Must-Have Modernized And Technically Infused Recruitment Skills In 2017

Recruitment Skills 2017

If you go by the traditional forms of recruitments, dynamic and fast were the two features of recruitment landscape. Now, due to the advent of modern technology, especially the internet, latest recruitment tools have been implemented. Some examples are job searching apps and sites. These steps put job seekers directly into the market by just uploading their resumes and creating portfolios. However, recruiters now need to adapt to new skills and look for the perfect candidates for forms. This will benefit them and the companies in the near future.

Recent studies have indicated that millennial is expected to dominate workforce by 50% at the end of 2018. Therefore, it becomes quite crucial for you to align best recruitment skills and strategies in current work style of this modernized generation.

Top Skills To Watch Out For


Now, there are some latest trendy skills, which recruiters need to watch out for in 2017. Following these skill sets will guide them in finding apt candidate for the said firm. So, let just check out more on some of those skills.

  • Recruitment agencies need to possess data-driven skill sets. They need to analyze data from online profiles and convert those into intelligence.
  • Social recruitment skill is another significant part to watch out for. They must be competent in using social media for finding the right candidate. It is their duty to use social media to come across new and top talents and engage with them before contacting for a job opening.
  • Expert recruiters need to follow strategic thinking. They must identify potential talents and engage with them with the job availability. It is their duty to build relationships with promising talents through online sectors. For that, proper use of data driven analytics is mandatory.
  • A recruiting agency cannot perform well without improved marketing skill. They must be trained well enough to take active part in marketing roles. This is best suited for talent acquisition.
  • The recruiting agency must be aware of using new technologies for nurturing strategies and improves current lead generation. They must further use online tools to stay up to date with latest tools for improving skills.
  • You cannot deny the importance of mobile marketing trends, these days. They must further embrace current mobile revolution. Furthermore, they need to be aware of ways to optimize mobile for finding promising candidates for said job profile.
  • You need to be aware of the advanced negotiate skills, that will help you to get the best for your workforce. The recruiters need to make compelling proposals while working on opportunities. They must further help in mentoring some long term goals and even enrich career growth through proper negotiation skills.

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Old Versus New


Traditional recruiting methods revolve around newspapers and local employment office. Previously, companies used to hire internally or rather take help of some temporary executive recruitment agencies. These methods are not extinct completely, but do not have the same competency like before. You will still find people checking out newspapers for the recent job openings, but the process is rather time-consuming. So, transferring to newer recruiting methods is a clever task for all. Whether it is a fresher looking for a job experience or a pro, planning for a work shift, all of them prefer going digitalized, these days for better functionality.

Non-Traditional Methods Are In Vogue


At present, non-traditional or digitalized recruitment methods, are primarily in vogue. Smartphones made it quite easy to connect you with the world, and even with your promising companies. So, just tapping on smartphones can lead you to a better job option. You now even have the right to compare between different companies through a single device, before submitting your resume to the preferred list.

Now, some social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, can be your perfect helping hand in finding the next best job. Other than sharing news on latest job openings, the media is here to share information on recent online appointment forms. You can get everything from one platform itself. Even the companies can look for their prospective candidates through the same medium.

Event recruitment is yet another concept of non-traditional recruitment skill. And reputed recruiters are always asked to go through these trends first, before establishing a connection between the aspiring candidates and firms.