How to Hire WordPress Developers? If That’s Right for You?

How To Hire WordPress Developers

Make The Right Talent Decisions

With 72 million downloads of its latest version, WordPress enjoys the reputation for being the CMS of choice for most companies. Uncountable WordPress developers are recruited for different projects each day to create stellar websites. This hints at the fact that hunting for a top-notch team of WordPress developers can be a daunting task. So, how to go about making the right talent decision in hiring WordPress developers?


Building an online presence to stand tall in competition and attract customers has become a new norm for businesses worldwide. A well-functioning website with engaging content adds value to your business credibility and boosts its growth. Although there are many popular frameworks and CMS systems available, such as React JS, Angular JS, Vue JS, Django, Node JS, and so on, WordPress remains a major content management system in the market.

It serves as an ideal platform for bloggers and businesses to build out user-friendly websites. Greatly demanded, its SEO-friendly features and easy functionalities, WordPress development services have gained prominence globally, broadening the field of opportunities for talented WordPress developers.

Whom To Hire? In-House or Remote WordPress Developers?

When In-House WordPress Developer Hiring is Beneficial

Hiring an in-house WordPress development team is most beneficial for a long-term, permanent WordPress development project whose framework needs constant attention and upgrade.

As regular members of the company who are more aware of its needs and values and are culturally fit, in-house developers have a great insight which, when applied to the project, produces excellent outcomes.

In addition, you get to have more control over every task since training and supervision on the ground become easy. Through direct communication, it is also convenient to implement changes and optimize the yield.

However, hiring in-house developers means a bigger budget and more investment in recruitment, buying equipment, training, salaries, and maintenance of the employees. A long-term investment is also required for setting up a physical workspace and infrastructure for your WordPress development project.

When Remote WordPress Developer Hiring is Beneficial

When you hire dedicated WordPress developers using a remote hiring model, you get access to the best talent in offshore locations from all over the world. You can hand-pick an experienced, well-coordinated, and dedicated team who are best suited for your project and can replenish its needs.

This outcome-oriented approach for WordPress web development will save you a lot of time in meeting the required standards. Moreover, you can hire developers temporarily or as per your project-based needs and can pay them on a one-time or hourly basis too.

The team of expert professionals experienced in their domain employs the best strategies to increase project and customer base cost-effectively by reducing project development costs and freeing up resources that can be used for new development opportunities.

Since the team of remote developers already possess important skills and tools to work in virtual mode, no extra investment is required in training, building infrastructure, or retaining employees. You can also monitor their progress conveniently through online WordPress operations management.

How To Hire The Right WordPress Developer Talent

1) Study Different WordPress Development Projects You Plan To Work On

With so many different WordPress websites out there, know what you are planning to work on: goals, features, platforms, themes, and so on. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution in choosing the right WordPress website option, outline your business needs and align them with your project.

If your goal is to promote your brand and serve as a resource hub for your target audience, a pre-built WordPress theme is recommended. But if you are an online store, then hire a developer for a custom-made theme for your project.

2) Consult With An Expert for Framing Recruitment Models

While looking to hire a developer, you should begin first by consulting experts for framing a recruitment model defined by your project needs. You can choose between freelancer, remote and in-house hiring models considering your needs which can be permanent, temporary, or project-based.

It is a good option to hire dedicated WordPress developers if your project-based requirements need a team full of experts without incurring many expenses.

3) Frame Profiles Per Types Of WordPress Developer Needs

When looking for WordPress developers for hire, be sure that you frame profiles per type of developer needs. Consider your audience and brand book, and specify skills you want in your developer – whether you want more focus on all types of codes or especially on custom designs.

Be it developing a project from scratch or wanting a real-time problem solver, or a need for reliable WordPress Development Project Managers, be careful to incorporate keywords while framing profiles such that they reflect clear demands.

Also, be specific about requests like the need for a developer who can integrate both front-end and back-end features in your website development process. Hire a developer who best meets every requirement as per the chosen profile.

