developers are ready to start working with you on your ideas. Contact us now and explore the possibilities of the development of flash games.

Why to choose Alliance Recruitment agency?
  • We develop user-friendly games which are compatible with all browser and devices
  • We offer flexible engagement models to our clients
  • We give you a dedicated account manager and team for real-time maintenance & support during the entire project execution
  • You can get independently verified customer reviews
  • Our flash developers adhere strictly to international coding guidelines & standards, quality, and timely project delivery
  • Our solutions offer seamless integration with other codes and APIs
  • Before starting the development process, our project managers will thoroughly discuss your goals & requirements to ensure that you get the exact solution what you paid for

Lastly we can assure you 100% satisfaction from our side.

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