How to Hire App Developers and How Much Does It Cost?

How To Hire App Developers

Here is a guide that helps you improve your app developer talent acquisition process. Whether you need to hire Android app developers or find companies that help you hire iPhone app developers using a hire-on-the go model, find ways to optimize your hiring costs and options.

Companies offering mobile app development solutions get projects from diverse clients and are in constant search for talented mobile app developers. The need to hire Android app developers or to hire iPhone app developer service providers frequently.

Companies managing many activities through apps also need to hire app developers frequently. To hire iPhone app developers or to hire Android app developers for temporary needs, most companies choose to hire freelancers or partner with vendors.
Find tips, suggestions and insights shared by expert IT recruiters to make your app developer hiring a streamlined and efficient process.

Be Specific About Your Requirements

The first step is to ensure that your Hiring team has a very clear idea about your requirements. Document all your requirements to avoid any chances of confusion. These are some questions and points on which your app developer recruiter should have a clear understanding.

How Many Developers Do You Need?

There are key players in an app building process to consider:

  • UX and UI Designers – ensure the implementation of optimal end-user interfaces
  • Developers – ensure front and back-end app operation
  • iOS and or Android Developers – build a responsive mobile app
  • DevOps Engineer – create the bridge between the software and hardware and ensuring optimum performance
  • QA Engineers – testers and debuggers

What Are The Technologies And Software Requirements Involved?

Both iOs and Android apps need IDEs that provide the UI with code, development, testing, and debugging features.

Android Developers need an IDE with Android Studio, which allows programming in Java and simultaneously using the Android SDK. Kotlin Developers are advantageous too.

Although iOS SDK supports several programming languages, most developers opt for Swift – created by Apple. It is more concise, although more determined developers can use Script, C++, or Python among many options, too.

What Is Your Business Focus Related To Projects?

Your business focus will help you determine which mobile app aligns with the growth and expansion your business is aiming towards, as well as what platform it will best thrive on. iOS apps tend to focus on their niche target market, whereas Android has a solid and fluid customization experience center.

Who Would Be The Target Users, And In What Volume

Defining your target audience is essential to finding what kind of features and functions your app will provide and in what it will attract or assist your target users. Accordingly, you will plan talent acquisition to meet requirements such as scalability, app clone development, etc.

What Does Your App Do For Users, And How?

Your app could be about any service. It can be business support, games, audio and video, news feeds, instant chat, educational purposes, reading, or more. Apps are direct channels providing users with the information they need. You can rate this successful when it:

  1. solves a problem
  2. delivers real value
  3. it is intuitively simple to use

A thorough analysis of whom you are providing your app to and efficient onboarding makes this possible.

What Are Your Estimates About Budgets, Profit Margins, Etc?

Financial forecast models are clear guidance to any constraints you may face in your project. Start with determining where the revenues will come from, be it downloads of a plain version of the app, app advertising, or in-app subscriptions. Then draw down your cost items divided into two; customer acquisition costs and commissions of app store revenue.

Following a monthly plan with developers to form a monthly financial model with income projections and expenses consistently.

Frame Your App Development Team Structure

Besides your developing team, here are two other basic roles to consider;

  1. a product designer to plan the app’s visual layout
  2. a project manager to facilitate coordination and quality control

A well-rounded and managed team establishes everyone comes together towards realistic requirements for exactly how many developers will be needed.

1. Product Designers

Involved in the entire design process of the product, these designers will be part of the brainstorming, UX, project management, and business-related processes. They often take the lead and are more business-orientated in creating the mobile app grounded in research based on the user’s mind.

2. Programmers

They will be designing and writing your app’s code and establishing test systems. Back-end developers deal with your database architecture like MySQL, Medoo, etc., programming languages, or frameworks such as CMS like PHP and Python. The front-end ones work with front-end technologies such as Javascript and CSS.

3. Database and Network Programmers / Engineers

Database programmers provide technical support and work on maintaining the database, often writing manuals to help coordinate, maintain, view, and update the app’s stored sets in the server.

Network engineers are behind the technicalities behind multiplayer game apps.

4. User Interface Programmers

UI designers are responsible for the appearance and visual part of the product and focus on how the product’s surfaces look and function, working alongside UX designers who focus on the user’s journey.

5. UX Designers

They deal with the purpose, appearance, and functionality of the app and play the role of optimal user interfaces implemented alongside UI designers to make an app that is user-friendly. These designers are much narrowed to the focus of making products pleasant to use and navigate.

6. Testing, Hosting and Release Management Specialists

A Quality Assurance Specialist is responsible for ensuring the standards of the app are of high quality and consistent, overseeing debugging and reviewing quality specifications.

Release Managers will schedule, plan and control the software’s development and delivery process. They release management life cycles focused on coordinating these production aspects with the project into an integrated solution.

7. Project Managers

Project managers are a key between the development team and the IT operative team, translating to ensure cohesive communication between the two through the project. PMs have full scope and work with the technical professionals to execute the app plan strategically.

They research what the target users want or don’t want in the UX design and analyze research data to present visually through user personas. They then build out the design through visuals and collaborate with the rest of the development team on turning the design into a functioning app.

8. Others

BAs define steps and tasks to improve the project’s processes and design new features to elevate the impact of new implementations.

To structure the team, first get your project manager, BA, and UX designers on board, where they will interact with clients and get their ideas as functional requirements and wireframes. Once the requirements are ready, then you can form a development team of developers, UI designers, and QA specialists.

Further, execute your entire app development team by having a clear picture of every member’s responsibility.

The Best Way To Hire App Developer

These steps can make going about getting the right development team with ease and efficiency.

Partner With A Recruitment Agency

Whether you are looking to hire android app developer or to hire iPhone app developers or seek assistance from vendors offering services such as iPhone and Android app developers for hire, partnering with the right recruitment agency helps tremendously.

Find a reliable and reputable company that can assist in hiring a mobile app developer and a development team that can fulfill this need.

Frame App Development Hiring Assessments and Best Practices

Form the criteria of the project’s development team to guide through the decision process. Before deciding, consider what kind of portfolio, expertise, budget, system platforms, required involvement, communication, timeline, design, app release, and maintenance you are willing to work with, as well as the development practices of preference.

Get Shortlisted Best-Match Candidates Based on Requirements

Narrow down your best finds next, and see which aligns best with the app’s vision by shortlisting the candidates worthy of getting to the best step. Ensure a thorough background check of these candidates’ history to verify that they can do what they claim to.

Conduct Assessments – Key Skills, Competencies, And Knowledge

Now have assessments, skill tests, and the likes to ensure the practicality of their skills and qualifications. Get them to do assigned tasks, which after valuation, will help decide if they make it to being interviewed.

Schedule Interviews With Candidates With High and Medium Scores

With an even shorter list of candidates that proved themselves and scored highly to medium, contact them with interview details.

Discover The Passion, Innovation, Commitment, Learning Abilities, Communication Abilities, Etc. Through Interviews

Question each individual’s passion innovations found when from background check and see if they have any others. Get a sense of what energy the candidate(s) will bring to the business environment.

If you are partnering with vendors offering the services of their iPhone or Android app developers for hire, ensure that the team assigned to you is not only skilled but open-minded to learn new things and manage the project in a dedicated manner.

Select The Best-Fit Candidates

The final stage will be a post-interview evaluation of what you got from meeting the candidates. It would be smart to hire based on several reasons, the first being a prioritized list of hard and soft skills needed for the job. Foreseeing how the candidates’ day-to-day work life will be and a post-interview evaluation of who seems to fit that role best will help you select the best-fit candidate to work with.

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