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5 Reasons Why Employee Engagement is Important

Employees are the backbone of any business. If you want your business to be successful and to thrive, you need your employees to be happy, passionate about their work, and committed to your company’s goals. Even though the importance of employee engagement can’t be stressed enough – Harvard Business Review even referenced it as the […]

How to Automate Your Recruitment Process

In the digital age, recruiting automation opens up significant opportunities for recruiters. Equipped with sophisticated software solutions, they can refine their processes, eliminate inefficiencies, mitigate biases, and engage with top talent faster than ever before. According to recent statistics, 75% of recruiters indicate that technology will play a larger role in their company’s hiring process. […]

How to successfully manage and engage your virtual team

The wide availability of high-speed internet, longer commutes, and easier access to quality talent located globally have made virtual work seem like the future of work, for a while now. In theory, it should work like a charm – organizations do not need to buy or rent as much expensive commercial real-estate as before, and […]

Six Tips For Getting Hired After A Career Break

Introduction Are you someone who wants to join the corporate world back, after a brief hiatus? The reasons for taking a brief sabbatical could be many…Either you are a first-time mom who wanted to take care of your kid or somebody who had to attend to some personal issues in your life..or who just got […]

How to Improve Your Hiring Process by Simplifying and Centralizing?

A simplified and centralized hiring team fills the gap between talent acquirement and talent management. A well organized and arranged team can enlarge beyond finding talent and dropping a body off with the association but stick around to prepare new hires. A centralized team is vested in the achievement of specialists and this prompts endless […]

Smart Recruiting Topics For Bold And Innovative Recruiting Leaders

Recruiting leaders have a series of tasks, lying above their shoulders. They are not just held responsible for finding the right candidates for enterprises, but are even the path of building successful career for the aspirants. Therefore, without a proper way, it becomes hard for them to create a connection between the employers and aspiring […]

5 Things Recruiters Look For While Shortlisting Resumes

Well, resumes are not about showing how smart you are. Its main function is to capture employer’s mind attractively, and that calls for more than mere smartness. Yes, you are educationally qualified for the job; that’s why you have applied for it. But, there are thousands more like you in the line. And what makes […]

Must-Have Modernized And Technically Infused Recruitment Skills In 2017

If you go by the traditional forms of recruitments, dynamic and fast were the two features of recruitment landscape. Now, due to the advent of modern technology, especially the internet, latest recruitment tools have been implemented. Some examples are job searching apps and sites. These steps put job seekers directly into the market by just […]

Working On The Latest Recruitment Trends For The Year 2017

So, 2017 is already here with some new trends and revolutionary changes. Well, the same rule is applicable in the field of recruitment services. It’s high time for you to check out on the latest recruitment trends, meant for this New Year. Check out the present year first and assess on ways to stack against […]