How To Hire Dedicated Remote WordPress Developers: Everything You Need to Know

How To Hire Dedicated Remote WordPress Developers

WordPress holds a strong market reputation among its users and developers, dominating around 76.4% market share in the content management software. Popular for its go-to solution, WordPress has also led its developers to be in great demand. If you are looking for an expert to develop your WordPress project, brace yourself up for an extensive hunt. But save yourself some time and check out this article, as we lay down for you a detailed stepwise procedure for hiring dedicated remote WordPress developers.


The popularity of dedicated remote WordPress development for the WordPress development solution remains unabated despite several alternatives already in the market, which is truly justified because of the numerous advantages it offers to its clients. Preferred for long-term projects, hiring a dedicated team of developers ensures better revenues and profitability than most other options.

Their project-specific expertise and competencies avoid any compromises on speed, quality, and productivity. Unlike freelancer developers, who cannot cope with high volume work on a short deadline, dedicated WordPress developers easily cope with changing work and project volumes while giving a competitive edge to your business.

Another great advantage of remote WordPress developer teams is that they employ a diverse pool of expertise rather than focusing on the localized talent skilled within a specific domain. Promising high commitment levels and accountability, there is still a big drawback of this model, which is its recruitment process.

Hiring a dedicated team is an overwhelming process, especially if you are unguided by an expert in this domain. Moreover, choosing to partner with an incompetent outsourcing firm could lead to few good outcomes. A good recruitment agency can prove to be a big helping hand in your recruitment journey.

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Common WordPress Developer Team Hiring Pitfalls

Weak Project-Based Hiring Model Choices

The most prevalent mistake that you can make on your part is to choose a hiring model which is not compatible with your project. If the focus of your project is to create the best solution, assemble a team that has a clear approach and resources for the fulfillment of your vision. If your development team demonstrates an attitude that doesn’t match your expectations or share the same vision, then it implies a hindered growth of your project.

Prioritizing Budgets Over Quality

It’s a very common phenomenon to avoid spending large sums on the project while expecting a great return on it. If you are not ready to invest fully in the development project or on the team recruitment, naturally, there cannot be much that your WordPress developer team can do to maintain the quality of the project.

Lack of Talent Assessments And Recruitment Analysis

The structure of a team functioning locally and remotely varies a lot, and so does the ability of team members to handle different tasks with potential skills under different deadlines. While selecting any developer for your software team, ensure that the candidate is made aware of the challenges and responsibilities he needs to undertake so that a lack of talent assessment doesn’t come in the way of your project.

Lack of Smart Communication, Team Engagement Practices

Communication is a vital part of any business. A breakdown of communication between you and your developer team can cost your project greatly. Whatever your demands are, be it receiving regular updates, maintenance of a certain expected standard or skills, changes in any part of the project, or even your dissatisfaction with it, don’t leave your developer team in isolation or any contemplation. Engage in smart communication to avoid less hassle.

Selecting Teams Without Background Checks

Hiring a developer team on your own without running any background and reference checks can risk your project. Go through the previous records of the team members before recruiting them. You can even test their skills through assessments and sample works to ensure that they are mentally fit, capable and true to their promised resume.

How To Choose The Right Remote WordPress Developer Hiring Models?

1) Conduct A Thorough, And Detailed Remote Developer Hiring Needs Analysis

Before beginning to look for a wordpress expert for hire, it’s important to map out a clear recruiting strategy for which you need to conduct a thorough and detailed remote developer hiring needs.

Based on your project demands, whether you need to scale up and down frequently, increase productivity levels via 24/7 operations or increase profit margins within a stipulated time, or you need to implement flexible operations models to get benefits from diverse talent acquisition, assess your hiring needs on all the parameters to ensure developing a perfect remote hiring model.

2) Categorize Them Correctly – Long-term, Short-Term, Team Size, Level of Expertise, Costs, Etc.

Once you have analyzed your hiring needs, it is imperative for you to narrow them down into distinct categories.

Decide whether your remote WordPress developers will work for long-term or short-term, what will be the team size that will cater to your needs accurately, and what kind of specific skills you want the team of developers to focus upon more. Moreover, it’s highly advisable to discuss the project expenditures, pay off the employees and other investments beforehand.

3) Prepare The Right Metrics For Assessing Performance, Productivity, Outcomes

When choosing the right team of WordPress developers, it all comes down to the team members who can delve deep into your development project and understand the complete ins and outs of it such that their overall contribution optimizes productivity and enhances business growth. Through their experience, right tools as well as resources, the expert WordPress developer team must stay ahead of the curve and embrace the power of change.

However, constant monitoring, training, and assessment of the team, before and after recruiting, is equally important to ensure the efficiency of the team. Develop the right metrics for analyzing the loopholes and fix the weaker spots of your team to receive maximum output.

