How to Hire iOS Developers: Know the Best Ways and Costs!

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When you need to hire iOS app developers, you might find an overwhelming chain of processes before you – searching through portals, websites, vendor companies, etc. Some companies offer “app developers for hire” or ‘iPad developers for hire” services online. These are online firms sourcing talent based on a fixed fee. But how can you be assured that your project will be managed in a reliable manner without data theft or loss? Find out how to find and hire iOS app developers without hassles!

Apple’s iOS is said to be one of the leading operating systems in the world, so it comes as no surprise that companies are seeking iOS app developers for their projects.

However, there are several challenges associated with hiring a competent developer. For example, Apple constantly updates its programming developments, security and control norms. The technologies that iOS applications connect with are also evolving. The need for more mobile-friendly and multi-platform apps is also increasing.

Many app development companies are partnering with online firms offering “app developers for hire” or ‘iPad developers for hire” services. Before you decide to choose iOS for your app development, find out whether your project could benefit from hiring iOS app developers.

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Why Do You Need iOS App Developers?

For Creating E-Commerce Apps

E-Commerce apps enable your business to buy and sell products and services. iOS app developers can design and build these apps according to your vision, and by collaborating with the design team, they can create a unique UX& UI design that will help your business to stand out to target customers on the iOS platform.

For Developing Customer Service Apps

These specialized app developers can create customer service apps with numerous functionalities. This includes customer management, where your business can manage all aspects of customer interaction. This includes; multi-channel support, which provides you the ability to interact and offer support to customers on multiple channels; workflow, which helps you to automate routine workflows like assigning cases, etc.

For GPS-Based Services like Food Delivery, Taxi Booking, etc

For creating location-based apps, iOS app developers use their technical knowledge and skills to add third-party apps with data safety features like Google Maps SDK for iOS to the application.

With this feature, the app can detect and show the user’s accurate, current location with the help of geolocation functions and trackers. Moreover, it also allows users to set markers, change their views and customize their interaction with the map.

For Employee and Payroll Management

For helping businesses manage the employees and their payments, iOS app developers can create an app that allows checking the clock-in/out timings, setting payments for certain service/workers, and all of these on a simple interface making this job effortless.

Some of the other features a developer can include are connecting employers and employees, enabling the employers to edit, review and submit payrolls, and with a cloud backup, the user can resume the submission on any other device.

For Gaming or Entertainment

To engage the targeted audience, the app developers can create user-friendly gaming iOS apps with attractive graphics, strong user control, sound effects, and a shorter loading period.

In addition to this, developers use their technical skills to make sure the gaming and entertainment apps are well compatible for all screen configurations in order for enhanced user experiences.

For Education, Training, Learning and Development

For eLearning apps, the iOS app developers can incorporate numerous features like enabling video-based content, tests, offline mode features, push notifications, and social media integration.

Moreover, to ensure a more personalized experience for each user, the app can be designed to include feedback, corrections, and custom learning for everyone.

How To Hire An iOS App Developer with Skills and Experience in Projects That You Do?

1. Prepare Detailed Profiles for Different Kinds of Roles

Having an outline of every outcome an iOS app developer has to achieve in your project is one of the most important steps. In other words, this is what lays the foundation for your app developer recruitment processes.

So, think about all the duties, roles, and responsibilities app developers have from the time they join your team till they complete the project. In addition, creating a detailed profile per position will greatly help you to identify the necessary knowledge and skills required for the successful completion of the tasks.

2. Be Highly Specific About Experience, Knowledge, Competency Levels for The Projects You Are Hiring

Now that you have a detailed job profile for the app developers, you can easily find out the candidate-specific requirements for the project.

Think about the various tasks, apart from the basics. Do they need to have additional knowledge or skills? Concerning experience, can the project be handled by a junior developer, or are the duties inclined towards a senior app developer?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself because only then can you ensure you have the most suitable developers to work on your project.

3. Estimate The Costs of Hiring in 3-4 Different Geographies

Depending on the location, the costs of hire ios app developer can widely differ. Exploring the different hiring costs for developers will provide you with several options to choose from and you can select the one that best suits your needs.

4. Choose Strategic Locations Following a Talent Market Mapping

Talent market mapping is an effective technique to find app developers who would be suitable candidates for your project. It provides a clear view of the talent pool across your industry as well as your preferred locations. Therefore, using these valuable insights, you can find competent app developers in more cost-efficient locations.

5. Find Candidates Through the Employment Websites in These Geographies or Work with A Recruitment Agency

Once you have found suitable locations with talented app developers, you can use the country-specific employment websites to post the job requirements for this position.

