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We Are the Best Locum Optometrist Agency Connecting the Best People in Market to Help You Build an Amazing Team

Alliance Recruitment agency is a leading locum optometrist agency specialized in offering promising and reliable locum services. Managed by industry experts, we place focus on recruiting optometrists and other healthcare professionals who can meet the growing and unique demands of your business. Catering rich services to healthcare professionals, we have all the resources needed to supply major healthcare chains and fill multiple vacancies in moments. Whether you are an individual establishment or a group organization, we favor all of them equally and aim to offer locums that are best in the community.

Our philosophy is to provide and protect our clients by supplying them with only the best pool of talent. We are the best locum optometrist agency focused on delivering efficient services as fast as possible. We always offer our clients solutions that are incomparable in quality and can be fully trusted. Because of providing high-quality services and meeting all requirements of our clients in the best way, we presently stand among the leading locum optometrist agency in the UK. From permanent placements to temporary locum recruitment services to emergency or out-of-hours solutions, we are just a call away. No matter what your business need is, we strive to offer you the best solutions at competitive norms.

Our Unique Philosophy is perfect to Cater Unique Needs of Your Business

To bring the best to your table and offer you, locums who excel in their job, we work on strong principles and philosophy. We understand that clients these days prefer personal, fine-tuned, consistent, and speedy services, which can meet their expectations in the most cost-efficient manner. Being the best locum optometrist agency in the UK, we aim to offer locum tenens staffing solutions that are best in class.

Our philosophical approach is based on three core aspects:

We treat our clients as our family and hence make sure that every service supplied from us meets the quality at par. We conduct in-depth screening of candidates and assess their skills to offer you the best meet as per your requirements. We never compromise on quality, nor exceed the deadline.

Stability and Security
Clients these days are manic, busy, and frenetic. We know that you don’t have much time to devote to small things. However, for perfect recruitment, it is vital to focus on every aspect. We, therefore, work as an efficient service provider that lets you saves time and money both. At the same time, we focus on offering solutions that lend you high stability, complete security, and unmatched efficiency.

As healthcare experts, we aim to offer our clients with the best in the industry. We have a team of experts and candidates with a good practice that assures to deliver you solutions safely and to the apt. If you partner with us, you are in safe hands, and we promise to provide you a consistently high level of service.

We Specialize in Optical Market and Offer People with the Right Skills and Motivation

We hold a visionary approach to recruitment and ensure to offer the best services.

The Alliance Recruitment agency is among the leading locum optometrist agency in the UK holding expertise in recruiting specialist consultants into two various divisions. We are experts in recruiting dispensing opticians, optometrists, optical sales professionals, optical assistants, and associated optical staff. Our vast candidate base is ideal to fit the need of group opticians, independent opticians, and suppliers of visual materials, lenses, frames, and equipment.

We are unique and the best locum optometrist agency because we are an established locum agency possessing decades of experience and have been in the profession for long years. We attract large numbers of candidates to make sure our client’s positions are fulfilled in the best possible manner.

This, together with higher referral rate and vibrant extensive network, make us sit on a superb position to offer clients with locum as well as fully managed services. If you are seeking the best fit for your optical business and looking forward to promising and fantastic recruitment, we can help you find the best match.

We Offer a Wide Range of Unrivalled Services to Let You Succeed Always

We offer rich services based on providing innovative and quality norms. We work hard to fill openings in your company in a timely and efficient manner. We can help fill placements for permanent and temporary staff in the HSS, AHP, or Emergency services throughout the UK.

We offer clients from NHS to prison, for independents as well as multiple entities. With our extensive database, we can match candidates to your business. We provide a range of services such as:

Extensive and Rich Database of Candidates
To lend support to our clients, we actively engage with candidates in an ever-growing database of optometrists looking for locum and permanent placements. Our existing clientele base has benefitted largely from using the unique approach of our agency.

Customized Solutions
We offer customized solutions tailored as per the exclusive needs of your business. Our services are reliable and personalized. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with health care experts and companies to hire the brightest minds and work with expert candidates.

Independent Opticians
Searching the correct people for your business can be a complex and lengthy winded process. We aim to make the process a lot easier. You can speak with our experienced optical recruitment consultants who specialize in positioning staff with independent opticians throughout the UK. We possess a rich understanding of the independent sector, including typical responsibilities, general attitude, equipment, salaries, and skill set needed. We make sure that you hire the right candidate for the job.

Group and Multiple Opticians
A time where the recruitment process can be time-consuming and stressful, we work closely to ease the burden and offer an efficient recruitment service for many practices across the UK. Our focus is to provide comprehensive and transparent service to offer clients with suitable candidates, which precisely fit the requirements. We are experts in the industry comprising dedicated recruiters in the market. You can rest assured that you are being managed by a knowledgeable consultant who is aware of the benefits and nature the market offers.

We offer services 24 hours a day. Even if it is a holiday, we always have experts to lend you high-quality and reliable services so that your needs are met in the best way.

Submit Your Vacancy
Hiring expert candidates is a very simple and easy process. You have to provide us your requirements as we are just a click away. If you have a vacancy recently, submit it with us, and we will surely provide you the best expert in the industry for the same.

Gain Innumerable Benefits by Partnering with the Experts

Years of experience, combined with expert knowledge in the optical sector, make us the best locum optometrist agency. We practice professional consultative approach that offers us with sound results for our clients. No matter how small or big your business and staff needs are, we are proficient enough to meet them all.

  • Reduced Time and Cost
  • In-Depth and Comprehensive Screening Process
  • Locum and Permanent Optometrists just a click away
  • Customized Services to Offer You the Best Fit

We are a reliable locum optometrist agency that you can trust. We can lend you complete support on the path to a successful business. We aim to remove all hassles and make the recruiting process simpler and lucrative for you.

To hire our assistance for your next locum or permanent position, give us a call or drop an email.