4) Frame Job Descriptions Per Type and Expertise Level Across Project-Types

Framing job descriptions is a crucial process in hiring WordPress developers. Ensure that you structure them in a brief and concise manner, reflecting the vision as well as expectations from the position so that it attracts talented candidates. Mention the expertise level and industry exposure you want them to have in addition to the type of developer (in-house, remote, freelancer, etc.) you are seeking for your project.

5) Get The Agency To Find Best-Match Vendors and Developer Teams

To save yourself some time and effort, you can partner with an agency to find a team of WordPress developers who understand your needs, or rather search for best-match vendors through them to get a potential candidate for your business. A reputed agency is all you need to share a massive recruitment burden!

6) Get Checks Done

Once you find your top 5 or top 3 suitable candidates, pay close attention to the background verification of the potential candidate. Authenticate that the skills and expertise mentioned in their resumes are not empty promises.

Conduct interviews that question their hard and soft skills to find out what WordPress-specific skills they possess and if they know the language in and out. Check out any reviews, testimonials, or references the candidate has in order to be convinced about his authenticity.

Many vendors offering services such as WordPress developers for hire might offer you overall portfolios of work. Before you hire a developer, check his or her particular portfolio and references.

7) Choose Quality WordPress Developer Teams

While assembling a team of WordPress developers by looking at their portfolios, ask questions from each of them to determine their knowledge and skills. Choose wisely between the developers who can create custom themes from scratch with HTML, CSS, PHP, and so on, and others who use page-builder plugins.

Look for a team with multidisciplinary resources which can provide you with consultation, coding, testing, launch, and support services in the development process and can handle the entire SDLC without you having to micro-manage.

8) Get Sample Work Done

It’s advisable not to just trust the verbal promises but get an assessment of the candidates before signing the hiring contracts. Get a sample work done to judge their skills and expertise better. You can also get paid sample work done according to the situation.

9) Hire The Best For Each Position

If you are seeking to build up a team of WordPress developers which serve as the backbone of your company, then hire only the best for each position. This might drain a lot of time, money, and effort, but end results will bolster your profit.

You could hire dedicated WordPress developer resources from one or multiple vendors – this will enable you to structure a team with diverse experience, skills, and expert perspectives, ensuring optimized productivity.

10) Frame Contracts and Legal Agreements

Usually, the chosen WordPress developer writes up the contract or agreement. So, make sure that the contract sticks to the agreements made on the scope of the project, the terms of payment, time period of the project, the rights of intellectual property, and so on. The legal agreement must specifically take note of the handling of sensitive information on the part of WordPress developers.

Hire Developers Through A Reliable Agency- Alliance Recruitment Agency

Expert Advice – What Framework Best Suits Your Business Goals

When consulting with an agency like the Alliance Recruitment Agency, which specializes in WordPress hiring solutions, their expert advice would help you choose the right development framework.

You get evidence-based suggestions on whether you would benefit from WordPress or some other framework, from where you can hire PHP developers or Laravel developers, how to make a cost-effective website, and how to hire the best-qualified professionals from strategic locations, etc., all based on your project requirements and budget.

Support With Hiring Freelance WordPress Developers

A recruitment agency such as Alliance Recruitment Agency will help you select a reliable, efficient, best-suited, and cost-efficient freelancer by looking among millions of them through hundreds of freelancer websites and professional networks. Its proven track record of successful deliverables is enough to win your trust.

Support With Hiring Dedicated WordPress Developers

With a wide network, years of experience, and talent pools of skilled candidates, a recruitment agency such as Alliance Recruitment Agency will provide you with great assistance to hire a dedicated WordPress developer who is best suited for your project.

Support With Project-Based Hiring

With active connections with thousands of professionals across the globe who offer project-based WordPress development services through freelancers or their in-house resources on diverse short-term and long-term needs, Alliance Recruitment Agency lets you hire dedicated WordPress developers for your business.

Find Background-Checked Developer Teams

At Alliance Recruitment Agency, every potential candidate is hired by thoroughly checking their backgrounds to ensure that the hired developers only improve company-customer relations and do not disturb them, enabling your company’s impression to remain intact in every case.

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