Alliance Recruitment Agency Introduces The New Logo: Symbolizing The Brand Identity, Achievements, & Expertise

Alliance International is proud to announce the launch of the new company logo, an initiative that marks a new phase of growth, evolution, and global expansion.

We are now Alliance International Services.

Since the commencement of the business in 2010, we have expanded our horizons to cover 30+ countries and 50+ industry segments, connecting with 12,500+ companies and several million professionals. We have reached a phase of transformation that is drawn from the knowledge, experiences, insights, resources, capabilities, and potential gained over the years.

The new logo reflects our new strengths and the new identity we have gained as a brand, an international outlook that inspires the confidence of the millions who have placed their trust in our services.

We started off as an international recruiter, an agency offering recruitment and staffing services. Alliance International Services is a name that communicates our international presence and strengths. It is also reflective of the wide spectrum of services that cover not only recruitment but a 360-degree approach to human capital and resource acquisition and manpower services.

The New Logo – Alliance International Services

New Symbols

You will find new symbols, font styles, more space, and more harmony in our new logo. The bigger size and new style of the first alphabet is indicative of the bigger projects we can lead, the bigger goals we can now achieve for our clients, and the bigger roles we can play in client success metrics. The enhanced harmony and space reveal the expanded capacities we have gained and the consistency we ensure through our solutions.

New Approach

The look and feel of the new logo is a clear representation of the new approach that increases talent outreach for clients and opportunities for job seekers. We make finding the right talent easier for Fortune 500 companies and global industry leaders, as well as startups and SMEs.

New Vision

Being a strong partner in achieving business value transformations and international growth.

New Mission

Going beyond bridging talent gaps to assisting clients in achieving goals like operational excellence, digitally mature operations, market expansion, and global growth.

New Logo And The New Range of Solutions

The company’s span of international services embraces all the evolving needs of modern enterprises and global organizations.

Get All Your Workforce Needs Fulfilled!

  • In-House Human Resource Acquisition
  • Online and Virtual Manpower Hiring
  • Digital Workforce (Tech-Based Robotic Workforce Providers)
  • Virtual and Remote Workforce
  • Cross-Border Workforce
  • Geo-Specific Manpower Planning and Resource Acquisition
  • On-Site, In-House, Field Services Workforce
  • Long-Term and Short-Term Human Capital Management
  • Onshore and Offshore Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Software and Tech Process Outsourcing/IT Staffing
  • Global HR Services-Consultancy, Talent Acquisition, Staffing, Outsourcing

The Old Strengths Reinforced

  • Ever-Expanding Industry-Specific Candidate Sourcing/Talent Pools
  • Superior Practice-Area-Based Talent Attraction and Talent Pipeline Creation
  • Tech-Enabled, Mobile Optimized, Virtual Recruitment Management
  • Enhanced Candidate Experience
  • Customized Best-Fit Candidate Identification Approach
  • Optimized Recruitment Technologies For 5x Faster Results

Alliance International Services is all set to assist businesses in becoming ready for the future.

We have already started with the new range of solution offerings, and our clients are benefitting tremendously. Get the best tech support for talent acquisition, recruitment process management, recruitment marketing, and manpower onboarding, in addition to the enormous benefits you gain through our expansive talent resources and insight-driven talent sourcing services.

Let us join hands for a better, more powerful future that we can help you build through our partnership! Our success is your success reinforced!