How to Hire a Perfect Game Developer Team? Here’s The Best Guide!

How to Hire a Game Developer Team

Find the Right Talent for Outstanding Game Development

Hiring the perfect game-developing team is possible if a company has the right strategies. If you are planning to hire game developers, find out how to create the right strategy and approach to meet all your talent needs on time and within the budget that does not ruin your profits from app development. You might be planning to hire Android game developers or iPhone game developers. Get tips from expert IT recruiters to enhance your game developer hiring outcomes!

Are you planning your first game development project? You definitely will be looking for a perfect game development team that could address each and every requirement that comes your way when developing the game application.

You might also be a company looking to expand your game development projects and need a constant supply of talented developers to manage different tasks related to different projects on time.

Whatever be the reason behind your decision to hire game developers, find out the best ways to find the right talent without delays and overspending.

First, categorize well the different types of functions, features, outcomes, etc., related to the game app development project. Then you would be able to identify the right kind of skill sets needed for each task. Planning and creating a team becomes a more systematic process.

Find out the different kinds of talent you need for your game app development project or projects.

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The Different Types of Game Development Talent Needs

On the basis of your game app project needs, you may need different types of game development talents.

Project Manager

A project manager’s work is to help the team reach the target by meeting the deadline. They are also responsible for looking after the quality of the work. When it comes to game development, there are numerous professionals involved. To coordinate and manage the whole work, the project manager plays a significant role.

Product Designers

It is the product designer that visualizes the outline and design of the game. The product designers direct the animator, graphic designer, software engineers, and programmers with the design. It is their duty to design the game in a way that is a successful one.


After the product design is finalized, the programmers at the game app development company build the base of the game. They do it with the help of programming languages such as some scripting or assembly language. They are also known as ‘scripters.’

3D and 2D Animation Specialists

Animation specialists, are essential to creating fantastic gaming experiences which involve moving objects and people that give a real-world scenario. If you are looking for your game to have realistic 2D and 3D graphics, animation specialists should be hired.

Immersive App Development Specialists

To build a game where the players can immerse themselves is the specialty of immersive app development specialists. Game app provider companies hire them to create virtual reality games.

UI Designers

A User Interface Designer or, simply, a UI Designer plays a key role – designing the interface of the game app. The better and easier the interface of the game app is, the more it becomes easier for the target users to enjoy the game and the more subscribers the game app company gets.

UX Designers

UX Designers look after the User experience (UX) Design of a game. It means UX Designers look into the aspects of how a person perceives the game to be in terms of user-friendliness and gameplay levels.

Sound and Acoustic Specialist

The sound effects of a game are very important to make it interesting. No one likes to play soundless games. The ambient effects of the game are carefully planned by these professionals.

Augmented Reality Specialists

AR specialists make the virtual world of the game more human-like. With the help of technical inputs, the sensory experience of the player is stimulated by the creation of such a game. Object recognition, creation of a game universe, and recognition of gamer commands are done by AR specialists.

VR and AI Experts

Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence have taken over many fields, including gaming. VR and AI experts have changed the game app creation landscape by adding elements that mimic the real world in every manner.

Quality Assurance and Testing Professionals

For a game to guarantee 100% user satisfaction, a quality check should be done. For this purpose, testing and quality assurance professionals are hired. They have parameters to check the game performance and check every aspect such as graphics, user interface, sound, game features, the complexity of the game, etc.

Frame The Right Talent Acquisition Plan

When you have worked out the different kinds of designers, you need for your game app development project, the next step is to ascertain how feasible are the different hiring options. You could hire a game app developer who offers services for a fixed period based on a contract, or you could hire a game app developer working remotely or as a freelancer.

Find the different options available before you hire game developer using just one hiring model. Whether you plan to hire iPhone game app developers or need to hire Android game developers, ask yourself this question, study the available options, and make a final decision about the hiring models you would like to choose.

1. Would You Prefer To Outsource The Entire Project?

It becomes cost-effective and hassle-free for the company to outsource the project. Outsourcing eliminates the troubles of business operation and promotional work of the game. Round-the-clock productivity is also ensured by outsourcing.

If you are worried about controlling the entire project on your own and taking responsibility for all outcomes, then outsourcing the game app development project becomes a wise decision.

There are different types of outsourcing options. You could work with a vendor who will take care of the entire project, or you could hire dedicated resources of the vendor for your game app development project.

2. Would You Prefer Hiring Dedicated Game Developer Resources For Just The Development Work?

It depends on the game app development company’s needs and priorities if they want to hire a game app developer team through a dedicated resource model or through a remote team model.

A dedicated resource model helps you outsource different activities of a game app development work to different teams at different vendors. You could have a dedicated team of graphic designs and animation experts working on the project from one company, and you could have game app programmers, coders, testing experts working as a dedicated team from another company.

3. Would You Prefer Remote Staffing Solutions To Manage Certain Project Types?

Hiring a remote team through a staff augmentation model or another outsourcing model helps you outsource the entire project in a phased manner with accountability for outcomes at every phase. This leads to better outputs.

4. Are You Seeking Game Developers For Permanent In-house Positions?

If you are looking to hire game developers for the in-house positions, then you are looking for longevity. Long-term employment is a good option when you need to hire game developers as a core team that manages all your game development projects for years to come.

How to Execute Game Developer Hiring Plans

1. Select Target Geographies

If your company is based in a region where it is difficult to find and hire Android game developers or iOS game developers within budget and time constraints, then select geographies from where you can find the right talent. You could hire from India or South Asia or the UK or Eastern Europe or from states in the US where talent availability is not an issue.

2. Partner With A Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency, like Alliance Recruitment Agency, has all the strong networks to ensure you get the right talent without delay. They have access to the best candidates already. Hence, they save your time and connect you with the perfect candidates. The industry expertise possessed by the recruitment partner allows you to get an efficient team.

3. Discuss Budgets, Tenure, Resource Requirements, etc.

After you have decided to partner with a recruitment agency, share details with them. The details should include the budget, tenure of employment, and your resource requirements. It is on the basis of these details, and the agency will provide you with the shortlisted candidates.

4. Prepare a Hiring Criteria For Each Role

For every position that needs to be filled, list down the hiring criteria. These criteria act as the parameters for the agency based on which their recruiters can hire a game app developer based on your specifications. You should frame selection criteria to compare the abilities of every candidate.

5. Find Shortlisted Best-Match Candidates Ready To Accept Your Offer Within A Short Time

After carrying out the selection procedure like interviews, group discussion, checking of sample work, etc., of the candidates provided by the recruitment agency, shortlist the ones you find the best for your company. Make sure the candidates accept it within a short time.

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