Hospitality Recruitment Agencies In South Africa

Hospitality Recruitment Agencies In South Africa

Hospitality industry of South Africa is supported by the vast tourism potential that the country houses. The hospitality industry accounts for a good percentage of South Africa’s GDP and is a net job creator in the country.

Since hospitality is a broad industry that involves a number of services under it namely event planning, tourism assistance, transpiration, cruise lines etc, it creates a good number of recruitment opportunities.

The demand for manpower in the hospitality industry is high when we talk in the context of South Africa. Being one of the most economically prosperous country in the continent, South Africa houses a large number of globally recognized hospitality industries.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been catering to the needs of hospitality firms in South Africa by bringing in skilled and qualified manpower at their service.

Hospitality Placements Cape Town

Cape Town is a picturesque location for the development of hospitality and tourism industry in South Africa. Located on the western cape of the country, this beautiful coastal city is a global metropolis and capital of South Africa.

Humongous job opportunities are there in the hospitality industry of the city. With our expertise in the hospitality sector, we have been placing a good number of people as per the requirements furnished by these firms in Cape Town.

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance recruitment agency is a pioneer in offering staffing solutions to firms in the hospitality industry across the globe. Having served the manpower needs of firms in South Africa, we know what a client is looking for in its employees.

Alliance as your hospitality staffing solutions partner in South Africa brings in the following benefits:

  • Closure of requirements for various service based profile in the industry
  • Proper assessment of candidates on theoretical and practical aspects
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Dedicated team to work on your solutions
  • A comprehensive database of jobseekers
  • Client centric attitude in service delivery
  • Regular updates in regards to the progress in the recruitment process
  • Fast processing of clients request

Reach us at our official website to know more about our services. Recruiters can submit their inquiry by clicking on the ‘send inquiry’ button on our website. Our team would contact and answer your inquiry in detail.