Locum Tenens Physician

A Leading Locum Tenens Physician Recruitment Firm Meeting Your Requirements in the Best Way

The positions you require to fill need more than a medical degree. In most of the cases, recruiting is a big challenge. But we specialize in finding the best locum tenens for physicians who embrace challenges and desire to make a huge difference.

We are Alliance Recruitment Agency who is a globally recognized recruiting firm specializing in meeting the full range of present physicians, in-house recruiters, medical staff and anyone in the healthcare industry who need exceptional locum tenens physician solutions. We are a renowned locum tenens physician recruitment firm who can offer you locum tenens or permanent services on time. We take into account every minute requirement of yours and understand the opportunity, ultimately offering you what makes sense.

Not All Locum Tenens Firms are the same – We Offer the Best Locum Tenens for Physicians

Alliance locum doctor agency is the only agency that places doctors internationally. But this is not the only thing that sets us apart and makes us a leading provider of the best locum tenens for physicians.

Our structure and size are ideal. We offer a higher standard of responsiveness and attention while delivering comprehensive support and long-lasting stability to our clients. We can help you find the right physician by following a vetting process to make sure the recruiter person fits well to your cultural, professional, and personal fit. In simple terms, we make the painful or complex task of recruiting locum tenens physicians simple, time-saving, and consolidated for you.

Want the Best Talent? We’ve Got You Covered

With extensive knowledge and years of experience, Alliance Recruitment Agency offers the industry’s most efficient, comprehensive, and reliable staffing services. We are dedicated to maintaining a high standard of integrity and excellence. Our skilled and experienced staff of locum tenens and permanent recruiters has a deep understanding of the operational and legal aspects of this industry.

Here, check why we can help you hire the best talent!

Direct Access to Best Talent

We possess an expansive network ensuring that we always have a long pipeline of qualified candidates available to serve for your roles. We always perform strict screenings and skill assessments so that we can connect you with professionals who are the perfect fit for your position as well as to the culture of your company.

High Commitment to Quality

We take time to get to know the unique goals and requirements of your company and then only our recruiters serve you professionals that excel in every aspect of your preference. We understand the market and significance of having exceptionally skilled and well-thought-out staffing and recruitment strategy in place, particularly when discretion and urgency are needed.

Great Flexible Solutions

We very well understand that every business operates differently. Whether you require candidates who are ready to begin work within a couple of hours to start with your immediate project, or you are looking for experts who are flexible, versatile, and can associate to your company for a long-term, we offer all levels of placement. With our flexible staffing solutions, we assure to provide you experts based on the individual needs of your company.

Offering a Comprehensive Range of Staffing Services to Meet All Your End Needs

At Alliance locum agency, our recruiters follow a strict and well-planned recruiting process with the mind-set of offering excellent services in all spheres. Our locum tenens physician recruiters are focused on delivering a high level of commitment, honesty, responsiveness, and integrity.

We very well understand that the recruiting process is not a simple one, and when you are hiring someone, it is a crucial decision for the firm. Hence, all of our candidates are chosen with dedicated and focused efforts. We leverage a single database of candidates and deliver industry-specific expertise to successfully match the clients with professionals they require to push the business forward.

Whether you are seeking experts for a high volume of project-based contractors or you want to hire the best locum tenens physician, we are the best locum tenens physician firm who can serve you with customizable locum staffing solutions and offer candidates that meet your entire needs.

We Follow a Streamlined and In-Depth Recruiting Process

Positioning high-quality candidates into full-time roles with reputed companies are the heart of our business. We have successfully built a strong reputation as the best locum tenens recruitment firm in the world. Our long-standing relationships with clients and experience in the industry let us find the right match between employee and employer while ensuring a transparent and streamlined placement process.

Assess Your Work Culture and Needs

Our recruiters first speak to your hiring managers about the company culture, talent needs, budget, and long-term goals. This is done to ensure we find the correct candidates based on the unique needs of your organization.

Extensive Candidate Network

Being delivering successful results and working in the industry for long, we have been able to establish a comprehensive database of industry-specific experts, mainly passive candidates who were not able to apply to the positions but are a perfect fit for the role.

Advanced Digital

We offer a robust online resource to candidates in the form of our website that attracts innumerable applications from candidates each month. We practice digital and advanced technologies to make it easier to search and refine the best candidate among the talent pool.

Screening Process

We thoroughly evaluate all resumes and weed out candidates who do not meet your requirements. Once candidates are shortlisted, we conduct phone interviews and invite the best candidates for personal interview sessions. In addition to this, we follow a verification process for every candidate selected by our client, along with an examination of the potential skills of the candidate. All this is done to ensure that the candidates offered by us are able to meet the organization’s standards of high excellence. Hence, eventually, all you get is highly talented and skilled professionals, which have been personally screened and are the perfect fit for the role.

What Extra We Offer – Avail Customizable Workforce Management Solutions

  • Managed Service Provider – For an organization that wishes to gain insights into the staffing process and needs a team that can manage the suppliers while aligning with crucial financial goals, we provide Managed Service Provider program.
  • Preferred Vendor – We pride ourselves in partnering with many clients as their preferred vendor. From managing temporary labor processes to off-site and on-site management, we can be your preferred vendor and offer you success in offering top-quality candidates across a range of business lines.
  • Payroll Service – There are companies that utilize a contingent workforce and involve payroll process for hundreds of temporary employees. Managing this can be burdensome. To mitigate this challenge, we offer cost-effective solutions for companies through payroll services. Also called as third party employment, our payroll service will let your company focus on their financial goals and talent strategy.
  • Statement of Work Services – For recruiting experts, finding the right partner to offer concrete project deliverables and work along with the business developments is challenging. At the same time, they need to maintain the flow of operations. If you too are suffering from such challenges, we offer the best solutions to your entire business community.