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Traditional Recruiting Skills Versus The Modern Ones Used

traditional recruiting skills

Recent technology has transformed the entire workplace for betterment. And the same goes with recruiting procedure. Those days are long gone when recruiters used for post ads in newspapers, just to find the right candidate for the firm. With the help of Applicant Tracking system or ATS along with job seeker market’s emergence, recruiting norms […]

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Must-Have Modernized And Technically Infused Recruitment Skills In 2017


If you go by the traditional forms of recruitments, dynamic and fast were the two features of recruitment landscape. Now, due to the advent of modern technology, especially the internet, latest recruitment tools have been implemented. Some examples are job searching apps and sites. These steps put job seekers directly into the market by just […]

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Advantages Of Hiring Through Recruitment Agency


There is always a growing hike of recruitment agencies. Thanks to their years of experience and talent hunt, finding the right candidates through them is an easy task of all time. Majority of industrial commentators are currently shifting their focus towards these agencies for a quick relief. Now, they don’t have to focus on choosing […]

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Tips To Improve Your Recruiting Skills


Recruit managers need to undergo some serious actions to choose best candidates for a firm. Depending on their recruitment skill, your company’s reputation is quite at stake. Finding the right candidate among thousands of applicants is not an easy task. It is enough to confuse recruiting managers. Due to the ongoing pressure, some recruiting procedures […]

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Top 10 Creative Recruitment Strategies for Effective & Efficient Recruiting

Devising the right recruitment strategies will help you find out top talents for your dream venture thus driving growth, innovation, and development for it. When it comes to discussing enterprise productivity, there’s no denying the role played by your workforce. From creative conceptualization to enterprise management; talented, skilled, and efficient employees can take care of […]

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