7 Key Trends in Physician Staffing in 2023

Key Trends in Physician Staffing in 2023

Many physician recruitment trends were emerging in 2022 that were unprecedented. In 2023, several changes in physician hiring have become widespread, creating worldwide trends.

The 10x increased focus on healthcare during the pandemic has changed priorities from the management of diseases to prevention, from scheduled doctor visits to virtual diagnosis and telehealth consultations, and from passive management to tech-enabled health management. These changing priorities are, in turn, changing physician staffing practices.

In this blog, find out what trends physician staffing agencies are seeing in doctor recruitment.

Explore seven key trends that are influencing physician staffing in 2023.

Seven Trends Influencing Physician Staffing in 2023


Many industry reports indicate a market growth from USD 90.74 billion in 2021 to USD 636.38 billion in 2028 for the global telehealth market. The pandemic has made telehealth a growing practice, with a major part of the urban population depending on apps to schedule and have video doctor consultations. Telehealth is also being widely marketed to rural markets.

The impact on physician staffing is highly visible. According to top physician staffing agencies, this trend has opened up many opportunities in temporary and locum tenens physician staffing. Remote and hybrid work models have come up to accommodate telehealth services.

Medical Technology And Apps

Hospitals worldwide have recognized the need to increase the use of digitalized technologies for improving patient experience, health management, and satisfaction levels. At junior and mid-level physician staffing, hiring managers focus on the technology skills of doctors. Physicians need to correctly guide patients about digital devices and wearables to monitor their health.

The digital medical technology knowledge of physicians is having an impact on patient retention. People expect physicians to be good at delivering personalized healthcare solutions and preventative care. According to top physician staffing agencies, hospitals are highlighting technology skills for not only physician assistants but also for senior roles.

New Range Of Medical Services

In 2023, there is going to be a significant rise in a new range of medical services, including ambulatory surgery centers, free-standing emergency centers, standalone centers for infectious diseases, and virtual healthcare. Most global physician staffing recruiters are reporting that the workforce expansion plans of medical service centers for 2023 include physicians trained and experienced to expertly work in such units.

Rising Dependence on Contingent Labor

Healthcare organizations such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, palliative care centers, etc., have started changing their physician workforce models to acquire the capacities to deliver medical care at scale. There is a rising dependence on temp physician staffing and contingent clinical staff to make such goals a reality.

Locum tenens physician staffing provides healthcare organizations with the flexibility to expand their operations at peak demand times and scale down in other months.

Shortage Of Younger Medical Workforce

A large segment of available quality medical talent for physician staffing is limited to professionals of the age group between the late 30s and early 50s. Physicians entering the mid-50 age bracket demonstrate an increasing preference for voluntary retirement.

On the one hand, the older workforce, older doctors having great insights into surgery and medical treatment, is depleting in huge numbers during and after the pandemic. On the other hand, the healthcare industry is losing new medical graduates to alternative disciplines supported by the rising gig economy.

The rise of the gig economy has increased the number of physicians opting for new opportunities in medical research, academics, medical legal work, medical tech-enabled services, and other areas beyond direct patient care and medical treatment.

Employment Practices Addressing Burnout and Mental Health

In the tough competitive environment of physician staffing, where the talent available is much less than the demand for physicians, the increasing wave of pandemic-based and post-pandemic hospitalizations is becoming a huge challenge. Stress, burnout, and clinician mental health issues are on the rise more than ever before. A rise in hospitalization also corresponds to a rise in paperwork and medical administration work for physicians.

To increase physician talent attraction, hospitals worldwide are offering innovative salary and benefits packages. Healthcare organizations are promoting advanced practice clinician (ACP) training. ACP professionals include advanced practice registered nurses and physician assistants who can handle a number of medical chores independently. Physician staffing is becoming easier for hospitals that are actively helping to reduce burnout and stress factors.

Pandemic Protection Measures

To attract highly-qualified and experienced physicians and doctors, medical service organizations are upgrading their physician staffing programs, especially when the uncertainty of the pandemic is driving physicians away from major hospitals. There is a whole new spectrum of care provided to physicians to offer them optimum protection and immunity.

Final Thoughts

Physician staffing has come out of traditional employment models. Healthcare organizations are hiring physician staffing agencies to make physician hiring fast and timely to meet their evolving medical care needs. You can take the help of physician staffing agencies like Alliance Recruitment Agency.

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