Where and How to Hire Android App Developers? How Much Does It Cost?

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Developing an Android App is a need for any company. It takes a professional Android App Developer to create Android apps. The cost of hiring a developer varies from one country to another. The type of app you need to create might need expert Android app developers, or it could be managed by junior app developers. Talent availability and hiring costs also depend on expertise levels and experience. If you are looking for app developers for hire, there are numerous companies and websites offering such services. You could also hire Android app developers through a recruitment agency. Find out everything about hiring app developers.

Smartphones, tablets, and other devices work on any operating system that supports the applications on the device. The Android operating system has been the most popular one among smartphones since 2011, and Android apps development is a separate field in itself.

Android software development has, hence, become a profession that is highly in demand. Professionals create Android apps using programming languages such as Java, C++, Kotlin, etc.

Android app development is needed across industries and business segments- education, shopping, banking, personal services, communication, information, entertainment services, gaming, journalism, and a hundred others. The demand for Android app developers shows an increasing trend every year. More than a million companies use Android apps for various business needs.

Finding Android app developers that suit your projects, your budget, with experience in your industry, and are willing to work at the conditions you specify has become more of a challenge than you before. Before your company decides to hire Android app developers, you would need to document all required information about your app development project.

Know This Before You Hire Android App Developers

For every business, start-up, or even service provider, an app is needed. To make an Android app, usually, a team of Android app developers is hired. Here are some points to consider before you choose “app developers for hire” services from any vendor or hire Android app developers for your in-house team.

1. Future Android App Scalability Needs

Change is the only constant of nature, and it is applicable in the case of Android app development. Before hiring an Android App Developer, one should think of the present as well as future app scalability needs of the company or business.

The customers, employees, projects, and business demands change, and any app you develop today might need to be scaled up to meet diverse business needs how you source talent should be based on the number of app developers needed across different phases of app development and upgrades.

2. Different Types Of Talent Needed For Your Android App Development

An Android App cannot be created using the expertise of a single person alone. It requires different types of talents to develop an Android app. Application development programmers and coders, graphic designers, animators, content writers, sound and music programmers, UX and UI designers, and other professionals are required to build an app.

Your hiring model and approach should be based on the kind of talent you need and for how much time you would need the services of each professional. There are various project-based app developers for hire models offered by app development service providers. Choose models after carefully studying the advantages and risks associated with each.

3. Job Descriptions Based on Different Roles and Expertise Levels

A person’s role and accountability in a company define his job position. Rather than analyzing a developer’s profile merely on the basis of their educational qualification, their past experience and roles should also be seen. To hire Android app developers that have the right level of skills and background to speed up and enhance your app development project, it is essential to create clear, detailed job descriptions.

Usage of general terms such as lead programmer, senior app developer, Android app designer does not reflect on the needs of the role. Note down the experience required in programming languages and the kind of app you want to develop. List down all the skills and knowledge needed. Your job description should be detailed.

4. Android App Development Time Estimates

One should not have an unrealistic expectation of getting an Android App developed in a matter of days. It takes at least 2.5 months to create a small-scale Android app. On the other hand, it may take a year to create a complex Android application. It depends entirely upon your needs and depth of work than what would be the app development time estimates.

A team of developers should not make the app in a hasty manner. It will only lead to fast delivery and not good quality of work. The business owner should, however, set short-term deadlines for major steps involved in the app development.

Cost of Hiring Android App Developers From Around The Globe

There are various factors that govern the costs of the development of an Android app. The costs vary with time and different geographies. Due to different hiring costs of developers, companies hire developers from different geographies. Moreover, in a globalized world, such boundaries do not stand as an obstruction. The following are the costs of hiring Android App Developers from around the globe.

1. Android App Development Costs in the US and Canada

In the US and Canada, the cost ranges from 40 USD per hour to 90 USD per hour. Specifically, in the US, the average hourly rate of an Android App Developer is 100 USD to 170 USD. To pay an in-house Android app developer will take 82,000 USD to 180,000 USD yearly. In the US, the costs of hiring a developer for creating Android apps are one of the highest.

2. Android App Development Costs in the UK and Western Europe

The average salaries in the UK varies from 47,000 USD to 92,000 USD. App developers charge around 25 USD to 40 USD on an hourly basis. The costs are not as high as that of the US, but they are still among the highest in the world. The average yearly salary of an Android App Developer in Germany is 49,000 USD to 68,500 USD, and the hourly rate is 40 USD. The costs in Germany are in the higher range because of the quality of work the developers have to offer and the high amount of tax that Germans have to pay. In France, the average hourly rates are 30 USD to 37 USD, and the annual salary is about 46,000 USD.

3. Android App Development Costs in Eastern Europe

In Eastern Europe, people are encouraged to be app developers. Annually, the Android App Developers receive a salary of 18,000 USD to 30,000 USD per year in Ukraine. In Russia, the average annual compensation is around 22,000 USD for Android app developers. The developers in Russia are highly in demand due to their high education levels and expertise. The average hourly rates in Russia are 25 USD to 40 USD. It is, however, observable that the salaries and hourly wages are comparatively lower than the western countries.

4. Android App Development Costs in India

There are a lot of efficient Android App developers. The average salary ranges from 8000 USD to 12,000 USD. In certain cases, it can reach up to 18,000 USD, depending on the skills of the developer. On an hourly basis, it sums up to 15 USD to 25 USD. It is one of the lowest salary structures in the world, as far as Android App Developers are concerned. The salary varies within the country owing to the needs of the client, language options to be provided, living conditions, and work pressure, etc. However, there is no scarcity of app developers, especially that of Android.

5. Android App Development Costs in South Asia and Australia

In Australia, the hourly costs are about 27 USD. For junior specialists, it starts from 3800 USD to 76000 USD for senior specialists. South Asian nations such as Japan, South Korea, and Thailand have a lot of app developers as they are technologically advanced and take their work seriously. However, the cost of hiring them is not much compared to the western nations. In Thailand, the hourly rate of an Android app developer is 20 USD to 30 USD. In South Korea, the hourly wages can be as low as 20 USD for the ones who do not have much working experience. However, it can reach 140 USD per hour for experts.

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