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The Best Placement Consultants in Mumbai

Finding a skilled employee can be a tedious, costly and time consuming process in Mumbai. Alliance Recruitment Agency has one of the best placement consultants in Mumbai. Our teams have served the placement needs of thousands of organizations, meeting their enterprise-wide manpower hiring needs with excellence. When you hire our consultants for recruitment activities, you are sure to get the best results – best-fit candidates, short hiring time frame, and smooth hiring process management.

Our agency has not only local but overseas placement consultants in Mumbai. If your organization is looking for manpower to expand operations at locations outside India, find brilliant candidates with ease. Our international overseas consultants Mumbai teams have placed candidates for business units in Canada, the USA, the UK, several European countries, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Our services are not limited to candidate search, screening and shortlisting. We assist in shaping the relationships between the employer and employee through good employer branding, support with negotiations, and seamless interview scheduling and management.

For us, placement is not just about filling a post anyhow. The placement consultants in Mumbai at Alliance Recruitment believe in helping companies hire the right candidates. Similarly, we help candidates in getting placed at companies where their training, skills and experience, and career needs match the best. If you are looking for the best local and overseas placement consultants in Mumbai, connect with us!

Top International or Overseas Consultants in Mumbai

Hiring offshore teams or finding jobs in offshore locations has never been easy. There are so many documents to prepare and check. The legal and regulatory compliance is another tricky area to tackle. Employers and job seekers also face the risk of being cheated of expectations, and there are other risks. To avoid all such risks, difficulties and diverse challenges in the hiring process, hire the services of Alliance recruitment agency!

Our international or overseas consultants in Mumbai have a rich background of 11+ years in making international placements risk-free and outcome-enriched. When you are a company hiring professionals from Mumbai or a Mumbai-based firm hiring professionals from or at global locations, make great hiring decisions through our services.

The international or overseas consultants in Mumbai of our agency have expertise in not only sourcing manpower but also in background checks, reference checks, documentation check, support with compliance, and many other activities related to placement. As an employer, when you partner with us for overseas placement services, you can rest assured that you will only meet background-checked, best match candidates.

For more information about the wide range of services offered by our international or overseas consultants in Mumbai, contact us!

Services – Local and Overseas Placement Consultants in Mumbai

Our services are comprehensive and cover the manpower or talent acquisition requirements in many industries. You can consult with us for hiring top executives, fill senior management positions, form new teams of experts or get placement solutions for an entire business unit. Our services include

  • Placement for Permanent Positions :

    The service covers placement solutions to meet staffing needs of companies and not-for-profit organizations.
  • Placement for Temporary Positions :

    In business segments such as IT, BPO, KPO, e-commerce and retail, manufacturing, the need for temporary placement is very common. Our consultants excel at temporary placement service management.
  • Placement for Contractual Positions :

    Whether it is project-based contracts, annual or 5-year contracts, our experience in contractual hiring is extensive.
  • Placement for Top-level Positions :

    We have placed about 20,000 professionals at senior and mid-level management positions, including for the C-Suite.
  • Placement for Remote and Offshore Teams :

    Find the best qualified candidates for your offshore or remote team setup or expansion through our services.

Find the most competent local, international or overseas consultants in Mumbai at our agency!

Hire Our Placement Consultants in Mumbai

There are numerous benefits you gain when you choose to hire our services.

With an extensive database, a huge network, and well developed relationships across the globe, we have built the capacities to fulfill local and overseas placement needs of organizations in Mumbai and worldwide.

Our local and overseas placement consultants in Mumbai are highly trusted for their dedicated service delivery among our clients comprising over 12,000 organizations from diverse geographies and business sectors. 

We have enabled our clients to shorten their hiring cycles, make it SMART, technology-enabled, and outcome-oriented.

Through our services, organizations have been able to control and optimize their recruitment costs, and improved employee retention rates.

Contact us, and find out what benefits you will gain when you consult with us for meeting your placement needs.