7 Tips for Building a Remote Team

Why They’re Good for Your Business

To keep pace with the recent developments and changes, building a remote work team has become necessary for every business to keep the work going despite the sudden external events. Building a remote team is not an easy task since it requires a high level of patience and communication abilities besides other crucial tips that need to be considered.

Using professional remote team recruiters’ expertise is a guarantee for getting professional guidance in building such a team. You will be able to form highly talented virtual teams and increase operations productivity and performance levels.

With the recent updates regarding the global pandemic, people started to work remotely, following the responsibilities of different positions that are recruited from home where they only need laptops and an internet connection to get the work done. These positions included remote executive assistant and remote personal assistants, remote software developers, software engineers, web designers, product designers and managers, content marketers, digital markers, etc.

Despite the type of profession, the perspective of remote careers, as Forbes declared, has changed during the past months, where remote companies and positions have their professionality.

There are many agencies such as remote IT recruiters and work from home recruitment agencies that help employers source talent for their remote team establishment or expansion. You can easily set up your remote or virtual teams through the services of these remote IT recruiters or work from home employment agencies.

Remote teams have helped companies fill their talent gaps, harness intellectual assets they have previously found difficult to have, and improve their service and solutions capacities. With these advantages of remote work, many companies start recruiting work from home by building up remote teams and systems that allow the employees to work from any location. This has raised the remote market competition for qualified workers, leading to a severe need for professional remote hiring services.

How to build a professional remote working team

For creating a professional remote work team, we advise you to consider the following tips:

1. Set up a daily check-In

Although you might not be able to observe and check your team workers face-to-face, you can easily set up a frequent check-in for each remote team member and keep their performance under observation. The daily check-in will give the employee the required attention or further encouragement without any extra push or stress that might affect their productivity.

This should be done by one-to-one video calls using any software like Google’s Team, Skype, or any program that allows the video calls. Keep in mind to keep your check-in within a healthy balance between formal and informal, starting with morning greetings to keep the friendly sense within the team.

2. Consistent communication

Keeping consistent monitoring via emails, text messages, or even social media apps lavoids any possible complication since each employee can get answers for his/her inquiries within the needed time. It is always a good step to assign a remote personal assistant or remote executive assistant to organize and monitor the team communication.

Each employee will be responsible for answering the staff underneath him/her which would keep all the team alert to each other’s actions and performance. Improving communication is the primary key in creating and managing a remote work team; therefore, it needs to be well-organized and well-performed.

3. Control and manage the expectations

Help your team know what should be done within a reasonable job goal through organizing tasks and reasoning behind them to make your team understand their duties more. It is always an excellent step to specify the scale, timeline, and expected results for each mission, explaining your methods in evaluating successes and failures.

Applicable and reasonable working plans are a successful way to enhance team performance and morale, and give them the required sense of responsibility that they need to deliver on time.

4. Concentrate on the outcome, not the activity

The work process undertaken by a remote team cannot be controlled. Therefore, please do not attempt to handle any part of any worker’s work but leave each one responsible for his part of the work. Make sure that targeted objectives are clear, and easy to measure and apply, to avoid any potential complications.

Then you should concentrate your focus on the performance instead of concentrating on tasks or hours performed, and assess the team accordingly. This will protect the growth of your business, raising its productivity as well.

5. Ensure your remote staff has the right resources

To get the job done, make sure the team has the technology it needs. That means there’s a fair possibility that they will need equipment like tablets, apps, handheld devices, or even a high-speed internet network, especially in rural areas. It is not fair to believe that everybody has all these things, and as a business owner, it is your job to ensure that they do.

You also need to have a technical specialist team so that employees can turn to them for technical problems or system crashes. A remote personal assistant will also be needed to follow up with these issues and further complications.

It is worth mentioning that this tip depends on your financial ability, but it will enhance team performance and decrease the working delays, which will protect your business reputation and protect your client network.

6. Try to be Flexible

You need to understand that your team is already overwhelmed by the current situation. That is not an excuse for not doing the job, but it’s a reason to rethink what productivity really means. Instead of punching the clock for a specific time frame of eight hours, support the staff, allow them flexible work hours, and motivate them to do the most efficient work they can achieve.

In the long term, it is good for your business to build an independent team that feels a responsibility towards your company and deal with it as it is theirs.

7. Settle down the policies matter

Creating a regular handbook for the staff with HR roles, protection policies, and other regulations are essential to inform each worker of his/her rights and responsibilities. Take your time to list all the required formal and informal policies for each department to fix your business’s solid foundation and guide your team. These policies should be updated regularly to respond to new situations and new obstacles.

It is always a good idea to include the employees in specific policies to consider their perspective and ultimately avoid further complications and contradictions. Hence, assigning remote executive assistants will save you a lot of time to accomplish this step.

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