Project Manager Recruiter

Specialized Project Manager Recruitment Services

Alliance Recruitment Agency is a global recruitment agency and aims to be your most preferred recruitment partner. Serving in the field for more than a decade, we have specialized in assisting organizations hire a strong team of managers. We have emerged as a very comprehensive recruitment services provider, with the abilities to manage the entire staffing and recruitment needs of organizations across sectors. Alliance Recruitment Agency has services more than 12,000 clients from diverse sectors across the world, which includes aviation, banking, finance, retail, oil and gas, IT and much more.

We have specialized teams for managing project manager recruitment for various fields such as aviation and aeronautics, IT, ITeS, construction, engineering, retail, logistics and supply chain, medical and scientific research, etc. With our project manager recruiters at your side, you will find it easy to find skilled manpower resources to scale up projects, expand operations or launch new products and offices. We also serve as a project management staffing agency. You might be in the oil and gas and energy sector or in chemicals or into construction orIT. We will help you hire excellent project managers and the staff required for projects.

Our Project Manager Recruiters Use Expert Approaches

Our project manager recruitment consultants have endeavoured to keep our search, selection and other hiring processes fair, transparent and ethical. Whether you are a company with a strong stand on diversity and social inclusiveness, or a company who needs the creme de la creme of management graduates from reputed universities, you are sure to find our project management recruitment agency totally capable of supporting all your recruitment practices.

  • Expanded scope of services:

    You might be looking for project management consultancy experts or project manager-civil recruitment for a reconstruction project or maybe looking to hire an entire offshore project management team from chief solution architects to the trainee level team members, leave your worries aside of finding the best-fit candidates. We are among best project manager recruiting firms, with competency in taking care of entire recruitment needs, while filling vacancies on time.
  • Project manager temp agency:

    If you are looking for temporary position hiring or looking for recruiters with competency in contractual hiring for project-based requirements, get in touch with our temp hiring specialists.

One of the most competent Project Manager Recruitment Agency

Our project manager recruitment agency takes on your hiring responsibilities right from the initial stage, and will be with you at all stages you want our involvement, right upto final background checks on previous employment and the final negotiations.

  • Expert Assistance:

    At Alliance Recruitment Agency, we are aware about the challenges in project-based hiring for different domains and frame our approach in a way that we can easily check and avoid the pitfalls and help our clients follow best practices. Each sector is different and so are their manpower needs, and the recruitment trends and practices too differ across geographies. As we are a global project management recruitment agency, we already have gained a strong understanding of the global-local hiring practices in different sectors.
  • Support with screening and assessment:

    Our project managers are aware of a large number of assessments for different domains. If your project requires professionals with specialised technical knowledge and specific personality traits, we also help with arranging for digital assessments and screening tests.
  • Use of updated technologies:

    Our project management staffing agency services are backed by tech-driven processes, which enhance and speed up the efficiency of search and shortlisting processes. Based on a customized hiring and screening criteria, we build data capture, mining and selection methods, which are highly accurate in finding candidates even when the requirements are very tricky and difficult.

What keeps us ahead of others

Alliance Recruitment Agency aims to broaden the level of expertise within a company. Through our specialized managerial recruitment assistance, we strive to be a step ahead than other project manager recruiting firms.

  • Abide by the industry regulations:

    Our recruitment services are spread across a large range of domains, with each domain having regulations of its own. Our expert managerial recruiters are experienced in ensuring adherence to industry regulations.
  • Affordable:

    Whether you are looking for project staffing services, associate project manager recruitment services or project-based remote hiring services, our solutions are designed to give you the best return on investments and make recruitment cost-efficient.
  • A team effort:

    We truly understand the value of discipline, hard work and team effort. This has led us to enhance and bring better outcomes at each stage of the entire recruitment journey. Everything from reporting, coordination, assistance, documentation is done in an outstanding manner.