How to Hire an iPhone App Developer – The Ultimate Guide

How To Hire An Iphone App Developer

Find the right talent for iPhone app development!

This blog talks about how to hire an app developer, primarily an iPhone app developer. This blog provides an ultimate guide for you to follow to help you hire the right talent based on an efficient hiring process. Use the guide and customize it according to your talent needs to achieve the results you seek. You will also find tips to make the process easier for you by tying up with a recruitment agency.

The number of users of iPhones has increased over time, and since the software is different, making apps for iPhone requires double the time than usual; and hence a good iPhone app developer smoothes out the process and makes it easier, saving time along with providing higher chances of success. You need to have two totally different codes to make an application for Android and iOS.

With the increase in demand in the field, there have been a lot of new app product designs and upgrades and a diversity of talent available in different regions worldwide. There is an increasing confusion as to who will be right for the position, making it all the way more important to have a foolproof hiring plan and hire with utmost care.

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How To Hire iPhone App Developers

1. Create a List of All Your iPhone App Development Projects

The very step of every project is making an outline; even for this one, the very first step would be to outline the purpose, the aim, and the specific objectives and desired outcome of all iPhone app development projects.

Once you have done this, the rest of the process becomes way easier. As a company, there would be many applications you might have to deal with. Hence, having a list of all the projects makes it easier to identify all your different app developer talent needs.

2. Map App Developer and Programmer Talent As Per App Functions, Features, Development Methods, Challenges, Etc.

The next step is the mapping of talent! There are a lot of companies offering iPhone app developer for hire services that enable you to hire through dedicated resource models or other outsourcing models.

You might find many brilliant teams, but you would need to map talent based on your app design project and industry requirements. You need to classify the functions, features, development methods, and the challenges that the above different projects listed will require and the developer might face.

Create the best match talent filter criteria so that you know what kind of app development team you should have. For example, if you are looking for an innovative, interactive, dynamic design and UI, you should look for someone with that level of expertise and experience in the kind of design you have in mind.

3. Be Clear With App Development Goals – iPhone App Development Team Should Have Experience in Meeting Such Goals

The next step is clearing out the app development goals and what you are looking forward to, which will then help you in shortlisting candidates with similar passions and interests. It is always better to hire someone who has similar passion and interests. For example, if you hire iPhone app developer who have good knowledge of movies and games, you might find it easier to create a design that makes your movie iPhone app appeal to a wide range of people.

4. Assess Different iOS App Developer Hiring Options

a. Who Will Be Part of the Core Team?

Among the next steps, the first to choose should be the core, so you can then make further decisions accordingly. Look for the team which understands the application’s purpose and what it intends to deliver to the audience.

b. Would You Need Freelancers? For Which Type of Work and How Many

After you have the core team, you know what all they are capable of doing and what all work might be left behind and need different temporary app developers. Then you can decide if you would hire freelancers for that work or a dedicated team who can assure commitment and outcomes. You could always go with a freelancer for a short-term work of 20-70 hours through a contract that helps you get the deliverables on time.

c. Would You Be Hiring Dedicated IPhone App Developers

There are thousands of iPhone app developers for hire service providers – websites, outsourcing firms, etc. If you need to scale up and down your app design and development projects, finding a dedicated team to manage all the time-consuming coding and development work makes sense. You could increase and decrease your team size as per different project needs.

d. Ascertain How Many People Would You Need For iPhone App Testing and Maintenance

If you are developing iPhone apps that would be connected to various devices and databases and fetching information for a million users, you would need strong app maintenance and performance management team that troubleshoots, tests fixes issues, ensures high performance and security, etc. Based on the amount of work involved (100 hours per month or 300 hours per month), you would need to decide the team size.

5) Touch Base With An App Developer Recruiter

Understanding how complicated the entire process is and how important it is to find the right talent on time, it is recommended to get in touch with an app developer recruiter, who would then smoothen out the process.

An app developer recruiter with great talent outreach in different geographies will help you identify and hire iPhone app developers with the kind of experience and expertise levels that best fits your project needs.

Experienced app development team recruiters have a better reference checking system that enables you to quickly find talent from any chosen geographical location while reducing recruitment risks. 

6) Get Detailed Insights Into Hiring Costs For Different Hiring Models in Different Geographies

The next step would be the financial one, go ahead and do loads of research for hours about the hiring costs and models as per the geographical locations differences. Or you can just ask your recruitment agency partner to provide you with the data. Finalize the budget and also the compensation range for the different kinds of iPhone app developers you will hire.

7) Finalize Team Size, Hiring Methods, and Recruitment Costs

After sorting out all the basics, it is high time you finalize the final logistics, the team size, the hiring method, and the recruitment costs. Once you finalize that, you will have the data according to which the recruitment company would move forward with the next steps to begin the recruitment and shortlisting.

8) Screen The Shortlisted List of Candidates Sent by the Agency

The next step is shortlisting the eligible candidates sourced by your recruitment agency as per the general terms. Going through well-chosen application profiles helps you save 100+ hours spent in searching, screening applications, conducting interviews, searching again, etc.

Based on some initial interviews, you can modify your iPhone app developer for hire service provider needs – if you plan to hire dedicated resources from a vendor. A recruitment agency enables you to choose from a list of background-checked vendors.

9) Conduct Skills and Performance Assessment Before Selecting Your Team

You should select the right skills assessments and technical skill testing formats before you hire an iPhone app developer. Checking portfolios and conducting technical interviews are important, but that is not sufficient to find out how efficient the app developer would be for the tasks related to your project.

Based on the checks, assessments, and interviews, you could choose the best ones without any worry about their skills and performance.

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