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Alliance Recruitment Agency is assisting businesses and organizations in hiring staff for any required position for over a decade. If you are in search of a virtual assistant in Calgary search no more, we are here to help you. We have an amazing team of recruitment professionals who understands the staffing process in great detail and can find you your ideal candidate in no time.

Alliance Recruitment Agency has experience of recruitment in a broad range of fields including aeronautics, engineering, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, retail, IT and ITeS, and warehousing and logistics. We are well acquainted with the hiring process and believe in building a great rapport with the clients as well as the recruitments candidates making staffing a memorable experience for both.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a very complex task in itself. Finding someone capable of handling the daily working of your office or organisation successfully, without physically being present in your work space is tricky . We have a virtual assistant Calgary hiring team which is trained especially to handle such kind of complex staffing tasks. Our hiring process is ethical and very transparent . You are guaranteed to find your desired candidate with us!

Our Virtual Assistant Services In Calgary

You might have experienced that managing everything in your business or organisation single handedly is a very tedious task. It may drain your time as well as energy. As your business starts to flourish, you keep facing too much workload. If you are unable to efficiently manage all the tasks yourself, having an extra hand to take care of most of the repetitive jobs makes a huge difference. Hiring a virtual assistant in Calgary, who works from the comfort of his or her home or private workspace, and who has all the specific skill sets to work according to the specifications provided by you is totally possible with our help. We offer a wide range of affordable hiring services.

Recruit an expert virtual assistant in Calgary and achieve more than your expectations. Instead of hiring a full time office employee, a virtual assistant can do the same amount of work with equal efficiency without occupying any work space in your office, at an affordable rate and as per your requirement.

We offer virtual assistant hiring service not only to businesses and organizations, but also to entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business owners, bloggers, social media influencers, etc. To assist them in their respective fields, such as maintaining accounts, bookkeeping, blog post writing, handling various social media accounts, digital marketing, etc. You may be looking for a virtual assistant in Calgary or you may be a company based in Calgary looking for a virtual assistant outside Calgary. We got all your needs covered here.

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Best Virtual Assistant Hiring Company In Calgary

Alliance Recruitment Agency has been one of the best virtual assistant hiring agencies in calgary for quite a few years now. Our virtual assistant head hunting team has a very methodical approach towards the hiring process of the virtual assistant. Their professional approach towards the hiring process helps them to identify the ins and outs of the process with great ease and hire accordingly. Before initializing the hiring process we consult the clients, and take note of their requirements and needs. You need not worry about the hiring outcomes when you work with our virtual assistant Calgary hiring team.

We also make sure that the candidates have the basic hardware and software facilities available at their disposal. Our virtual assistant hiring team offers support for full-time and part-time vacancies and project-based hiring.

Here are some insights into our virtual assistant hiring process:

  • In-depth Searches:

    With the help of our modern search tools , machine learning, and other data analysis software, we manage to find a perfect candidate matching all your requests. We also have access to a huge candidate database which helps us to zero in on our desired candidate in no time.
  • Background and reference checks:

    Each and every candidate goes through a background inspection in which the past experience and the acquired skill set of the candidate is checked. We also connect with previous employers if needed.
  • Full-Proof Hiring Service:

    We provide you with a list of 4-15 shortlisted candidates matching all your requirements. We also take care of the all consultation, discussion, negotiation, and documentation check related to the hiring process.

Why Choose Our Virtual Assistant Staffing Services in Calgary

Consumer satisfaction is our prime goal. We are here to help you expand your business by externalizing some of the workload. Here are some additional benefits of hiring our virtual assistant staffing agencies in Calgary.

  • Fast Hiring Service:

    With the efforts of our recruitment professionals and our access to a vast candidate talent pool, we manage to find you a perfect candidate almost instantly.
  • Cost Efficient Hiring:

    Our costing totally depends on the complexity of the hiring process, your expectations, and requirements. You can either hand over the entire hiring process of a small part of it to us. The costs remain accordingly flexible. We also offer competitive packages.
  • 100% Online Hiring:

    If you are looking for an online hiring company, we may be of great help to you. We also offer all our recruitment services online, and we have an excellent virtual hiring capacity.
  • Post Hiring Services:

    If a candidate hired from us discontinues, resigns, or does not perform according to your expectations, we replace the candidate immediately without any additional charges.
  • 24/7 Assistance:

    Our customer service team works round the clock, providing services to you at all times of the day.

For further details, connect with us and enrich your virtual assistant hiring experience!