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We Are Best Veterinary Locum Agencies in the UK Revolutionizing Veterinary Industry, Aiming To Deliver Excellence

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a specialist veterinary locum agencies UK aims to offer you efficient and professional service. If you are looking for a permanent or locum Nurse or Vet, you have come to the correct place.

No need to spend a fortune of money on job adverts and valuable time sifting through innumerable applicants when the best veterinary nurse locum agencies UK can do it for you. We are the best vet locum agencies UK that can do everything for you.

We pride ourselves on our potential and ability to listen and comprehend your needs so that we offer you only with suitable candidates. Our recruitment experts are focused on finding the right people for your practices. No need to pay huge amount of money while advertising with us.

If you are a reliable and renowned practice looking for permanent or locum staff or the best addition to your team, we can serve it to you. Even if it is just an initial chat, we would love to hear from you.

Our Mission Objective as a Veterinary Nurse Locum Agencies of UK

We are much more than the UK’s biggest database of vet professionals. We offer complete support to employers seeking vet nurses and vets to be a part of their robust team. From employment matters to pricing norms, we are a leading veterinary locum agencies UK that can offer you with a range of solutions.

We can help employers by:

You can list innumerable jobs on our website for free. The listings can be across a range of media like our Facebook, website, LinkedIn, and other platforms aimed at offering you the best solution. We charge fees only when a candidate is hired by you!

We have a strong and vast team of professionals who carefully vet CVs, check out references, and interview veterinary candidates. This way, you can get the potential staff that will surpass your expectations and needs!

We are one of the biggest vet locum agencies UK having the database of vet job seekers searching for permanent and locum veterinary work. We match this to maintain a highly professional, reliable, and efficient service for you.

Our experts can advise you on different employment matters. We are happy to cater you on various aspects of recruitment and hiring including professional expectations, salary norms, and many others. We can provide you high-quality assistance even for contract negotiations to let you have a smooth and hassle-free hiring process.

We Offer a Wide Spectrum of Services to Get the Best Fit For your Job Vacancy

We offer customized recruitment services to our clients to make sure they get the best fit for their job. As top veterinary nurse locum agencies in the UK we take the responsibility of offering you with most efficient candidates. We cover through an extensive geographical area and guide you through the process of interview, shortlisting candidates, salary negotiation and terms of your position, maintaining close contact with you throughout the process.

Tailor-Made Permanent Recruitment
Our recruiters are highly experienced in recruiting for permanent nurses and vets. We are the best vet locum agency UK that practice contingency based search, database selection, advertising, and innovative recruitment solutions.

We prescreen and interview candidates and undertake efficiently pre and post-placement job reviews to make sure that the process runs smoothly.

Flexible Locum Recruitment
Alliance Recruitment Agency offers locum or temporary recruitment solutions to recruiters. We aim to deliver the best services and offer locum experts who are excellent in their work. We understand that hiring locums is quite a strenuous job. But we can make it work smoothly for you. We make sure that no matter what your requirement is, you have the best candidate available.

Complete and In-Depth Screening of Candidates
All candidates that register with us strictly provide us with a copy of their CV, ID, and visa, if they belong to any foreign place. We first make sure that the candidates registered with us meet all the requirements and possess essential skills and knowledge needed at the job.

We practice a stringent process of recruitment and screening candidates. Detailed information of candidates is obtained such as practice details, details of practice website, practice overviews, travel information and location maps. This is done to make sure that we register only the best talent and offer the same to you for permanent or locum positions.

Managed Recruitment
We manage temporary, contract as well as permanent recruitment campaigns efficiently. We offer this unique service to experts in the veterinary industry. Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing or RPO experience, allow us to deliver a unique combination of RPO solutions tailored to meet the entire requirements of your organization’s recruitment. We cover a wide range of job specifications, be it contract, temporary or permanent.

With our managed recruitment services you get complete control of recruitment for your organization. This service offers dedicated recruitment support for key areas and requirements. You can not only save time but also resources by streamlining the recruitment model. Our service reduces employment risk and reduces excess candidate turnover and training by accurately matching requirements.

Executive Search
Because of continuous demand for groups to resource corporate and senior-level vacancies, we offer the unique service of executive search. With our industry expertise, experience, involvement and network capabilities in the sector, we offer effective services that address all your issues in the veterinary sector.

We follow a collaborative work approach to problem-solving. We aim to combat all the challenges and offer you consultancy services to let your business move forward. Our ultimate aim is to offer the best possible services to you that satisfy your complete recruitment challenges.

Why Partner With Us?

We are the best locum veterinary agencies UK that offers a professional approach towards recruitment. We hold extensive experience in the veterinary recruitment industry and perform actions only after having a proper understanding of what you are looking for.

We are firm believers of quality supply and therefore we send candidates that we know will be the best fit for your position. Our ultimate aim is to help you save time and effort and let you gain the perfect match to your criteria.

We pride ourselves in offering quality candidates. We not only send you CV, rather we provide you candidates who excel in all your expectations. For this reason, we practice a strict screening process.

  • We offer permanent and locum recruitment services into the veterinary industry and practice throughout the UK.
  • We have a strong team of dedicated experts holding years of experience in successfully recruiting experts within the veterinary industry.
  • We practice an entirely professional approach to recruitment and believe that our clients are highly important to us.
  • We offer support to a number of animal welfare and charity organizations in the UK.
  • With our rich services, we let you get the best fit in less possible time.
  • With our extensive industry knowledge, we can help your career to move forward to the next level.

We are one of the few platforms that can connect you directly to vet candidates, nurses, and professionals without letting you experience severe monetary expenses. See the peers and practices of those who apply for your jobs and choose only the best.

Want to know more about us? Contact us and consider our options. Working with us can make a huge difference to your business and entirely change the face of recruitment and retention. Get involved with us and contact us now!