Effective Tips For Recruiting Top Construction Director of Your Company

Construction Director Recruitment

Considering hiring a construction director? Is it taking a lot of time and effort to search and identify top talent for the position?

Companies spend a lot of money to connect with amazing candidates for construction director recruitment. They invest in conferences, networking events, access to premium talent platforms, candidate visits, travel planning, and so much more. The search and meetings continue for 5-7 months.

When a perfect fit candidate is not found even after many months, the second or third best options are chosen. That’s how it is for most companies in the construction sector.

If you are using similar hiring methods, you might find people good at their jobs but not capable of efficiently handling new business plans or targets. So you get a better team (new staff) to support the new construction director and put a top management official in charge of guiding and mentoring the new hire.

Do you want to change these practices and make construction director recruitment SMART, Optimized, and result-oriented?

Here are some effective tips for making your next construction director recruitment highly successful.

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1. Understand Talent Mobility for The Position

Talent mobility is a huge factor in the construction industry. You might not be able to attract great candidates just by searching in 1-2 cities. People who have led several residential construction projects successfully in California might be next found in Florida or Toronto, depending on where the next ambitious project takes them.

You need to cast a wider but focused net to identify the perfect fit candidate for directing the construction projects in the pipeline.

2. Position Your Employer Brand Strategically

If you are planning to advertise the construction director job advertisements in new territories within your home country or overseas, consider how well your employer brand will be recognized.

You need to create a great plan to let your employer brand become well-known and attract the kind of candidates you are targeting. The construction job market is highly competitive, with so many companies making tremendous efforts to lure high-performing candidates. It becomes critical to position your employer brand strategically to be seen and considered by the top talent.

3. Ensure Great Candidate Experience

When you find star candidates and get the opportunity to get them started with the screening process, new challenges set in. A slow and tiring hiring process most often results in the star candidates signing off before the second interview. Candidate experience makes a huge difference!

With the help of an expert construction headhunter, refine your hiring process so that it is designed to quickly engage and retain brilliant talent in your industry.

Delayed responses, long-winding assessments, a series of long meetings without well-planned formats or direction, and too many obstacles in the form of protocols are some of the factors that negatively impact candidate experience. To make the whole process motivating for the candidate, create a well-scheduled and fast-track process to retain candidates till the end and get them on board.

4. Be Open-Minded – Encourage Diversity, Inclusiveness, Gender-Equality

Old-fashioned ideas about the ideal construction director limit your talent to specific demographics, which means you are missing out on 70% of high-quality construction director talent. The high-performing talent is highly diverse in any market in the construction industry. You will also find a lot of women with great track records and achievements.

Being open-minded translates to your company getting superior candidates with incredible abilities to make any project a huge success. It also strengthens your employer brand and company reputation.

5. Review and Improve Support For Relocation

During interview sessions, potential candidates will have concrete questions about how you go about relocation for candidates from a county or city far away from the job location. A secure, safe, and smooth process will attract candidates and keep them interested in moving ahead with the hiring process.

Highly talented candidates might not consider working with a company that offers minimum support with relocation even if the salary and incentive package is good. There are always ten other companies that offer the same compensation package as well as greater support with relocation. Your lack of support can easily drive away great candidates.

6. Get Updated Information About Compensation and Benefits

Deciding compensation and benefits is always tricky. An expert construction recruitment company can provide correct information about compensation and benefits offered by other firms in your industry, including your close competitors.

When you get fresh insights into trends in benefits and compensation for construction director roles, you can strike a better bargain while not losing the star candidate who is willing to join your company.

7. Choose The Right Hiring Model

Get guidance from an expert headhunter about the best hiring models for the construction director recruitment goals you have set. There are a variety of hiring models for which you can find great candidates when you have a capable recruitment partner. Not choosing the right hiring model can increase your hiring costs by 20%-40%.

Final Thoughts

Construction director recruitment can be a time-consuming, complex, and expensive process unless you have a competent headhunter or construction recruitment agency to assist you. A capable, reliable construction recruitment firm can enable a smooth, fast, engaging, and optimized recruitment that gets you highly qualified, best-fit candidates within 30-40 days. You will be able to hire someone who proves to be a great director while saving hiring time and costs by 40% to 60%.

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