Biggest Social Media Mistakes By Job Seekers

Biggest Social Media Mistakes By Job Seekers

The present tech-savvy generation is always connected to the virtual world. The social media has changed the world in a big way. And every recruiter is using the social media to their advantage. If you are a job seeker, then remember your future employer will make a background checking before getting their prospective employee. Your social-media platform is one most likely place where your prospective employer will peer through to get an idea of what you are. So, take care what you post there. The present generation is using the social media platform as their personal diary; of course you can do that, but don’t wash your dirty linens in the open and post inappropriate or obscene photos.

Too Much Biased Opinion

As a member of the civic society, you have the right to define how you want to see the future. But, it is hazardous to have a biased opinion. For example, you can express your disgust over a particular hate crime in your social media file. You are right to condemn, but when you agree to flog the perpetrators you are crossing the limit. Even sharing such an opinion goes against you. Your social media file is like an open book. The moment your intolerance comes to the light to your prospective employer, it makes a wrong impression on you, and it may not be what you are and posted the comment in the spur of the moment. Think twice before making a comment.

Tweeting at Odd Hours

Another bad habit is using the social media platforms at odd hours. If you receive a tweet during your duty hours, and it is about a particular exciting happening, refrain from re-tweeting immediately. Your posting will mark the time and day. No employer will tolerate their employee using their working hours in any other activity that is not related to their job. It indicates your vacillating nature, and it also says that you are not dedicating your duty hours to your job. It can always be that you used the social media during your coffee break, but in the recruiting world, you are preliminarily facing summary trial therefore exercise caution.

Expressing Job Dissatisfaction

Expressing dissatisfaction over your job profile is another area you must take care of. It is always possible that you are not satisfied with your job profile. But that does not mean you start talking publicly about your company. It can easily qualify for a pink slip. It gives an entirely negative image about your personality. Why should a potential employer recruit a disrupted? If you are not satisfied, then you can talk to your grievance cell to redress your demand, not in social media. It is a primary disqualification.

Bashing Previous Engagements

There is a rising tendency to mock or discredit your old school teachers. People share how they harassed their early teachers or hostel superintendents and enjoyed. Don’t do that, as it tells a very negative and indiscipline past. You can do that in your garden party if you can’t resist, but in a public forum, that’s a strict no.

Similarly, if you are sore about your previous employer don’t discuss that in your social media file. Your current and prospective employer will take it as a negative and dark side of your character, and you will fail the summary trial.

If you want to keep your social media files excellent for the prospective employer, hire a social media manager to make it in such a way that your mom or old school principal can’t find a fault with it. The common mistakes and the fault line of your profile will be to give a skewed view of life. An image of angry young man has no place in your social media file. The overall image must be a balanced view of the life and the human qualities only. Give your social media profile an aura and ambiance of a good citizen and an excellent team man. But, don’t pretend to give your feeling from the heart.