Hiring Mistakes Every Startup Do And How To Avoid Them

When you start on an entrepreneurial journey you really want to get a team together and start delivering. Soon, you may realize it isn’t easy as you had thought. Hiring for startups is very tough. Eventually, you will hire a few guys for your company. However, many founders soon realize the mistakes they might have […]

How to successfully manage and engage your virtual team

The wide availability of high-speed internet, longer commutes, and easier access to quality talent located globally have made virtual work seem like the future of work, for a while now. In theory, it should work like a charm – organizations do not need to buy or rent as much expensive commercial real-estate as before, and […]

How to Hire Confidently with a Start-Up Business

Hiring for any company is an extremely challenging process, and for startups, hiring your first few employees is a crucial step toward the success of your company. Startups have limited cash flow and the wrong hire can put your business at risk. According to research, 23% of startups say not having a having the right […]

Five Recruitment Mistakes Companies Make And Their Solutions

You would often find companies looking for people to man a position, within a short period of hiring someone for the same post. You may have planned well enough, and the candidate was the best possible regarding the experience and qualifications. But you realize that you have made a mistake. Even international recruitment agencies are […]

How to Attract top Talent for Startups & Small Business

The success of an entrepreneurial venture relies on quite a few aspects. It is not just enough to conceive great ideas, but also imperative to translate them into reality. An entrepreneur might formulate out-of-the-box concepts, but it is his employees putting them into practice. Therefore, there is no denying the importance of talented and skilled […]