7 Common Misconceptions About Payroll

7 Common Misconceptions About Payroll


There are innumerable myths associated with payroll outsourcing services. Payroll is not given the importance and planning that it deserves. This hampers the employee experience and causes discomfort in the long run. Improper payroll management can also lead to huge penalties. All these grave situations can be easily fixed with the help of payroll outsourcing services. The article helps burst these common myths about payroll outsourcing services.

Payroll comprises the compensation a business must pay to its employees on a specific date or period. Traditionally, a human resources person or the accounting department used to be entrusted with these responsibilities. As of now, many businesses are outsourcing their payroll processes. Outsourcing payroll services will help enterprises save a lot of money and time invested in paperwork. The payroll processing outsourcing firm has immense experience in this area and has the required expertise to provide relevant inputs.

Businesses can hire lesser resources into their in-house team by payroll processing outsourcing firm. The efforts invested in screening, hiring, and managing the employees can be eliminated by outsourcing. You can also avoid the heavy IRS penalties by seeking help from these experts. These professional service providers are well informed about the latest laws and regulations. This helps them stay abreast with the latest information and take the right decision regarding payroll processes. Most payroll outsourcing firms have data storage and protection facilities. This data security level helps them avoid fraud data leaks and losing crucial employee information.

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The Common Myths or Misconceptions About Payroll Outsourcing

Misconception 1: Risks From Exposure of Sensitive Company Information

Theft of personal employee information can hamper a business and cause immense loss. Most companies are worried about losing such crucial employee information by hiring payroll processing service outsource. Payroll outsourcing services usually sign a data security agreement with the company. Breaking the agreement law can incur heavy losses for the payroll company. Their reputation is also at stake.

Most payroll outsourcing firms have strict privacy guidelines to govern their employees. An employee cannot leak any private information about the client’s business. In case of a data infringement, the employees are subjected to severe or, in most cases, losing their jobs. Data storage and protection measures, multiple server locations, and backup facilities ward off any potential possibility of payroll fraud as an integral part of most payroll outsourcing technologies.

Misconception 2: Payroll Outsourcing is More Expensive than In-house Payroll Management

A business enterprise can save loads of money on building and managing an in-house payroll department. Creating a job description to order the hired employee can avoid all these tiresome steps with a payroll processing outsourcing firm. If you are a small or medium enterprise, make sure you outsource the payroll tasks. A big enterprise might have the money and resources to hire the right people and manage an in-house team.

The payroll outsourcing firm will take care of payroll calculation, signing and distributing checks, payroll software purchase price, calculation of taxes and returns, garnishments, W2s, reporting of new hires and terminations, and training & support. You will save a lot of time and money on your in-house team by outsourcing these tasks.

Misconception 3: Employer Loses Control Over Payroll Management

Most businesses fear outsourcing due to a lack of transparency. Top or middle-level management lacks the in-depth knowledge required for payroll processing service. In such situations, they fear losing control of the third-party payroll firm. However, most payroll firms follow a cent percent transparency policy. The employer can contact any time and seek information about his employees. Most firms also have a strong technical base that allows clients to check about the latest payroll processing rules and updates.

Misconception 4: It is Only About Salary Calculation and Not Taxation

Payroll does not comprise only salary calculations. It also includes time and attendance, deducting TDS and contribution for PF, ESI, PT, & all that’s applicable. Failing to follow the government tax regulations can incur heavy IRS penalties. Hence, a Payroll outsourcing firm has the required expertise and is updated about the latest rules and regulations that the Government follows in this regard.

Misconception 5: Payroll Outsourcing is Not For Small Businesses

Small businesses benefit the most from payroll outsourcing. Small companies do not have the time, money, and resources to invest in payroll processing outsourcing and other related tasks. They can benefit the most by outsourcing these payroll processes to another firm. Small enterprises have lesser employees. Building an in-house payroll firm for a remote employee group is a mere waste of money. These businesses can save the time invested in payroll processing and utilize it to develop their business. Payroll outsourcing is a guaranteed solution for small and medium enterprises to avoid IRS penalties and ensure employee details security.

Misconception 6: Payroll Outsourcing Has Negative Impact on Employee Experience

An outsourced company provides services to multiple organizations. In such situations, there is a myth that these firms will not entertain personal attention and minute details about each employee. However, this is not the situation with most payroll processing service outsourcings. A good payroll outsourcing service will always provide its client with a dedicated team. This team will be headed by a senior partner who will cater to your demands.

Misconception 7: It is a One-Time Process

The payroll process is not a task that the HR or accounts department needs to complete at the end of the month. For efficient payroll management, you need to have a proper payroll framework in place. Developing an end-to-end and optimized payroll process is a continuous task. It needs to be continuously modified as per the latest rules and regulations. Changes in the work atmosphere, compliance standards, and technological developments also contribute towards making payroll an on-going process. The payroll processing outsourcing firm will help you eliminate redundant tasks, find error-prone areas, and use the payroll software efficiently.

How To Ensure Smooth Payroll Outsourcing

A payroll outsourcing service must have the latest software that enables flawless payroll processing. Ensure that you hire a payroll firm with experienced professionals and certified experts. The firm must have the ability to adapt the latest rules and regulations while helping you avoid huge penalties. Ultimately, your money, resources, and time need to be saved by hiring any payroll outsourcing firms. You can avail yourself of a day or two of demo services before signing up for a payroll management service.

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