Live your dreams: Get a Job in Dubai

It is possible to get a job anywhere in the world when you have the right skills and academic or professional background. With a myriad of job opportunities and the chance to live an exuberant lifestyle, Dubai boasts of an enviable workforce. With the ever-growing market of employment opportunities, Dubai has the potential to offer steady employment, lucrative remunerations, and a chance to explore the mystic Dubai, often called by many as the city of dreams. If you nurture a dream of working in Dubai, this is the right place to discover what it takes to get a job there.

According to several online reports, the top 10 highest in-demand jobs in UAE include positions such as management accountants, chief financial officers, risk managers, and HR advisors. But in Dubai, job opportunities are not limited to these positions.

Perks of Working in Dubai

1. Tax-free

There are no taxes levied on the personal incomes of a professional in Dubai. The gross income is the sole property of the worker, with absolutely no tax amount subtracted.

On the other hand, being a resident of Dubai has perks of its own. Dubai citizens are exempted from paying several taxes. They enjoy no stamp duty, tax-free rental income, and no taxations on capital gains or even inheritance. Working in Dubai is an efficient way of saving money for long term requirements.

2. Global Exposure

Along with the versatility offered in terms of culture, Dubai also offers the biggest grounding in international business in all the key economic sectors. Dubai offers you the much-craved global exposure by providing a chance to work with extinguished, multinational firms, enriching your work experience.

3. Ample Employment Prospects

UAE boasts of an advanced economy and employment opportunities, attracting a large number from all over the globe. It offers employment in various sectors that require tremendous manpower. The entrepreneurial environment and the superb employment prospects are all the reasons in the world to go to Dubai.

4. Lucrative Remuneration

Employing companies in Dubai offer exquisitely attractive salaries and additional benefits such as health insurance, vacations, free airline tickets, housing allowances, and many more. Some of them also offer flexible work hours and education allowances as well! There are also work-from-home options available.

5. Lifestyle

Dubai is one of the most developed and modern cities. It is a very safe place to live as well as to enjoy the luxuries of life. Almost everything from automobiles and petrol to electronic gadgets is extremely cheap here. There is no dearth of entertainment options. From exploring desert bike rides to the vibrant nightlife, Dubai has it all to improve your lifestyle and related choices.

Getting a Job in Dubai

The easiest way to get accurate information about employment possibilities in Dubai is to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Contact a Recruitment Company in Dubai

Finding a job on your own can prove to be a Herculean task, with significant loss of time and resources on your side. On the other hand, a recruitment company in Dubai can save you the entire trouble. These agencies act as a third party, striving to match profiles and skills with job roles of open positions. This process is equally beneficial for both the client company and the job seekers. Consulting with a recruitment company in Dubai also gives you better insights into what additional training or certifications can improve your chances of getting hired.

2. Do your Research

Before starting the job hunt in Dubai, it is important to gauge the work environment that you’re about to step into. It is extremely important to have a basic idea about the demographics, labor laws, and living standards, possibilities of inviting your spouse and children, etc. You should also be aware of the living expenses and other financial requirements. Linguistic skills are also an important factor. Gather relevant and accurate information about these aspects. A recruitment agency in Dubai could also easily provide you with these details.

3. Stay updated

Try to stay updated about the employment process and visa policies that might impact your stay. This can be an extensive process demanding utmost patience. Several visas and documents are required in order to stay and work in Dubai. It is usual for the UAE to bring about slight changes in immigration policies once in a while. Thus, it is best to stay updated about the current systems and policies for your maximum benefit.

4. Work Permit

Find out about work permits to increase your scope of getting employment in Dubai. It is possible to get a work permit within a short time. A recruitment company in Dubai also helps you find out the possibilities of getting work permits.

5. Residence Visa

It is also worth finding out if there are ways for you to get a residency visa in Dubai. Whether you need a sponsor or not, whether you need to make investments or not, etc. There are various scenarios which allow you to apply for a residence visa.

6. Create an impactful CV or Resume:

An exceptional CV is always bound to attract the attention of employers. Thus, creating an outstanding CV or resume that follows proper guidelines and formats is crucial in getting a job. It is possible to hire professionals to get a CV or resume made. Many good recruitment companies in Dubai also offer this service.

7. Proper Documentation

Without proper documentation, you might not even be able to set foot in Dubai. Keep the mandatory and required documents in check to avoid any confusion or hassles.

Some of the documents you will need include are

  • Passport and copies
  • Photos and other identity proofs in line with UAE guidelines.
  • Authentic copies of academic certifications. You might need to get your copies stamped or verified by the UAE embassy or consulate of your country as well as from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Required medical details and certificate as issued by a government-approved health center in UAE
  • Documents concerning your employment and entry into the UAE

8. Pass the Health Screening

Prospective candidates taking up a job in Dubai are also required to go through a medical screening process as per the UAE guidelines.

How do I Know Which Recruiting Agency is the Best?

It can take a lifetime to find a job opportunity that suits you. It is best to seek the help of a recruitment company in Dubai with a presence in your country that will find just the right job for you.

Make your search nice and short by contacting a recruitment agency that benefits both you and your future employer. It is not an easy task to set your mind upon one agency. When it is about our careers, it is normal to be insecure. Many people find themselves asking, so how to find the right agency?

Alliance Recruitment Agency

Alliance Recruitment Agency makes it easy for you to find employment opportunities in Dubai! Efficiently employing and functioning for the past ten years, Alliance Recruitment Agency has worked with thousands of employers across industry sectors. Your chances of finding a job in the industry sector you are from increases, as the agency’s scope of recruitment services is exhaustive.

The agency has representative offices across the UAE and the Middle East, which translates to a robust network of employer contacts of companies based in Dubai. Several distinguished multinational companies such as Dell, Nestle, Wipro, Parle Agro, Vodafone have happily received their services from this agency.

Why is Alliance Recruitment Agency the best choice?

  • Global Reach: Operating for the past one decade, Alliance Recruitment Agency has a vast network and an extended, profound knowledge of the labor market. Their expertise will be extremely beneficial for your placement as they have the exact information about prospective sectors and emergent companies.
  • Professional Resume: Alliance Recruitment Agency assists the aspiring employees in creating an exceptional and professional resume that is bound to stand out in the crowd. Very few recruitment agencies offer such an advantageous service that is extremely profitable to the potential candidates.
  • Excellent Placement: Alliance Recruitment Agency will help you find an excellent job placement that offers a lucrative remuneration. The placement will be offered while keeping your requirements in mind about everything from workplace policies to culture.
  • Easy Recruitment: The recruitment process is kept very easy and uncomplicated. Mostly handled by their HR team, Alliance Recruitment Agency provides quick, easy employment that is done online.
  • Easy Access: All the career opportunities are accessible through their official website with additional information. It is possible to apply after browsing through the numerous job prospects and enlisting yourself without much of a hassle.

Alliance Recruitment Agency strives to provide swift employment with maximum benefits while prioritizing their best services and work-quality in check.

To fulfill your dream of working in Dubai, contact Alliance Recruitment Agency today and hop onto the wild ride that will certainly leave you with enriching experiences of working in Dubai. Visit their website to enlist yourself and for further information.