How Does A Dental Locum Agency Upgrade Your Clinic Revenue?

Dental clinics have gone through a tough phase since 2020, with dentist attrition, dwindling coverage, and patient attrition. Dentist staffing shortages are predicted to continue in most countries in North America and Asia. What can your clinic do to stop revenue loss and patient attrition?

Strategic locum tenens dentist staffing can help your clinic upgrade its brand, revenue streams, and reputation. Here are some suggestions and tips shared by a top dental locum agency.

Preventing Loss of Revenue

Launching a dental clinic or expanding a clinic is essential to upgrading your revenue levels but what about the rising rates of salary and benefits packages for long-term contacts of a full-time dentist? Clinics often pay quite a lot to retain full-time-employee or FTE dentists, but exits or resignations occur in a short while.

The expensive process of hiring and rehiring not only takes a lot of time and money but only creates revenue loss. The trend of locum tenens dentist staffing has increased as clinics see temp staffing as a means to cut down revenue loss, and with good reason.

Cutting Down Staffing Cost

When clinics find a 30% and more increase in staffing costs, one of the most effective measures they take is to strategically implement locum tenens staffing. Hiring full-time dentists to cover up current employees going on a sabbatical or any other long-term leave always creates a rise in staffing costs.

Through locum tenens dentist staffing, the clinic is only paying for the hours worked and nothing on benefits, insurance, and casual leaves. The perks and benefits can be counted as 40%-50% of total compensation or yearly payroll costs.

Also, FTE dentist overtime costs are often more expensive compared to the hourly rates you pay for locum tenens dentists. It might be costing you 15% or 20% more in terms of staffing costs. Cutting down these expenses translates to significant savings.

Controlling Revenue Loss Due To Burnout, Attrition

In busy dental clinics, especially those that are open for long hours, dentists have to work extremely hard. The work hours become even more stressful during initiatives such as corporate health campaigns or public health campaigns.

By using the services of locum tenens dentists, clinics offer their permanent employees a better workplace atmosphere and reduce burnout and fatigue among their full-term dentist employees. Clinics taking such measures are also able to easily attract brilliant talent when implementing a clinic expansion drive.

Increasing Productivity

According to a top dental locum agency, most up-scale and rural clinics find that including dental care among their service packages increases their patient acquisition and retention. Generating new revenue streams helps enhance revenue levels and financial strengths. Clinics are increasingly using the services of locum tenens dentists to provide dental care services to their patients. This also ensures higher levels of financial productivity.

Increases Patient Retention Levels

Having the right mix of permanent dentist staff and locum tenens dentists is helping clinics tremendously. Often canceling appointments due to the unavailability of permanent employees drives away patients. Locum tenens dentists can be hired quickly and easily and increase clinics’ ability to meet the demand for patient appointments.

As per the experiences of a top dental locum agency, the demand for locum tenens dentists is increasing so that clinics can cut down the rate of rescheduled appointments, which has become a primary factor in turning away patients.

Improving Outpatient Care

Reputed locum tenens dentist staffing agencies note that many clinics are struggling to meet the needs of the local communities. There are rural areas and small towns with a serious lack of dentist availability. Compared to hiring for permanent divisions, locum tenens dentists offer fast placement and replacement options. You can bring in locum tenens dentists without hassles through the services of an international dental locum agency.

Reducing Backlog of Routine Care

In the pandemic and the post-pandemic era, hospitals and clinics worldwide are facing a continual scenario of backlog and problems in outpatient care. With an increasing rate of absenteeism and talent mobility, clinics often lack the required number of permanent dentist employees to meet the demand for outpatient consultations. Temp arrangements like locum tenens dentist staffing address such issues.

Final Thoughts

By optimizing patient care through locum tenens, clinics can increase their financial productivity and upgrade revenues. Partnering with an international dental locum agency like Alliance Recruitment Agency makes locum tenens dentist staffing fast, relevant, and cost-effective.

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