Home Chef Dubai

We at Alliance recruitment agency, go to great lengths to bring you a unique haute cuisine at your home with our skilled home chef Dubai services. When you’re planning a special occasion or a party or any kind of social event, food is at the heart of such festivities. Our personal chef services take care of the party from start to finish. From planning the menu, buying the ingredients to cooking a delicious meal and setting the table, our home chefs in Dubai take care of everything.

How does it work?

Our home chef with his team would come and visit your place a few days prior to the party and check the workspace. At this time, he would like to know your sense of cooking style, taste and expectations for the party. Our team will also enquire about the guests and try to match their experience to the best of their abilities. You can choose from the menu, the cuisine and plan meals from starters to desserts together with our chef. Additionally, you can also choose dishes from our range of speciality cooked catalogue and decide for yourself.

Apart from these, our chef would recommend the best entremets and wine to go with your meals and add a beautiful finishing touch to your party. With an advance notice of at least a week, we would be glad to set off to make your party the most unforgettable memory.

Our Chefs’ specialities:

  • Our chefs employ great technicality to produce good food on the plate
  • We have a team of chefs, who are active, optimistic and come with an attitude of quick learning.
  • We have the ability to remain calm and composed under pressure and demanding situations every day.
  • We possess a great understanding of flavours and palate.
  • We come with multitasking abilities to handle all the responsibilities and deliver on time.

Our strengths:

  • We are better at understanding your requirements in depth
  • We build the program based on your expectations
  • We offer the best chefs and best professional cooking services in the industry.
  • When placing a chef Dubai at your venue, be it office or home we make sure to keep each client informed about the recruitment status and the chef details.
  • In our selection process, we run a strong background check on the candidates.
  • We foster a strong code of conduct, great work ethic and high moral principles among our teams.

Our services:

  • Dinner or Buffet: We offer seated dinner or a buffet menu for your social event and help you plan, organize and assemble several plated courses to give your guests the best of both worlds.
  • Event Catering: When planning a catering for your event, there is no other name better suited than ours. We give you an organized and sophisticated display for your event bringing the craft and taste of food at one place.
  • Gifting: If you’re trying to be creative, then gift a home chef service to a friend or family by buying a gift card or voucher for your loved ones so that you can make their dream dinner come true.
  • Tutoring: We also offer home chef services when you are learning a new delicacy or just beginning to improve your craft of cooking; our chefs would be your most trusted tutors for a skill of a lifetime.
  • New restaurants: Our professionally trained chefs would be a great fit for your newly launched restaurants bringing the traditional and contemporary together, keeping the community and neighbourhood in mind. As a team, we can embark on this culinary journey together. With our happy food loving chefs we believe your passion can keep going.