Dramatic Surge In Dubai Job Market: Knowing The Why’s And How’s

Dramatic Surge In Dubai Job Market

The Dubai job market seems to be going through a rough patch. Although talented individuals are finding it a little tough to find work in Dubai, opportunities haven’t yet come to a standstill. According to reliable market recruiters, vacancies are considerably increasing in the nation and there’s still work for the top talents.

Dubai happens to be one of the most significant and focal centers of trade and commerce in UAE. Quite naturally, it supports numerous industrial and business activities in the United Arab Emirates. When it comes to discussing its job market or Sectors hiring in UAE today, you will need to take a look at various aspects.

On that note, it’s high time to engage in a detailed discussion of Dubai job market and the various opportunities offered by it.

The background story

Employment opportunities in Dubai experienced a complete showdown when crude oil prices were continually declining in the nation. Reports published in the ‘Gulf News’ paint a crystal clear picture of the scenario. The debacle in the crude oil market forced companies to postpone their hiring plans and freeze staff payrolls. With this being the state of Dubai job market 2015, market analysts were not quite hopeful of the future.

However, things are heading towards a great change this year and the Dubai job market is expected to improve. With numerous sectors planning to kick-start new projects, things are surely changing for the better.

What does the current scenario say?

If 2015 was a rough patch for the country’s employment market, Dubai job market 2016 would bring good news for both hirers and the top talents. If predictions made by leading market analysts like Morgan McKinley are to be followed, 2016 will turn out to be a great year for Dubai’s employment scenario. Although the initial phase including the first 3-months won’t offer many opportunities, things will take off from there.

With leading companies and establishments in UAE announcing vacancies, job seekers surely have reasons to smile and be happy.

Vacancies in the various sectors

With the emergence of new opportunities in Dubai’s employment market, job seekers are finding it imperative to look for the right vacancies. If you are performing Dubai job search, the following information can be of great help to you.

Sectors such as Information Technology, Education, Banking, Healthcare, and Chemical manufacturing have recorded massive growths in employment opportunities. While IT, Education, and Banking recorded 23%,8%, and 11% growth rate, it was Healthcare and Chemical manufacturing units recording growth rates of 21% and 6%.

These figures clearly suggest that the employment market in Dubai is no longer staggering. The growth of job opportunities and vacancies in these sectors has opened up numerous career avenues. Potential candidates are venturing into new sectors thus expanding the growth horizon of Dubai.

Demand for talents

It’s here that you come across another crucial aspect. While the growth rate of jobs in various sectors is quite clear, you must also know about demands for talented workers and professionals. The following stats will help you develop a clear picture of the entire scenario.

  • Telecommunication, Software, and Hardware: Amongst all the job sectors in Dubai, this particular sector recorded a massive growth. With a whopping 40% increase in the demand for talented individuals, this particular sector inevitably offers great employment options to potential candidates.
  • Supply Chain, Logistics, and Purchases: This sector records 15% growth in demand for highly efficient and skilled employees.
  • Accounting and Finance: Accounting and finance-based sectors contribute a lot to the country’s economy. An increase of 13% in employee demands surely brings good news for Dubai’s revenue earnings.
  • Business and Sales: There’s no denying the significance of business sectors in strengthening a nation’s economy and infrastructure. According to market demands, the business world has recorded a whopping 18% growth in the demand for top talents.
  • Creative sectors: With 11% growth in workforce demands, the creative industries are not quite far from contributing to the overall development of the employment arena.

These statistical figures will surely present a complete picture of the real scenario. Dubai has come up with some of the greatest career options for highly efficient, skilled, and talented individuals. On the other end, that has also resulted in huge benefits for recruiters. Companies and recruitment experts are getting the chance to employ credible and competent professionals, thus building a highly talented and efficient workforce.

What should you do?

With such a remarkable rise in jobs and dramatic surge in demand for competent workforce, it’s high time to take action. Talented and potential candidates should take note of the issue and strive hard towards filling these job vacancies. Some of the essential aspects in this context include:

  • 1. Identifying right opportunities: With numerous companies offering countless opportunities, it will be important to decide the right avenues. If you are looking forward to establishing highly successful Dubai careers, identifying the perfect job avenues will be all that you need to do.
  • 2. Unique and targeted approaches: When you are trying to establish a successful career in UAE, targeted approaches will prove to be of paramount significance. Identify perfect job vacancies and descriptions, thus venturing into the right arena.

Concluding note

With this detailed analysis of the UAE employment and recruitment market, it will be high-time for both recruiters and potential candidates to take action thus identifying the right career options and avenues. Their collective efforts will surely add to the country’s growth and revenues. Though there are many Recruitment Agencies in Dubai, UAE, yet we, Alliance International have made ourselves at a noteworthy position in the list of recruitment agencies.