How to Hire A Web Designer? How Much Does It Cost?

How To Hire A Web Designer

Get The Facts Right To Make Web Designer Hiring Relevant!

Hiring web designers for various projects might not by itself be a difficult task, but hiring managers often find it a cumbersome task. There are animators, graphic designers, video content creators, multimedia designers, web application UX designers, specialists in custom web design, and so many other types of web designers. If you are wondering how to hire a web designer for your project, whether you should choose web outsourcing services or search online for websites offering the services of web designers for hire, find answers in this blog. Also, find insights to enhance web designer hiring outcomes.

Every business is different and has different website needs. Companies across sectors need different types of web design services. Finding someone with the required knowledge and skills takes hundreds of hours of searching and several hundreds of hours spent in screening, background checks, shortlisting, interviewing, etc.

If you are a company that frequently hires web designers, reading this blog might be of immense value. Find out how you can make web designer hiring less expensive, less time-consuming, less frequent, but more result-oriented.

You could easily find online websites offering services of web designers for hire or web outsourcing services. You could directly hire from such websites or partner with a recruitment agency to ensure better outcomes in terms of quality of hire, reliability, security, etc.
The first process – ask yourself the right questions, and you will know exactly what hiring strategy and approach will benefit you the most.

Find Specific Answers To These Questions Before Hiring Web Designers

What is the size of your website? How many pages?

There exists no magic number when deciding upon the number of pages of a website. It depends on the type of industry and competition. An e-commerce website may have a thousand or more pages. On the other hand, a freelancer may have a single page. It takes a web designer’s analytical and comprehension skills to decide the number of pages to include in the website.

Would you need graphic-heavy content on any page? How many?

Some websites could do with fewer graphic designs, while others need to have a bigger visual impact through the right design elements. Create a plan, list the number of pages, and further note down the graphic design requirements per page.

Would you need interactive web pages? How many?

The decision needs to be made if the website needs to only portray information or does it need to be interactive. Interactive pages allow the client or audience to interact with the company directly. Surveys, quizzes, forms, FAQ sections, communication through bot chats help the audience regarding their queries. Too many interactive features can, however, displease the audience.

Would you need video and interactive visual content?

A video or interactive visual content attracts the audience and encourages them to explore the website. Having interactive visual content helps in increasing reader interest and web session times and decreasing bounce rates. For interactive page designs, you will need to hire a web designer with 4-5 years of experience in the right framework and design styles.

Is your focus on outstanding visual communication with very little need for coding?

Depending on the needs, decide if you need to include visual communication. If yes, is it going to be a simple one with very little coding complexities? Such things cannot be done in the case of a website of a software company. It can be done for websites that have only a little information to show.

Would you like to develop simple pages using programming and coding with very simple design?

Many businesses and institutes do not need a large website or a complex design. In such cases, find out if you can hire a small team of web developers with some level of designing experience. You could choose to create a WordPress website if that best answers your requirements.

What Designers Would You Need and the Costs Involved?

1. What Services Do Graphic Designers Provide? And The Costs?

Graphic designers are responsible for the visual content. Every graphical element on a web page (images, hues, motifs, symbols, etc.) is designed by a graphic designer. It is their work that promotes the brand by making the website attractive. The costs depend on their experience and expertise.

Junior Graphic Designers: A qualified but less experienced graphic designer charges upto 50 USD per hour depending on the types of designs you want created.

Expert Graphic Designers: Expert graphic designers charge 65 USD to 150 USD on an hourly basis. They are responsible for instructing junior graphic designers and deciding what graphics are to be portrayed on the website.

2. What Services Do Web Designers Provide? And The Costs?

A web designer is responsible for creating the design and layout of websites and choosing the right imagery, theme, color scheme, and overall visual content per page. Web designers may not know how to code. The hiring cost of a web designer per hour is 35 USD-80 USD.

Senior Web Designers with Little Coding Experience – Senior web designers with little coding experience are preferred by startups, app development companies, digital marketing firms, etc.

These designers have a bit of knowledge of HTML, Javascript etc. Even though web designers do not typically require coding knowledge, it is an add-on. Usually, such professionals charge 70 USD-150 USD per hour. Senior designers have working experience of more than five years.

Expert Web Designers without coding experience – As mentioned above, a web designer does not necessarily have to know how to code and usually charges 60 USD-80 USD per hour. When the designs of your website are critical to improving your brand value, CX and UX, you need to hire a web designer with high levels of competencies and expertise.

Junior web designers – Junior web designers are usually freshers with 1 or 2 years of web designing experience. They carry out work as per the directions of the senior designer. They work closely with designers to build, test, and deliver new features. They charge up to 30 USD per hour.

3. What Services Do Multimedia and Animation Designers Provide? And The Costs?

The work of multimedia designers is to create audience-engaging content. They use their imagination, skills and equipment to create content to make an impact on the audience. An animation designer creates a series of images known as frames to simulate movement. Your company may or may not need a multimedia designer because not every website needs graphical content. They get paid up to 50 USD per hour.

4. What Services Do 3D and 2D Artists Provide? And The Costs?

2D and 3D artists create graphical elements that aim to create a particular sensorial experience. For example, a burger delivery website benefits by presenting its best-selling burger photos in 3D forms that generate a sense of touch, flavor, and taste through clever visual presentation. The hourly rates for such designers range between 30 USD and 60 USD.

5. What Services Do Video Content Designers Provide? And The Costs?

Video content designers are experts at making videos as per the needs of the clients. They are needed for educational, entertainment, or illustrative purposes in the website’s content. 20-50 USD per hour is their typical pay. Consider hiring them on a short-term basis if only a few videos are to be included on the website.

How Big or Small Is Your Total Budget

  • Up to $500- For creating a website with a budget of $500, it is a level higher than the free template-based business sites. It has a generic layout for a few menu options and a title. It includes sites like Squarespace and Wix.
  • Up to $1,000- A budget of up to $1000 means the company gets a 5-page website that includes – home page, about page, service pages 1 and 2, and contact page.
  • Up to $2,000- It includes a standard website with up to 15 pages. It includes slightly better features like the provision of having low-quality animations.
  • $2,000-$5000- A small-sized business has a budget ranging from $2000-$5000. It allows them to have videos, audio, and mediocre-quality animations.
  • $5,000-$7500- A mediocre-sized business can afford $5000-$7000 for spending on a website. A truly interactive website can only be achieved at higher rates than this.
  • Or more- To have a budget of more than $7500 means that there are highly customized features in the website. Such websites have high security, good optimization, responsive design, quality photography, plug-in and many more. Usually, e-commerce sites have such websites. These websites are completed by a team.

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