How to Find Good Cooks Near Me?

How To Find Good Cooks Near Me

Now here comes the primary concern about finding an excellent cook to work at your home in Dubai. You might be planning to hire a house cook in Dubai from your home country or looking for a Dubai chef who already has all the right permits and is good at the cuisine and dishes you require.

Finding someone good is always considered a challenging task. Here is a blog that gives some excellent information and tips to help you hire a Dubai chef or a house cook in Dubai from international locations.

The first thing – explore all your options.

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Explore Your Options! Types of Cooks For Your Home

Cooks Specialized In Specific Ethnic Cuisine (Specific Regions)

If you want to get cooks with expertise in a specific ethnic cuisine, you need to find either people from the region who are in Dubai or source a chef from target geographies. Most of the time, people like their daily meals to comprise dishes that they consider “their food,” the food they have been habituated to eating for a long time.

you are an Indian, you might have a strong preference to have Indian food regularly. With the help of an established agency with a strong recruiter base in India, you can easily find the ideal candidate with the set of skill sets and experience you value.

Cooks Specialized in Specific International Cuisine: (Continental, Oriental, Etc.)

Your lifestyle might involve a lot of entertaining, i.e., formal and informal lunch and dinners, cocktail parties, and social events that you arrange at your home.

Getting food from hotels and restaurants all the time gets not only expensive but repetitive in terms of the flavors and taste. This is when hiring a Dubai chef with expertise in specific international or continental cuisine becomes a blessing.


Have you heard about the saucier? The sole responsibility of the saucier is to prepare the different sauces. If you are fond of trying other spices, you need a perfect saucier. Saucier is highly skilled in making different sauces. Though it might not seem surprising, certain types of cuisine, especially French or Italian, involve preparing different types of sauces. A variety of dishes depend on the texture and perfection of the sauces accompanying them.

Along with a house chef, you can hire a saucier for all those special occasions or on a part-time basis.

Fish and Meat Cook

If you have a large household and a great lifestyle, you might need different types of cooks. As cooking or preparing seafood needs a totally different type of knowledge and expertise, it is better to hire a fish chef – someone who knows the different ways to guts and clean different types of seafood, cook the dishes and prepare the right sauces.

Similarly, if you are more into meat-based dishes, you might benefit from hiring a rôtisseur, cooks who are highly skilled in grilling, roasting, braising, and broiling meat dishes.

Pastry Chef

Are you in love with pastry? Then, it is worth hiring a pastry chef for all the special occasions when you need great pastry dishes, especially birthdays, promotion parties, and house parties.

Pastry chefs do their work more like artwork. With the help of a chef recruitment agency, you can easily hire a pastry chef who is fully certified and has specific training qualifications in this field.

Cooks Specialized in Savories and Baked Snacks

Who doesn’t love baked foods? Almost everyone. If you are more addicted to Savories and baked snacks, you need to hire more specialized cooks in baking. Chefs who work in savory prepare the foods very quickly and with finesse. If you adore Indian savories, find Indian cooks for hire specializing in savories within hours through the help of an experienced chef recruiter.

Prepare Your List of Requirements

Now that you know about all the options available, prepare a checklist of requirements before you start searching “Indian cooks for hire” or “Dubai chef for hire.”

Describe Cuisine and Meals Requirements

Instead of just mentioning a type of cuisine, mention the key types of dishes or your meal requirements. If you tell a chef recruiter or anyone that you need a Japanese chef or an Indian chef, it is quite vague. Define specific requirements, for example, Malabar cuisine, Tamil Brahmin cuisine, or Gujarati cuisine, if you are looking for Indian cooks for hire.

Experience and Expertise

If we talk about the cook’s experience and qualifications, it should also be good and fully trained. Check their experience level and if they are responsible for showing their potential.

Just mentioning that you need someone who graduated from a reputed culinary school is not enough. Expertise comes from experience, knowledge, and practical insights from working with good chefs.