On the other hand, you can also partner with a recruitment agency that has global coverage to search for competent app developers in the international talent pool. Moreover, recruitment agencies often have global partner offices that can make the recruitment process smooth and effortless.

6. Find Candidates with Profiles That Are Perfect-Match for Your Requirements

At this stage, you will receive app developer candidate profiles, either through the employment websites or from the recruitment agency, if you have used their services.

Keeping in mind your project requirements, you need to filter through the profiles to find the ones that best suit your project needs. However, if you have hired a recruitment agency, they screen through the candidates and shortlist the best candidates for your company.

7. Shortlist and Conduct Assessments

After going through the app developer candidates, you have to further narrow it down to a handful of candidates that best fit your project’s criteria. Then, to get to know them better, you are required to conduct various technical and soft skill assessments and interviews to verify their competency levels as an iOS app developer.

If you have partnered with a search firm, they will offer interview management support and assist you with conducting the assessments.

8. Get Sample Work Done

To gain a deeper understanding of how the potential app developers work in a real-life scenario, a trial round is essential. So, assign a low-priority project to the new app developers to evaluate their overall performance, how they organize and implement their assigned works, communicate and deal with situations, etc.

Closely monitor the developers on how they complete the assigned tasks, the level of their technical skills, ability to problem solve and critically analyze whenever necessary.

9. Choose The Best Ones

In this step, using the insights you gained on the potential developers’ work performance, hire the app developers that best meet your work standards and project criteria.

Keep in mind that soft skills are also quite important. Therefore, the developers hired must be proficient in technical knowledge and skills as well as showcase the ability to work well with a team, communicate effectively, manage time and stay organized.

The Easiest and Most Efficient Way to Hire iOS App Developers

1. Partner with a Recruitment Agency

A search firm has well-established professional relationships and extensive recruitment networks that will give you access to potential candidates from across the globe. In addition to this, they can provide numerous valuable services like helping you with assessment and technical interviews, candidate selection, and onboarding support.

Moreover, these professionals have deep industry knowledge, which allows them to select highly skilled and effective developers for you. So, partnering with a recruitment agency not only offers you expert services but guarantees you a proficient developer in no time.

2. Discuss Your Budget, Timelines, Scope of Work, and Talent Requirements

Once you have partnered with a search firm, you will have to discuss various matters to help them gain a better understanding of your company’s and project needs. Therefore, have a solid plan ready in the following areas:


This will be the amount you set aside for development, deployment, publishing, integration, testing, and quality control


The time you require for the successful development of the app, which includes processes of planning, structuring, testing, and documenting

Scope of Work:

Consider for how long you would need developers with different skill sets and expertise levels and what are the different project work that you will be sourcing apart from app development. Also, consider the future scalability needs of the app project.

Talent Requirements:

You should have a clear idea of the number of app developers, designers, testing experts, and other people involved in your project so that you can efficiently coordinate with the recruitment partner.

Discussing the aforementioned aspects with the professional recruiters will help them gain insights into your app development projects, and accordingly, they can ensure the potential candidates meet your project and company’s criteria.

3. Find The Required Number of Best-Match Candidates in Terms of Talent, Costs, and Competency

Let your recruitment partner connect with relevant “app developers for hire” service providers or “iPad developers for hire” service firms. Conduct detailed profile and portfolio screening to ensure only the best-match candidates are shortlisted for the iOS app development project.

Some companies offering app developers for hire services might have a great brand reputation but also charge a lot more than firms in smaller cities in South Asia. Select developers with the right skill sets and experience offering preferred pricing models.

4. Conduct Assessments, Interviews, Etc.

Conducting various tests and interviews is a crucial step to ensure that you have the most qualified iOS app developer for your projects. With assistance from the recruitment agency, you will be able to conduct assessments that go further than evaluating your candidate’s academic knowledge.

In addition to this, to assess the candidate’s technical skills, you can prepare interview questions on iOS, Objective-C, Swift, Unicode, Core data, JNI, Java, and UI, to name a few. Interviews are also an effective way to know more about the candidate’s soft skills such as problem-solving, communication skills, and critical thinking. In other words, this stage is the best way to know if your potential candidates possess proficient knowledge and technical and soft skills for your projects.

5. Finalize Candidates

The assessments and interviews conducted would have helped you gain a deeper understanding of the candidate’s technical knowledge and skills, their ability to problem-solve, critically analyze, and so on. So, armed with this information, you will be able to select the developers you are confident can work professionally on your projects as well as with your team.

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