LinkedIn For Recruiting : How It Can Work For You

LinkedIn For Recruiting

The world has grown into a virtual community. People are interacting with each other on the social networking sites globally. Apart from informal networking, sourcing talent through the social networking sites also has become very common nowadays. The hiring managers of most of the companies are referring to professional sites such as Linkedin, which is the most popular for the recruitment process.

Let us see how recruiters are using Linkedin to search for the potential talents to fill up vacant positions in companies.

Location: The location of the probable candidate is a strong factor in the searching of a candidate for a job role. The recruitment services consultants india will see the nearest locations to where the job role would be based. If you are staying close to a big city, your chances to catch up with job increases. People staying far off may not be ready to commute daily or shift their residences for the sake of the job. Persons having their residences nearby will also be less prone to leave the job once recruited. In all ways, a company benefits by recruiting person staying nearer to the place of work.

Job Title: A job title which is broken down to speak about the individual job roles will be more effective. Instead of putting a single job title that is complex and people do not understand the role of this position, it is better to use one which has segments and is fully understandable as to what type of role you are performing. You must always show yourself as working somewhere even if you are not doing so at the moment and searching for a new job. You will be searchable for the recruitment managers.

Company name: It may so happen that a company is popularly known by a short name. The full name is not so much in use in the outer world. You should better put both names as when searched by the recruiter; your profile will be visible on the top when looked up through search engines. Chances of searching by people with the popular acronym are more.

Industry type: The recruiters generally choose from the common industry type. Similar industries bring in a Cultural fit as like industry types are governed by a similar set of systems.

Keywords: Your resume and description should have certain relevant keywords in the matter embedded. This makes the profile easily viewable to the recruiter. These keywords link the important parts of your profile to the viewer when he sees them.

Photograph: A profile with a photo has 14 times higher probability of getting recruiters to view their profile as against people who have not uploaded the same. If you do not have a profile photo, try uploading one immediately.

Experience: Try to highlight the experience part of yours. Through the LinkedIn, you will be selling yourself as a brand. You have to make yourself unique so that recruiters notice you.

Evidence: If you have achieved something great for which you have been recognized in the professional field, try to include them in your profile. It will become more credible for you and your selection procedure have become easier.

Get validation: Getting recommendation about your work from present and previous colleagues will pay off for a better profile creation. It would be even better if your supervisor too can add words of commendation.

Complete profile: Try to make your profile complete in all senses. An incomplete profile will not be shortlisted by recruiters. Take caution for the profile to be perfect.

A successful LinkedIn strategy can make you more noticeable resulting in your landing up with your dream job.