Hiring a CXO? How Should You Go About It?

Hiring A CXO

You might be a company that invests a lot in customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty activities management. You might also have heard a lot about the benefits of hiring a CXO to increase repeat business and customer loyalty leading to maintaining the millions of dollars in revenues you get each year. Are you wondering whether you need a CXO? This blog will answer your questions about what the CXO role is all about.

The C-suite leaders are the pillars of any business, supporting its strength, stability, performance, and continuity. The C-level recruitment includes the hiring of the highest level of the position in a corporate world who would be responsible for organizing the company-wide decisions.

These high-ranking executives usually have the word chief in their position title and hence explaining the C in the C-level recruitment. There are many C-level positions that you already know about – CEO, CIO, COO, and CMO, among others. But a large number of fast-expanding companies are now considering hiring a CXO, a role about which there is comparatively little awareness.

Hiring a CXO without a correct understanding of the position could lead to wrong hiring decisions impacting the investment you made for that position and the decisions taken by the individual. Here is some key information about the roles played by a CXO and the best methods of finding the right CXO talent for your organization.

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What Is The CXO Position? Five Key Functions

A Chief Experience Officer (CXO) is the driver of the company’s entire customer experience, which impacts customer acquisition and retention. The CXOs are responsible for making sure that the cross-departmental work is going great to provide the right customer experience and forming strategies to make the situation of the business even better.

1. Identify All Customer Experience Enhancement Areas

As the CXO is focused on providing a great customer experience, one of the key roles of a CXO is to keep track of all the loopholes or customer dissatisfaction that the business is causing, which is then affecting the experience adversely. The CXO figures out the areas which can be enhanced to provide a better customer experience.

2. Implement CX Improvement Strategies And Systems

Knowing the shortcomings of the company, the other key role is to form the strategies for the company to make improvements in the business and the new systems of work, which might even be more favorable for the business. After forming the strategies, the implementation requires even more work with constant tracking and making the business adapt to the changes.

3. Increase Customer Retention and Loyalty Metrics

Another key role is the implementation and tracking of the customer experience in such a way that the customer stays loyal to the business, repeating their orders and increasing their preference for building a good relationship with the company. The CXO studies customer segments, patterns, and behavior and makes sure everything goes just the way as planned to increase customer retention and loyalty. The CXO also puts in place the measures to address the flaws of any and every department that is affecting customer experience negatively.

4. Enhance Customer Satisfaction Index

While working entirely in a customer-focused way, the main aim throughout is providing customer satisfaction. The CXO does everything possible to enhance the customer satisfaction index, and it is no doubt that the work of CXO is highly difficult due to the constant changes in the market, and ensuring customer satisfaction in many circumstances is an uphill battle. The CXO addresses this huge challenge by leveraging his or her knowledge and insights.

5. Supervise Employee Training and Learning for Improving CXO

As the CXO’s main role is to ensure a great customer experience for all the customers and increase customer satisfaction, in order to be successful and to ensure that all employees understand the methods to improve customer experience, the CXO also supervises the kind and level of training for the employees, helping them understand and learn how to go about improving the customer experience.

Key Steps In The Pre-CXO Recruitment Stage

The recruitment of a CXO involves complex and time-consuming processes. Before beginning the process, there are a few things one needs to do to make sure the process begins and continues in the right direction.

1. Identify Key Goals Of Your Customer Experience Officer Position

The very first step is to list down all the current and possible goals required to be fulfilled by the CXO, which would help you prioritize experience, knowledge, and skills that are key, primary, secondary, and preferable.

2. Conduct Market Mapping To Get Deeper Insights Into The Position and Talent Availability in Your Markets

The next step is mapping. After knowing your goals, you can now map down what kind of talent you are looking for and then compare it to talent availability in the market and competitor companies. These deeper insights would make your work way easier in shortlisting the right candidate for the position.

3. Find Out About Compensation and Benefits Offered to CXO

The next step would be to know the current trends and the situation in the market so as to decide upon the compensation and benefits you would be offering your CXO, and then even compare it to your budget and prepare the terms of the offer.

4. Create A Detailed Profile Of Your Future CXO

The next step is to be done when you got everything in your hand; just make the final draft now detailing everything related to your future CXO. Top CXO executive search experts recommend the creation of a detailed persona using which talent search can be refined.

5. Hire A CXO Headhunter

The last step is the search for the CXO headhunter, as getting in the field of recruitment is extremely time-consuming and tiring. A CXO recruiter would smoothen things out for you, and getting a great CXO recruiter is like the treasure you are looking for. Make sure while hiring a CXO headhunter, the person or the agency understand what you are looking for, your aim, and even provide constant support throughout the recruitment process.

Tips To Enhance CXO Hiring Decision

1. Identify Performers Over Candidates With Just Academic Brilliance

The very first step is to filter all the candidate profiles provided by a CFO executive search expert. Ask your CXO hiring expert to categorize candidates based on academic achievements and certifications, experience and track record-based achievements, reputation, and goodwill in the market, etc.

2. Check Contributions In Previous Employments

The next step is screening through the experience of the candidates, as to what exactly they did, how well they performed, if their experience is even relevant to your expectations and search. Moreover, as per their contributions, you can infer the kind of skills the candidate has.

3. Find Out How Much Understanding CXO Candidates Have About Your Industry and Customer Segments

Moving to the next step, just hiring someone with common and general skills isn’t enough. You need to make sure that this leading high-level position has the ability to think beyond just addressing challenges to driving growth and achievements. It is always preferred that the candidate understands the field of business, the industry and is even prioritized in cases of experience in this industry.

4. Check Knowledge of CX Technology and Tools Used In Your Industry Segment

Most of the customer interactions happen digitally, and the use of the right technology that allows intuitive, inspiring customer experience when interacting with the business from any touchpoint is critical to ensure competitive advantages.

So, to do that, you can always have a digital or interview-based assessment taken of the candidate to test their knowledge of the customer experience-related technology and the tools.

5. Assess Collaboration Skills and Situational Judgment Skills

The assessment taken in the previous step is more of the technical one. Expert CXO executive search experts recommend taking assessments of collaboration skills and situational judgment skills. You would be able to judge if the future CXO can put into practice his or her vision and knowledge when dealing with real-life situations and challenges

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