How To Hire The Best PHP Developers For Your Web Development Projects?

How To Hire Php Developers

Most web development companies need to hire PHP developers. Finding competent developers is not difficult but getting increasingly complex. There are numerous online platforms, virtual hiring options, temporary staffing options, and freelancer hiring options. How do you hire dedicated developers or remote developers whom you can trust for their ability to deliver and for ensuring fair practices? This blog helps you with making the right hiring decisions.

A server-side scripting language, PHP has various usages in web development. From managing dynamic content to managing sessions and databases and even creating an e-commerce site, PHP can be a solution for all. Depending on your requirements, you can develop a website using this scripting language. PHP is mainly used for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Adding information on the content.
  • Performing multiple actions such as writing, deleting, etc.
  • Obtaining data from forms.
  • Sending or receiving cookies.
  • Encrypting data on a server.

Using PHP for website building is beneficial to own an outstanding website. However, to hire a PHP developer, the process and timeline are not easy to handle without the right kind of talent access. In the worst-case scenario, you may have to pay a lump sum to a PHP developer who is incapable of contributing to building your website. Hence, to avoid wrong monetary investments, you need proper industry knowledge and strong planning.

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Create Detailed, Comprehensive PHP Developer Profiles For Your Projects

Before you hire php developers, following these steps can help you to get the desired results.

Level Of Experience in PHP Programming Language for the Projects

You need to ensure whether the person you hire for your website has adequate experience and required skills in the same domain. You can ask the individual what his or her overall perspectives and business strategies are to deal with past clients. Also, make sure the individual has in-depth knowledge in the related fields.

Frameworks and CMS

When you are interviewing a PHP developer, specify the CMS you want, such as WordPress or Drupal. You can also tell the individual if you want to upgrade your current CMS. Additionally, you can state the exact framework you want for your website or an e-commerce site.

Other Programming Skills

Make sure your PHP web developer has the knowledge of other programming skills such as MYSQL, Javascript, HTML, CSS, to name a few. Always try to examine the individual and try to understand the level of mastery he or she has on these programming languages. If you can give effort in searching for the right individual, it will pay you to benefit in the long run.


While hiring a PHP developer, make sure that the person knows how to use a database while developing a website. MYSQL is the most sought-after database used for PHP. Make sure your developer knows how to fetch data from the database.

Version Control

Your chosen developer must know every type of version available in the market. Know if the person has an in-depth knowledge of Version Control Systems (VCS). These tools are effective in keeping a record of every change done in the previous files.

Platforms, APIs, Other Such Requirements

Application Programming Interface or APIs help various applications to communicate with each other. Your developer must have knowledge of all types of APIs. If the individual does not know its proper usages, there will be ease at dealing with the operating systems, database systems, etc.

Communication, Problem-Solving, and Learning Abilities

Your PHP developer must know the desired programming language. If you are hiring an offshore developer, consider how well the individual knows your domain. You may ask questions whether he or she is familiar with the work culture of your company.

Aptitude in Your Project Management Style

Try to gauge the depth of aptitude of the individual you want to hire for web development during the interview. Learn if he or she is aware of the project management style you have. Understanding his or her aptitude will help you decide how well he or she can contribute to your project.

Track Records, Accomplishments, Industry Exposure, Etc.

You can also track records or read testimonials if you are hiring a PHP developer from an agency. Check the accomplishments, industry exposure, etc., to choose the right candidate. Always check the background of the individual to have a better understanding of his or her domain of expertise.

What Hiring Models To Choose

You can hire a PHP developer using these four hiring models as per your requirement.

1) Project-Based Contractual Hiring

You can hire developers online as per the project needs on a contractual basis. A good IT recruitment agency could source temporary, contractual developer resources. An experienced IT recruiter could help you connect with the right talent for your project-based hiring needs through online platforms and reliable vendors.

You could also search on your own on the different platforms across target geographies and hire developers online for your project needs. You would need to check backgrounds and references before you hire a PHP developer through an online platform.

2) Dedicated Resource Models

When you need competent, high performers with the right infrastructure and resources to take your project from the conceptual stage to fully developed products or solutions, the dedicated resource model is a better option. This recruitment model helps you hire dedicated PHP developers who can take responsibility for every task they perform and are bound by terms to deliver as per requirements.

An established IT recruitment agency helps you hire dedicated PHP developers with a track record of reliability and a great performance from vendors that can assure any level of scalability as and when required.

3) Remote Staffing

You can also hire staff who will be operating remotely. You can check many job sites to get in touch with remote staff. You can hire staff for a full-time or temporary period. Conduct all required checks and assessments before you hire remote teams.

4) Permanent or Long-Term Roles (In-House)

Your core operations would need to be staffed by people who are loyal, there for the long-term, and keep your projects running smoothly and per customer expectations. Permanent staff needs to be chosen for the right attributes and not just based on academic qualifications and experience. With the help of a recruitment agency, hire web developers who stay motivated and committed to taking your business forward.

How to Partner with a Recruitment Agency

Many companies feel partnering with a recruitment agency increases their recruitment costs, but often it is just the opposite. If companies get down to calculating every dollar or pound spent on making recruitments happen and the costs of poor hiring decisions, hiring through an expert recruitment agency would seem tremendously cost-effective.

Also, there are all these advantages.

1) Find the Best-Match Candidates in Days

To find the best candidates for PHP developer positions in days, you need to partner with a recruitment agency that has a good network of talent pools that enable the IT recruiters to meet temporary staffing needs within days.

A competent IT recruiter like ours has enabled several thousands of successful hire-on-the-go staffing possible. We help you connect with reputed and reliable freelancers, vendors, or remote service providers within a remarkably short time.

2) Ensure Choice of Right Hiring Model

A good recruitment agency understands your workforce requirements and helps you to choose the right hiring model from a time, costs, and talent available perspective. Choosing the right hiring model helps you to control not only talent gaps but also many liabilities and risks.

3) Improve Interview Management

You need to make a strong interview model before you hire developers online or in-house. You need to set the right interview formats for various interview rounds based on the domains you have and the skills and terms you look for in your developer. You can engage a team of experts in your company to interview aspiring developers.

4) Hire from Geographies You Prefer

To make your web development project successful from a customer and financial perspective, hire PHP developers from the regions that provide strategic advantages. Only an IT recruitment agency like ours with a wide outreach spanning 25+ global locations could help you hire offshore developers or outsource to capable vendors with ease and efficiency.

5) Negotiate with Ease

A recruitment agency also helps you negotiate terms with potential hires. If you have a good rapport with the agency, you’ll find ease at negotiating with them. If you have projects in bulk, the agency could find you master and neutral vendors for dedicated resource hiring or virtual PHP development teams that offer good deals or contracts.

6) Avoid Risks

The last step is avoiding risks at any cost. Don’t hire PHP developers without knowing anything about their backgrounds. Such hiring practices could ruin the total effort of the website building. Always pay attention to the skills and background of the developer before you hire one.

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