How To Hire Good Angular Developers? Here’s A Comprehensive Guide

How To Hire Good Angular Developers

Make Hiring Outcome-Oriented

Finding the right Angular or Angular.js developers for your projects could be quite a time-consuming task. You might find freelancers easily but finding someone whom you can trust for 6-9 months of work is not easy. Often, companies go through a cycle of hiring services, discontinuing services, searching and then hiring and discontinuing before they finally find someone whose work and performance suits their projects perfectly. If you are, however, looking for dedicated programmers with good experience in Angular development, find the best techniques to hire the right talent without hassles. Read and find out!

Angular developers use the Angular framework, which is the open-source front-end framework developed by Google. These days it is preferred by the companies, thanks to the long-term support provided by Google, depicting that this framework is here to stay!

There is quite a big list of reasons why the Angular framework is better and preferred by the web app development companies. But every app development project does not need Angular or Angular.js. Before jumping into the hiring process, find out for which types of apps you would need developers. Before you hire Angular.js developers or hire dedicated programmers, you would need to document all your app development requirements.

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When To Choose Angular Development? Before Hiring Developers, Ensure If Angular Is The Best Choice or Not!

1) Video-Streaming Apps

Video streaming apps are dynamic web apps, and Angular has proved to be the need of the hour for such applications, with its special framework called videogular, which is used to make video apps. Also, since it is related to HTML5 video tag, it then helps in adding whatever one wishes to add.

2) Real-Time Data Applications

The making of real-time data applications is counted as one of the main uses of the Angular framework. The framework is also said to be of great use for these applications since it builds widgets that are customizable depending upon the preferences of the user as per their own wants and needs.

3) E-Commerce Websites

E-commerce surely needs a great framework, and Angular is the popular one these days. The Angular framework helps in creating a website rich with features related to real-time communication, payments, huge search management, etc. The Angular framework provides a safe code along with security elements, increasing the security of the page. Further, the SEO-friendly nature and the Model View Controller feature provide better traction and architecture, respectively.

4) Payment Platforms

The biggest proof of the Angular framework in terms of payment platforms is the famous website “PayPal,” which used the Angular framework. The website makes online payments methods extremely easy and also supports international transactions. The application itself is accepted in over 200 nations and is used frequently on a daily basis, especially in the case of international transactions.

5) Huge News And Blogging Websites

The Angular framework is no way behind when talking about websites for news and blogging. The Guardian is one such example. This website uses the Angular framework. Also, the UI of the website is developed in the framework, with another benefit of high-level readability, which is provided by the framework, making it a great choice for both news and media websites.

6) Huge, Highly Interactive Websites – Travel Bookings, Job Portals

When it comes to websites that need high interaction, the Angular framework is becoming the first preference. The website Upwork that uses Angular shows how the framework can provide a single-page show and yet make the work easy and effective, further being a great example of using navigation and filtering for a better experience.

7) Graphic-Rich Websites

Graphic-rich websites are in some ways similar to the video streaming ones, keeping in mind the quality of graphics needed in a video. The Angular framework is capable of providing dynamic and single-page web apps, too; with the help of the HTML5 code and using the right code, the graphic-rich websites can be made even easier to surf, followed by the quick loading of the pages feature of the Angular framework.

8) Entertainment Websites

Entertainment websites are no exception. With great graphics, videos, texts, etc., needed by these websites, the Angular framework fulfills all the needs. Netflix is one such example; the front end of the website is supported by the Angular.js framework.

How To Hire Angular Developers

These steps will provide you with good ideas as to how you can go about framing the right recruitment process.

1) Describe Project Types And Job Descriptions Per Position

  • List The Kind of Websites And Applications – If you are an app development company, you would first need to create a list of all websites and apps to be developed in Angular. This will help you know how many App developers you would need at one time or different times and for how long.
  • Identify Experience Needed – Depending upon the complexity of development, testing, and maintenance of websites, specify all kinds of experience required per position. For example, you might need 10-15 developers with a good understanding of e-commerce app development, while you might need 20-25 app developers with experience in media, news, and entertainment websites.
  • List Technical Skills and Competency Levels – Before you hire Angular.js developer, find out what kind of knowledge is absolutely needed for your project. You should have a list of skills and knowledge needed per position.
  • List Soft Skills – It is extremely important for Angular.js developers to have soft skills that will allow them to better comprehend requirements, interact with clients and the team, and find solutions to problems that occur at different phases.
  • Training and Learning Involved – How much time and money you could spend on training and learning is a question that needs to be answered before hiring app developers.
  • Performance Expectations – Some app developers might perform well in a fast-paced environment while some are on the creative side, and you would expect them to come up with innovative ideas more quickly. Frame the performance expectations per position.

2) Connect With The Right Recruitment Agency And Reduce Hiring Time by 60%-70%

There is no doubt that someone who has expertise in the field would be a great guide in finding and then could help to hire Angular.js developers and hire dedicated programmers. It is important to find the right agency. An expert IT recruiter with large talent network pools helps you find knowledgeable best-match developers. The experts also find ways to help your company reduce hiring time and costs by almost 60-70% in comparison to other options.

3) Get Assistance in Framing Recruitment Models – Outsourced, Freelance, Dedicated Remote Developers

To find the perfect Angular.js developer, decide based upon the type of recruitment that you select – if you would be most benefited by outsourced Angular.js developer services, freelancers, or a remote Angular.js developer team. An agency will help you compare the costs, performance, outcomes from different types of teams, and hiring models.

4) Find The Best-Matched Developer Teams / Developers Based on Experience, Skills, Knowledge, and Required Infrastructure

If you choose to have a cross-border team or hire dedicated programmers from different locations for different functions, like design, development, testing, etc., an agency will help you find such teams within days! They will find the perfect matches too with regards to skills, knowledge, and experience.

5) Conduct Assessments And Select The Best Angular Developers

Before you hire Angular.js developers, conduct a few assessments. It would be even more effective if the assessments were relevant to the app development work rather than opting for generic ones. You will also be able to assess which candidates have more potential and in which areas.

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