Knowledge of Cooking Styles, Equipment

There is no doubt that every chef is a creative process of cooking. You can conduct a tasting session to learn their cooking style. The chef you hire should also be familiar with all kinds of cooking styles and kitchen equipment, and related safety rules.

Behavioral Skills and Etiquettes

The behavior of the chef plays a significant role. Whether you are looking for a Dubai chef specializing in Lebanese cuisine or seeking Indian cooks for hire, the way of communication should be impressive enough to warrant a good atmosphere. In terms of etiquette, they should be like pros. Your checklist should mention the type of behavioral traits you seek in the cooks you want to hire

Pantry Management Skills

Don’t focus only on the presentation and ambiance of the food. You need fresh ingredients and the right ingredients for every dish, which should be procured in time so that your food costs do not keep overrunning the budget. When planning to hire a house cook in Dubai, find one with good pantry management skills.

Knowledge of Cooking Food Based on Health Needs and Problems

Make sure to hire a Dubai chef that wants to put only the best and healthy food on your serving plate. Your chef needs to understand things like food allergies, specific nutrition needs, and health needs, especially for the people at your home who face any kind of health issues.

Ways To Find and Hire a Cook

1. Word of Mouth

This is the most common option for hiring a house cook in Dubai, but this method will take a lot more effort than you think. Putting into words all your requirements, preferences, and budget needs in a manner that your friend, acquaintance, or colleague knows what kind of chef or cook you are seeking is never easy. Finding the perfect chef becomes ever more difficult.

2. Media Advertisements

Posting a job advertisement is another way of finding a house cook in Dubai. You can post your requirements and then advertise on different platforms. This will help you to reach a wide range of audiences. Posting an ad will allow you to access a large pool of applicants. You would be spending hours, days, and weeks, sometimes just screening through the CVs, making calls, and tracking references.

3. Social Media

With so many chef and cook pages and platforms, it is possible to find chefs through social media searches. You can also post a job advert on your Instagram, Facebook, or other social networks to find the kind of Dubai chef you need.

You will know more about the chef applicants through their official social media profiles and get an idea about their expertise and knowledge. It is again a time-consuming task, and it becomes 3x more time-consuming when you need to conduct all the background research and checks on your own.

4. Chef Recruitment Agency

When you hire the services of a chef headhunter or a recruitment agency, you definitely have 5x the advantages. You find background-checked, fully vetted cooks and chefs. You do not have to wait for days and weeks to get a response from the right chef – find one within hours or a few days with the help of an agency. Find someone who perfectly meets your requirements. No wastage of valuable time. No hassles.

A chef recruitment agency has connections within the chef communities to get you the most and a database of fully vetted chefs. Finding the ideal chefs or cooks for your house in Dubai becomes a simple, easy, and efficient process.

The Best Way To Hire – Consult With A Chef Recruitment Agency! Find The Best-Suited Cook In Terms of Skills, Experience, Abilities

You can check out the abilities and get insights into the skills and behavior of the candidate with ease when hiring with the help of a professional chef recruiter. There are several other benefits.

Find As Many Cooks As You Prefer. Using Different Hiring Models

If you have varied needs, like finding a house cook in Dubai just for the daily meals of your children, finding a professional chef for the different occasions when you entertain guests at your home or finding a home chef and 2-3 subordinate cooks. With the help of an agency, hire as many cooks as you want at one time or at different times without any hassles.

Find Cooks For Travels and Trips

Numerous families prefer to travel with their cooks so that they get the right food wherever they go. A chef recruitment agency helps you hire a cook anytime for your travel needs.

Hire Within Days

It is crucial to hire within days to avoid the gap in getting healthy foods. If you want to get more delicious food regularly, you can’t afford to waste time on hiring.


Find a chef whom you can trust for his or her skills as well as from a safety, health, and hygiene perspective. Hiring a chef from within the UAE or from another global location is not without risks. Working with a reputed chef recruitment agency is the best way to prevent the risks and find an excellent chef for your home in Dubai.

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