How to Outsource Your Recruiting Efforts

How To Outsource Your Recruiting Efforts

What to Consider When Hiring a Recruiter

According to recent research, more than half of small businesses expect to hire at least one new employee this year, and nearly three-quarters will hire full-time employees.

Recruiting is a critical yet very time-consuming business process, full of repetitive tasks and interruptions that pose a challenge for small business owners.

To help you choose the best recruiting specialist for your company, consider the following three approaches:

  • Search for recruiters with experience in your industry
  • Request candidates whose qualifications and personality are a good fit
  • Review what technologies your recruiter utilizes

Use this checklist to find a recruiter that can find you the best candidates in a timely fashion.

Industry Experience

When outsourcing your recruiting efforts, look for a recruiter who has experience placing the type of candidates you’re looking for.

Recruiters that work solely in your industry, for example, understand the language to use to communicate with candidates and the personality traits to look for that make for successful long-term pairings. They’ve also built connections over time, and often have a network of talent to pull from.

There are several ways you can determine if a recruiter has the industry experience you’re looking for:

  • Have they posted similar jobs on LinkedIn in the past?
  • How long have they been with their current recruiting company, and did they specialize in the same industries before?
  • Does the recruiter hire for many different specializations, or do they focus on one or two industries?

Determining the past history and experience of your recruiter before hiring them helps you select a specialist that excels at recruiting talent in your industry.

Communicate Ideal Qualifications and Personality Fit

When recruiting new employees, it’s important that candidates have the right qualifications and personality for your company

Before speaking with a recruiter about filling your job openings, make sure you communicate, and they understand your company culture:

  • What are your company’s mission and core values?
  • What are the personality traits of the people who already work for you?

Establish the importance of finding a qualified candidate who’s a good fit at the beginning of your relationship with your recruiter, to ensure that your search returns individuals with both traits.

Research the Recruitment Technologies They Use

Determine the sort of technologies a recruiter uses before depending on them as a partner.

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools and software such as chatbots, AI assistants, and specialized algorithms help speed and improve the recruiting process by automating repetitive tasks such as:

  • Writing job descriptions and ads that reach the right type of candidate
  • Sourcing, screening, and shortlisting candidates
  • Evaluating candidate backgrounds, including work history and employment patterns
  • Conducting assessments and skills tests
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Communicating with candidates and guiding them through the application process

For example, according to AI recruiting company Paradox, most recruiters spend 80% of their time on routine tasks. Its recruiting chatbot, named “Olivia,” guides candidates through the application process, schedules interviews, and answers questions from candidates.

AI recruiting companySource: Paradox

More sophisticated AI-based programs help find candidates whose qualifications and personality are a good fit for your company.

Ideal Recruiting System, for its part, uses AI-based machine learning to understand the contents of a resume based on historical tracking, experience, and recruiter feedback.

ideal recruiting systemSource: Ideal

According to Ideal, companies using the software have reduced cost-per-screen by 75% and employee turnover by 35%.

AI-driven technologies increase recruiting efficiency, providing your company with savings, quicker hiring, and higher retention rates.

Selecting the Best Recruitment Specialist for Your Firm

Hiring a recruiter with experience in your industry, asking them to consider company culture when selecting candidates, and reviewing their AI capabilities will help you find the best recruitment specialist for your firm.