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Get Skilled, Competent Staffing And Other Recruitment Services through our Virtual Employment Agency

Alliance Recruitment is the number one choice for your company; we offer a huge variety of recruitment services which includes virtual employment agency services, which helps you to significantly reduce your recruitment costs. Alliance recruitment is one of the well-known virtual employment agencies for virtual staffing services in the UK, UAE, Canada, USA, and India. We help you find the right fit virtual staff, which will facilitate overall coordination and work-based integrations with your existing staff.

We are an experienced virtual employment agency, with recruiter teams and resources to offer offshore virtual employment or recruitment assistance. Our services cover virtual staffing needs of businesses across sectors such as banking and financial services, education, IT and software development, healthcare and medical, legal, etc. We help you get access to the right talent pools that help you meet your remote staff needs. You can totally trust our dedicated professionals who have acquired a high level of competency in meeting various recruitment needs of companies across four continents.

For full-time or part time or temporary virtual staffing needs, get in touch with Alliance Recruitment Agency.

Virtual Temp Agency Services For Temporary Virtual Staffing Needs

We are one of the leading Virtual temp agencies for the companies who want to hire an extended team for some specific period for their business. We help you in recruiting virtual staff for temporary requirements for any projects or services expansion needs. Our virtual temporary staff recruitment assistance covers various functions such as software development, data analytics, engineering, market research, web development, etc.

We are a renowned virtual temp agency and have years of experience in delivering virtual temp hiring services. Complete customer satisfaction and high quality hiring support are the top priorities of our virtual temp recruiters.

If your organization needs to fill temporary positions for scaling up a certain project for a fixed period, we strive to deliver the most talented virtual temp staff.

For Meeting Your Long-Term Virtual Employment and Temporary Virtual Staffing Needs, contact Alliance Recruitment!

Our virtual employment agency services are backed by our wide experience in global recruitment assistance services. From top leadership hiring and headhunting services to various administrative position recruitment support, we have worked on thousands of projects for companies ranging from startups and SMEs to multinational organizations.

  • Security and Structure :

    You are sure to benefit from the structured recruitment processes we follow, based on efficient process models. We also ensure 100% security and confidentiality for all recruitment or hiring projects we undertake for your company.
  • Experience Counts :

    We have different recruiting teams to take care of the hiring needs pertaining to different domains from bookkeeping to the healthcare industry, IT to legal assistance, software, and web development to animation and designing.
  • Dedicated Customer Service Support :

    You are assured of fast responses to your needs and to any feedback you provide us at any stage of the hiring process from candidate profile matches to interviewing and assessments.
  • Value and trust :

    We help you in enhancing your organizational efficiency by providing the best virtual staff from companies that are legitimate entities and have a good professional service background.

Our Hiring Process is Customized to Meet Your Specific Business and Recruitment Goals

Our virtual assistant recruiter teams have the skills and resources to offer assistance for end-to-end recruitment processes too. Some key services include

  • Profile and job description :

    Based on the data you provide us with regards to education, training, years of experience, skills and certifications, etc. we help you frame profile and job descriptions.
  • Shortlisting candidates:

    We have various techniques and tools for matching profiles per your needs. We then shortlist the best matches for the positions you want filled.
  • Interviews and screening processes :

    We can arrange for interviews using a range of tools such as Skype, VR-based tools, etc. and also use a range of screening tools.
  • Assessments :

    We also arrange for online and virtual assessments. We partner with the relevant assessment and testing services companies so that you get the staff or candidates that best meet the technical or culture-fit requirements.