4) Consult With A Recruitment Agency

Choosing a recruitment agency to help you prepare the right remote WordPress developer hiring model is a convenient option to add a valuable asset to your company. An expert agency can provide you with an array of relevant talents by using their metrics to compare across different domains and a rich source of the network to recommend the best-fit expert. However, make sure you check agencies’ reviews, testimonials and portfolios before committing to them.

5) Find Choices For Best Hiring Models As Per Different Requirements

Once your business goals are identified, and you have decided on your needs for developing a remote hiring model, the next step is to select an engaging and flexible model that fits your needs. If you have well-defined, clear requirements, project-based models are recommended for you, but if you have a regular, large ongoing project, you can hire dedicated WordPress developers.

With cost-effective and reliable services, it is now a trend to hire dedicated developers on a full-time or hourly basis to build high-performance WordPress websites, applications, and plugins.

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1) Frame Job Descriptions Per Position For Remote WordPress Development Needs

To hire dedicated wordpress developers through an agency; the first rule is to frame job descriptions that explicitly describe your expectations from the post and do not create any misconceptions regarding the vision. It should be transparent enough to emphasize all the requirements the WordPress developers may possess.

A recruiting agency has experts to identify the best candidates who may possess the necessary knowledge and experience with front-end technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS), PHP, frameworks, MySQL.

They must also be experts in security aspects, possess smart planning skills and search engine optimization proficiency, and must be adept in market trends and industry requirements. It should be noted that skills required for any tech industry keep changing, for which an agency does a brilliant job in keeping track of them.

2) Frame The Right Assessments Based on Projects, Expertise Levels, Etc.

The ability to identify the skills of the potential candidate is not an easy task. One needs to reassure that the candidate being hired is actually worthy. This is often done by performing skill-based tests, which is an effective tool to assess the quality of work.

Hiring remote developers through an agency ensures constant assessment support. Their expert advice gained by massive experience in conducting and managing assessments helps the companies to find a suitable candidate for their project.

3) Estimate Payment and Compensation Range

If you decide to hire dedicated developers, the estimated payment and compensation range automatically cut down. You can choose to pay them on an hourly basis or employ them full-time without being eligible for any other compensation. Besides, the difference in labor costs across the globe makes a large difference.

Hiring remote WordPress developers provides more freedom in terms of location and time zones, as well as the ability to locate the right talent at a reasonable price without compromising on professionalism, skills, budget, and discipline.

Organizations seeking to expand their teams for a project can very easily skip time-consuming recruiting processes to leave them in the hands of agencies and sit back to enjoy a seamless recruiting experience.

4) Get Best-Match Candidates / Vendors

The wordpress expert for hire is best roped in by a vendor or a recruiting agency since they have access to a wide network and excellent market analytics. Moreover, if you hire dedicated wordpress developers, you have a pool of diverse talent and skills working for your project.

The recruiting agencies perform a series of screenings and interviews to get an exact profile match tailored made for your project’s requirement. Their dedicated hiring team model promises competency, top-class performance, best resources, and minimal pricing models.

5) Get Help With WordPress Development Vendor and Team Assessments

The best part about taking help from an agency is the overarching supervision of its team of experts at every step. Their guidance in the recruitment process can reduce the hassle or risks attached to it to almost nothing.

The practice of employing various metrics and careful assessments to pick out only the top-notch employee attracts a lot of customer attention. Their trustworthiness in finding a WordPress expert for hire means a lot of productive time to focus on other core aspects of the project.

6) Get Expert Advice For Framing Profitable Contracts

Choose a recruitment agency whose expert consultants go out of their way to stick to their commitment. If your company involved in WordPress development projects need a lot of specific features, these consultants will help you frame contracts that are advantageous both in the short and long run.

They would suggest you choose the right development framework based on evidence, whether you would benefit from WordPress or some other framework, from where you can hire PHP developers or Laravel developers, and so on, according to your project requirements and budgetary needs. They hire dedicated developers who can best serve your profitability and project performance goals.

7) Get Assistance With Remote WordPress Developer Resource Augmentation, Scaling Up, Etc.

The phenomenon of scaling up and down project volume and work is very common in WordPress development projects. Different companies can have different manpower requirements at a time.

Committing to an agency to hire dedicated developers remotely to facilities to achieve the flexibility and scalability your project demands without investing much time, money, and effort involved in other hiring models.

Moreover, acquiring dedicated resource talent across the globe ensures diverse experiences with 24/7 operational activities due to varying time zones. This leads to overall productivity, enriched perspectives, and better control over deliverables in the sense of quality, timeliness, efficiency, and outcomes.

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