How To Hire Game App Developers Who Are the Best-Fit for Your Project?

How To Hire Game App Developers

Make The Right Hiring Decisions for Assuring Excellent Project Outcomes!

Hiring the finest game developers for your projects is quite the challenge. That’s why we are here with this article to ease the hiring process for you. In no time, you will be well equipped to do everything from identifying your hiring challenges to effortlessly hiring the best game developer.

The number of active mobile gamers in the world is over an astounding 2.2 billion. This gaming industry is more massive than ever before, with revenues surpassing the global music industry and movie box office combined! However, as the number of gamers significantly rises, so makes the demand for new games, and in this modern age, players need games with high content and exhilarating new experiences.

Even though hiring is an overwhelming process, we have got your back again! This article will help you to identify your hiring challenges, provide information on various hiring platforms, and guide you on how you can hire a top-notch game developer.

Identify Your Game Developer Hiring Challenges


As the expertise and the experience of a game app developer increase, so does the cost of hiring them for your projects. The demand for developers with proficient technical skills and soft skills is high, and their payment is often more than average. In addition, this job market is frequently overheated, resulting in constantly changing rates every month.

Talent Access

Reaching out to access the best game developers is often difficult because either they are already employed or provided several job offers. Thus, you have to put in extra effort to reach out to them and persuade them to choose your projects over your competitors or any other.

Reliability Concerns of Available Talent

Sometimes, hiring offshore developers works best for your project requirements. However, it is challenging to build strong relationships online and to trust them with your projects. Even though you screen them for their talent, there is a limit to knowing if they have other skills like being trustworthy and accountable. Simply put, it is extremely difficult to hold an offshore employee accountable for poor work habits or serious company violations.


During peak times, you may have several game projects that need to be completed. For this, you need to expand as the current workforce doesn’t have the capacity to handle the projects alone. However, hiring new developers with proficient knowledge and skills requires time to find and screen them. Thus, scaling up the team with competent developers to work on the projects is difficult, needing immense time, money, and resources.

Limited Experience for Remote or Offshore Hiring

While hiring offshore or remote developers, you get access to a larger talent pool; however, it comes with its disadvantages too. For instance, you can never be sure about the identity and qualifications of the developers you hire. Hiring through the online mode restricts your ability to ensure that developers are going to be competent and qualified enough to work on your project. So, the limited experience you have in hiring this way can jeopardize the quality of your game app.

Where to Find Game Developers?

Game Developer Employment Websites

This type of website is specifically dedicated to helping you find a game app developer. Game developer employment websites enable you to post your jobs with specific project requirements on their job boards.

Game Developer Freelancing Websites

Online game developer freelancing websites provide a platform for freelance game developers who are self-employed and operate independently. There are several advantages and drawbacks of hiring them for your next game project. A few advantages are that they are inexpensive, have flexible schedules, and are available for around-the-clock communication.

Professional Networks

Professional networks consist of all the online hiring sites where professionals are available to bid on your projects and submit their service proposals. Professionals need to pay a fixed monthly or annual charge and complete a detailed form sharing all relevant information about their academic qualifications, certifications, experience, etc. Their identities are also checked by the websites.

Recruitment Agencies with Wide Experience in Game Developer Hiring

A recruitment agency comprises expert recruiters who have the necessary knowledge, skill sets, and experience to hire game developer. They recruit according to the requirements of the client and project objectives. These professionals offer clients assistance in carrying out the required assessments and interviews with the potential candidates.

How To Identify Best-Suited Game Developers?

1. Document All Your Talent Requirements

The first step to help you hire a fluent and skilled game developer is to identify and document their talent requirements according to your project. Here are a few aspects to consider so you don’t miss out on any crucial skills.

Programming Languages

As game developers, they must showcase technical ability, specifically a familiarisation with a range of programming languages like Java, C#, C++, JavaScript, and Python.

Technology Stack

A game programmer expert in some programming languages and platforms might not be competent with the databases and programming experience required to build and maintain your game app. Verifying the right technology stack experience is critical to efficient game development.

Team Composition

Depending on the type of game and its various requirements, your team can consist of programmers, network engineers, graphics programmers, user interface programmers, tools engineers, sound programmers, and other professionals. Keep in mind the game’s vision and design, and draft your dream team’s duties, roles and responsibilities.

Experience and Abilities Required Per Role

Once you are aware of the duties, roles, and responsibilities of each development team member, you will be able to pinpoint the suitable experience and competencies they need to effectively and efficiently carry out each task they are assigned to.

Tenure or Timeframe of Work Per Role

There will be different tasks that need to be accomplished within each stage of the project life cycle. Hence, the recruiters should ensure that the required personnel is available at the right stage to complete their respective tasks. For example, developers specialized in testing and app performance must be available for the testing stage of the game app.

Budget Estimates Based on Profit Margin Expectations

The recruitment budget estimate needs to be specified to the recruiters for it to be in line with the current prevailing salary scale. This is important because it helps to attract the best candidates with the required skills.

2. Choose Target Locations – Onshore or Offshore

Depending on the location, the costs of hiring a game app developer can widely differ. During the planning stage, the recruiters have to decide whether they require onshore or offshore developers for the project. Both of these locations come with their inherent advantages and drawbacks.

3. Frame A Detailed Screening Criteria

For your game app to be a success, you need highly competent game developers on board. So, once you receive potential candidates, you have to formulate detailed screening criteria to screen for the most proficient developers that best meet your project requirements. Primarily, the candidates need to be assessed on two main levels. Firstly, evaluate their technical knowledge and skills because, as developers, they need to have strong IT skills, expertise in programming languages, game engines, and designing. Secondly, they need to possess soft skills like communication skills, organizational skills, critical thinking, and the ability to problem-solve effectively.

4. Get Background Checks Done of Selected Game Developer Teams

Conduct a thorough background check on potential game app developers to verify that they have adequate qualifications to work on the tasks effectively. This includes having an in-depth understanding of each game developer’s academic qualifications, work experience, performance levels, and references.

5. Assess Performance Through a Sample Project Work

Assign a low-priority project to the new game developers to evaluate their overall performance, how they organize and implement their assigned works, communicate, deal with situations, etc. Closely monitor the developers on how they complete the assigned tasks, the level of their technical skills, ability to problem-solve and critically analyze whenever necessary.

6. Select the Best Team

After assessing the performance of the developers, a deeper understanding of their work can be apprehended. So, hire the game developers that best meet your work standards, and most importantly, your project requirements.

Game Development Costs

The game app development costs are heavily influenced by the functionality of the game, graphics, characters, user interface, and type of game. There are three stages for estimating the cost of game development.

1. Pre-Development Cost

This involves brainstorming, planning, strategizing, designing, and prototyping. This is a crucial stage because this is what helps you to build your project, and once you lay the foundation, you can estimate your costs for the various aspects of the game app.

2. Developing Cost

This phase involves bringing your project to life. It consists of programming, scripting, character creation, animation, audio, and so much more. The tools, devices, platforms, and technology stack you use for the project will cover most of the game app development costs.

3. Post Development Cost

After the game has been successfully developed, the assigned team members will carry out maintenance, testing, and fixing bugs. This stage is important because the more accurate your development, the lower the cost for fixing errors. Moreover, remember that the maintenance of the game is a continual cost, and server resources, size of the game, and updates are factors that will affect it.
The cost for developing a game app is determined by various factors like game type, experts used, tools and platforms, marketing, etc. A game app project can cost anywhere from approximately $10,000 to $75,000, depending on the functions, features, target audience, and the location from which you hire the developer team.

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