How to Hire an iOS App Developer: the Ultimate Guide

How To Hire An Ios App Developer

Make Hiring For iOS App Development SMART!

With iOS gaining popularity with every passing year, most companies plan to develop iOS apps to meet different needs – sales, customer support, project management, training, etc. Such projects are either handled through a core team of in-house app developers and temporary positions or through project outsourcing and dedicated resource hiring. If you are planning to hire iPad app developers or to hire iOS app developers, make talent acquisition smooth and result-oriented by following these tips and suggestions offered by expert IT recruitment professionals.

iOS apps are used for every possible use due to their growing number of users. People rely on iOS app development as the security offered is top-notch, along with an interface that is user-friendly. Today, most businesses across sectors have iOS apps. This is why iOS app developers are in high demand.

Hiring an iOS app development for any project would require searching, screening, finding rates and charges, testing, and selecting the right talent. That might look like a one-time task, but it is not so for most companies.

Many positions are temporary – you will not need to hire iOS app developers specialized in UX design for a long term. It is a one-time need. You might need to have a permanent team for maintaining the app and constantly assessing and upgrading app performance post the app launch.

If your company specializes in app development solutions and you frequently need to hire mobile app developers or to hire iPad app developers, then finding a partner to take care of your hire-on-go talent needs will make a huge difference.

You can plan your temporary and permanent workforce needs with your recruitment partner and put in place a robust talent pipeline management.

Finding the right hiring model for different positions in an iOS app design and development team is important to maintaining quality, consistency in design, and productiveness.

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How Would You Like To Hire?

With so many options for recruitment, it might be overwhelming to hire an iOS app developer. The following are the ways in which you could hire an iOS app developer that suits your needs.

1. Through A Staff Augmentation Model

You could fill the positions that are responsible for completing short-term projects in your company through a staff augmentation model.

This way, you would be able to outsource your iOS app developer needs and fill in the position by hiring the developers provided to you on a temporary basis. The biggest advantage of this method is that even though the employees are brought in via outsourcing, you get complete control over the app development work.

2. Through A Dedicated Resource Model

For large and long-term projects, you could hire ios app developer through a dedicated resource model. In this way, you could have remote developers who solely look to satisfy your needs.

In this case, the client has full control over the App needs and also on the hired iOS app developers. As the developers work specifically for the client’s needs, the work, therefore, is five quickly.

3. Through A Temporary In-House Recruitment Model

When you hire mobile app developers through your own HR team, you might benefit from increased flexibility in terms of hiring.

In-house teams, however, might not have access to diverse global databases, rich talent pools of freelancers, onshore developers or offshore developers. Your in-house team will have to depend on employment websites and internal employee referrals.

4. Through An Offshore or Cross-Border Hiring Model

If you wish to have access to a wide talent pool at cheaper costs, then recruitment through an offshore or cross-border model is the best option for you. This model also helps you hire app developers with exposure and skills that are not available at the local level.

The iOS apps created in the hands of developers hired through this model are unique due to their knowledge.

5. Through An Onshore Outsourcing Model

In case you are not keen on getting your app development done by overseas developers, then consider the onshore outsourcing model. This model of hiring can also be adopted when time zone differences or even different languages of communication create difficulty for work.

6. Through Other Recruitment Methods

Apart from the above-mentioned hiring models, you could also avail the services of a competent recruitment agency. Such agencies have unique talent hunting approaches to find the right talent as per your needs. They specialize in onshore, offshore, in-house permanent recruitment, and many more.

How To Screen And Select The Right iOS Developer Candidates or Teams

The following are a few points that make the screening phase interesting. Follow them for the best results.

1. Identify 10-20 Key Attributes, Abilities, Experience, And Knowledge Areas

In order to hire the right candidate to take the position of an iOS app developer in your company, you have to know the qualities and other aspects of the candidates inside out.

List the aspects you want to know about them. It may be their abilities, subject, practical knowledge, vision, etc. Not everything can be deduced by the CV. Based on your unique project needs, identify 10-20 characteristics your ideal iOS app developer should have.

2. Set A Detailed Criteria – Combination of Skills, Expertise, Specific Experience, Etc.

Based on the assessment of 10-20 areas of abilities and competency levels, you will be able to assess the right skill sets, technology stack experience, and industry exposure needed in the ideal candidates.

It depends on the goals of creating an app and the visions of your company to set detailed criteria for the developer hiring process. Your detailed criteria will also act as a checklist during the interview and screening stages.

3. Develop A Screening And Assessment Process Based on Your Identified Criteria

As mentioned above, your selection of ideal strengths for the candidate acts as a checklist during the screening process. Therefore, formulate the screening process in an efficient way to test the candidate’s creativity, skills, knowledge, and spontaneity. For instance, you should test the candidate’s expertise by assessing their sample work.

4. Frame Your Hiring Process Aligned To Recruitment Goal Achievement

The hiring process should not be conducted to merely test the knowledge and expertise of the candidates. Your primary goal should be to match the candidates with your needs. You should keep in mind that a candidate may be very updated but may not execute the work given to him/her properly due to a lack of understanding of the needs.

5. Identify The Correct Interview Formats For Different Interview Rounds

There exist many formats of carrying out interviews. Do not arbitrarily conduct every possible type of interview for diversifying your recruitment process.

You could conduct one or two methods of interviews. It can be a one-on-one personal interview, technical interview, panel interview, group interview, virtual interview, etc. Every format comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Select the formats that suit you the most.

6. Create Scoring and Comparative Candidate Analysis Methods

With numerous talented candidates in a typical screening, it becomes difficult to choose the ultimate iOS app developer. Therefore, a comparative candidate analysis based on well-researched hiring criteria needs to be applied for knowing who is the best. This even adds an evidence-based scientific angle to the recruitment process. Applying such measures gives your company the assurance of getting an apt iOS app developer.

7. Set Score Scales – One To Five Or One To Ten, Etc.

Setting a score scale not only helps your company in quickly hiring iOS app developers but also makes them analyze different parameters under similar grounds of comparison. Typically, a score set is 5 or 10 points. The scoring system can be applied for all interviews. Such a system allows you to conduct the hiring process in an objective, bias-free manner.

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