Working On The Latest Recruitment Trends For The Year 2017

Recruitment Trends 2017

So, 2017 is already here with some new trends and revolutionary changes. Well, the same rule is applicable in the field of recruitment services. It’s high time for you to check out on the latest recruitment trends, meant for this New Year. Check out the present year first and assess on ways to stack against peers and start looking for the new trends now.

Talent leaders are no doubt important part of a team. Without their full-on support, spinning the wheel of your firm towards betterment is never possible. So, if you are associated with any recruitment agency, make sure to follow the upcoming trends now.

Latest Trends To Work On


Recent studies have revealed that 83% of companies have clarified that finding right talent is the number one priority of their firms. So, you can very well guess the important role; a recruitment agency needs to follow. There are various agencies available in this competitive market, but the reputed ones will always take extra precaution before choosing a candidate for your job opening.

  • Most of the teams state that their current hiring volume is likely to increase in 2017. The recruiters are likely to hire candidates for three major strands; operation, sales and engineering. So, candidates under these platforms have more chances to bag a promising job.
  • The major sources of qualified hires for significant companies are through professional social networks, employee referrals, and even online job portals or other third party websites. These trends are in and will remain for quite some time now.
  • The majority of talent acquisition budget is said to move towards traditional tactics. The monetary service has further been divided into recruiting events, employer branding, employee referral program and recruiting tools. Some money will be allotted for recruitment agency and job boards or advertising.
  • You should know where the leaders want to invest if you want to learn more about latest recruitment trends. Well, if money were not that restricted, then 53% leaders would like to invest in employer branding, 38% for better sourcing tools and 39% of leaders might go for newer technology.
  • It’s time for you to learn a bit more about latest trends, which will define recruitment futuristic goals. 37% of trends revolve around recruiting diversified candidates, and 35% is for soft skills assessment. The rest is revolving around latest interviewing tools.

Quite Busier Nowadays


In this year 2017, recruitment agencies will be quite busy. They are currently focusing more on finding right operations, sales, and expert engineering recruitment. 56% of the recruitment agencies are expected to hire more people. As are global numbers are turning out to be quite positive, so the year over year growth is kindly slowing down. In some parts of the world, the cooling of job market is affecting the hiring scale.

The majority of departments is currently focusing towards operations and sales, followed by engineering. So, the recruitment agencies have start thinking rationally, and focusing towards these means. Now, it forms a crucial step to rely on data for finding locations to get a maximum number of talents within a short span of time. But with expert guidance, this step is not impossible. You have to target each of these sectors with customized content, focusing more towards employer branding.

Going For The Top Sources


Most of the recruiters agree that employee referral is the best way to find the next best talent for the firms. These referred employees are proven to be faster to hire and can perform better. Moreover, they are said to stay in a firm longer than the rest. But, if employee referral is not your cup of tea, then you might get along with internal hires and staffing firms, as well.

Checking More On Budget


It is always promising to check out other recruiting agencies and see how well they are utilizing their budget plans. As recruitment budgets are quite petite, so team try to spend the amount in a conservative manner. The majority of agencies go for job ads. However, as little as 17% is allotted for any technology. This will allow the team to get hold of some advantage and automate the current workflow. These trends are rather flexible and tend to vary. But, the basic always remains the same.